[[caption-width-right:316:Намгар Лхасаранова.]]

Namgar (Buryat: Намгар) is a Russian band. They were formed in 2001 in the Buryat Republic by Namgar Lhasaranova and Yevgeny Zolotaryov, a Buryat singer, who recruited Buryat and Mongolian musicians on traditional instruments. Their style combines Buryat-Mongolian FolkMusic with ThePowerOfRock. Members include:
* Namgar Lhasaranova, singer
* Yevgeny "Jipo" Zolotaryov, chanza
* Kh. Altangerel, morin huur
* Jamyangiin "Urana" Urantögs, yatag
* Erdenebal Javkhlan
* Bulat Gafarov, various instruments

The official website of Namgar is [[http://namgarfolk.com/ namgarfolk.com]].

* ''Hatar'', 2003
* ''Inspector Putilin'' (TV soundtrack by Alexei Aigi), 2007
* ''The Prince of the Wind'' (TV soundtrack by Alexei Aigi), 2008
* ''Nomad'', 2008
* ''Dawn of the Foremothers'', 2013

* FirstNameBasis: Few people know that Buryat musician Music/{{Namgar}}'s full name is Namgar Ayushievna Lhasaranova.
* FolkMusic
* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly
* NiceHat: See Namgar's hat? It's got a Siberian Ibex on it.
* OneWomanWail
* RearrangeTheSong
* ThePowerOfRock
* SingingVoiceDissonance: Namgar speaks with a soft squeaky voice and sings with a much deeper voice.