Necro (born Ron Raphael Braunstein, June 7, 1976) is one of the most controversial rappers in the Underground HipHop scene. His subject matter often includes murder by torture, Charles Manson, and [[{{Satan}} devil worship]]; to make it more explicit, one of his albums is simply titled ''DIE!''

This isn't at all surprising, considering that he formed [[DeathMetal Death]]/[[ThrashMetal Thrash]] metal band when he was 11. Under the influence of his rapper brother, Ill Bill, he turned to hip hop. Necro also releases a form of RapMetal which he calls "death rap" - literally a fusion of Death Metal and rap.

In this aspect, he has Psycho+Logical records, which he uses to produce his albums as well as many others, including Mr. Hyde, Non Phixion (A group Bill was part of), fellow Non-Phixion alumnus Goretex, and Circle of Tyrants (A group both he and Bill are members of).

He is also a pornographic (and later horror) film director and star; this influence carried over to his album ''The Sexorcist'', which features highly sexually explicit lyrics, and was later reissued with a DVD containing a pair of pornographic music videos.

!!Necro provides examples of the following tropes:

* AmbiguouslyJewish: Culturally Jewish like his brother, though it has never factored into his identity as a rapper.
* DisposingOfABody: "Dead Body Disposal", which gives various advice on how to dispose of a body and make it harder to find.
* GoryDeadlyOverkillTitleOfFatalDeath: Practically every album he makes is like this, from "DIE!" to "Murder Murder Kill Kill" to "I Need Drugs."
* EatsBabies: [[ They're eating babies in China]]
* {{Horrorcore}}
* HorrorHunger: "[[IAmAHumanitarian Human Consumption]]"
* RapMetal: Brought to an extreme with the album ''Metal Hip Hop'', where he collaborates with noted metal musicians like Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed, Sid Wilson of Slipknot and Alex Skolnick of Testament. Even the album cover is a [[ gallery of popular metal mascots]].
* ShoutOut:
--> [[Music/VanillaIce If you've got a problem, suicide will solve it]]
--> [[Music/VanillaIce Check out the hook;]] [[AteHisGun Budd Dwyer with a revolver]]
** ''Evil Rules'' is chock-full of [[ShoutOut shout-outs]]:
--> Shred you like [[Music/YngwieMalmsteen Malmsteen]], my [[Music/SoulFly soul's fly]], [[Music/WaSP Kill, Fuck, Die]]
--> [[ None shall defy]]; I'm your [[ Sadus]], [[Music/SuffocatioN your soul I deny]]
--> [[ Lighting to the nations]], [[Music/SepulturA bestial devastation]]
--> [[Music/NapalmDeath From enslavement to obliteration]], [[Music/StormtroopersOfDeath I'm bigger than Satan]]
* TakeThat: To put it lightly, he made a cover of ''Billy Jean'' with Mr. Hyde that spent the entire song insulting Music/MichaelJackson [[note]]who had recently come another paedophilia charge[[/note]]. The contents of the song also included PrisonRape.