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Music: Pawnshop Guitars

Pawnshop Guitars is the 1994 debut solo album of Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke.


  1. "Cure Me... Or Kill Me" - 4:56
  2. "Black" - 4:21
  3. "Tijuana Jail" - 5:08
  4. "Skin & Bones" - 3:17
  5. "Johanna's Chopper" - 4:08
  6. "Let's Get Lost" - 3:31
  7. "Pawnshop Guitars" - 3:51
  8. "Dead Flowers" - 4:13
  9. "Jail Guitar Doors" - 3:10
  10. "Hunting Dogs" - 3:15
  11. "Shut Up" - 3:58
  12. "West of the Sunset" - 3:17 (Japanese bonus track)

"My best trope's a pawnshop guitar":

  • Ape Shall Never Kill Ape: "Hunting Dogs":
    "Hunting dogs don't kill their own."
  • Big "Shut Up!": "Shut Up"
  • The Cameo: Along with appearances by everyone who was in GNR at the time (Axl, Slash, Duff, Matt Sorum and Dizzy Reed), Frank Black (The Pixies' Black Francis) appears as well.
  • Cool Bike: "Johanna's Chopper"
  • Cover Version: The Rolling Stones' "Dead Flowers" and The Clash's "Jail Guitar Doors"
  • Crystal Ball: Mentioned in "Cure Me...Or Kill Me"
  • Dark and Troubled Past -> Heroic BSOD -> Despair Event Horizon: "Skin & Bones"
    "Keep the devil out of my soul
    C'mon and save me
    From a heart of stone
    Tell the Lord, he can take me now
    I'm a shell of a man
    Just skin and bones"
  • The Gambler: Calls himself this in "Tijuana Jail"
  • Had to Come to Prison to Be a Crook: It's not made clear why he is being sent to jail in "Tijuana Jail." He sticks a switchblade from his boot in someone's throat to make his escape.
  • Not In Texas Anymore: From "Tijuana Jail":
    "He smiled and said 'Senor, you're not in Texas anymore'"
  • Record Producer: Waddy Wachtel
  • Shout-Out:
    • "Cure Me...Or Kill Me" mentions "the Addams Family blood"
    • "Johanna's Chopper" mentions "Superman's magic train"
  • The Unfair Sex: Averted in "Black":
    "But woman who is unfaithful
    Kills a man"
  • Villain Song: "Pawn Shop Guitars":
    "Your Momma says I'm evil, and I cut like a knife
    You cut a little deep, find the devil inside
    Now burn little honey, I hypnotize
    I'm so mean, so mean, so mean
    I'm so mean, so mean, so mean

    I'm a motorcycle cowboy, a honky tonk junkie
    Fallen shooting star.
    Broken desperado on the wrong side of the barrel
    My best friend's a pawnshop guitar."
  • What Did I Do Last Night?: "Johanna's Chopper" includes the line, "and I can't remember last night."
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