Music / Mouse On Mars

Mouse on Mars are a German electronic music duo. Formed in 1993, they're known for their playful and warm ambient techno sound which combines elements of krautrock, disco, ska and other genres with IDM. Since Niun Niggung they have also incorporated live instrumentation into their music.

  • 1994 Vulvaland
  • 1995 Iaora Tahiti
  • 1997 Autoditacker
  • 1997 Instrumentals
  • 1998 Glam
  • 1999 Niun Niggung (or 2000, for the US edition)
  • 2001 Idiology
  • 2004 Radical Connector
  • 2006 Varcharz
  • 2012 Parastrophics


  • Darker and Edgier - Glam
  • Electronic Music
  • Genre Shift - The first five albums are ambient, dubby techno. Niun Niggung and Idiology embrace a more indie sound, while Radical Connector is based on an electropop format. Varcharz is completely different again, being chaotic drum n bass.
  • Instrumentals - Most of their songs, except those on Idiology and Radical Connector
    • And 'Stereomission' on Iaora Tahiti, I suppose
  • Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly - Mouse on Mars combine techno with ambient, krautrock, disco, ska and indie music.
  • New Sound Album - Niun Niggung (1999) marked a move away from the former warm ambient techno sound to a more organic and indie based sound.
  • Nonappearing Title - Played straight - none of their songs share a name with the album though there is a track on Glam called 'Glim'.
  • Sampling - Rare, though there are a few examples: 'Die Seele von Brian Wilson' samples 'Windchimes' by none other than the Beach Boy himself.
  • Word Puree Title - Most of their track names fall under this trope.