Music / Mx Px

Mx Px is an American Pop Punk band formed in 1992. Although put in in the Pop Punk Category, the band does emphasize speed like many hardcore bands (though obviously without the raw edge).

Tropes that apply to this band:

  • Break-Up Song: A frequent lyrical topic
  • Not Christian Rock: Their early material contained overtly religious themes, which established them as one of the better known Christian punk bands. They eventually began distancing themselves from this label, however, and in 2015 frontman Mike Herrera publicly acknowledged that he no longer identifies as Christian.
    • Maybe "No Longer" Christian Rock. By almost any standard their earlier work was definitely targeting the Christian market, touring churches, explicitly religious lyrics (even one about basic soteriology on Pokinatcha) Christian Festivals etc. etc. It sort of garners the question of the Definition of the Trope. Just because they are not Christian Rock today, does that make it unfair to apply the Christian Rock Trope to most of their history when they were very clearly so?
  • Pop Punk