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Music: Mike Patton
Mike Patton by Erik Rose

Starting out as frontman for his high school band Mr Bungle, Mike Patton was catapulted to fame with his signing by Faith No More as their new singer. Since then he become insanely prolific; fronting numerous increasingly eclectic bands, as well as collaborating with a huge number of other artists (such as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Serj Tankian, Massive Attack, The Qemists and Bj÷rk of all people).

In 2007 he started working on various projects in voice acting, mainly as crazy-ass demented characters, such as the eponymous darkness in The Darkness, the anger sphere in Portal, the zombies in Left 4 Dead and the creatures in I Am Legend. From this you probably think that he exclusively does insane gabbling in weird voices, and you'd be right... if he hadn't also voiced the main character in Bionic Commando. Also provides the Lemony Narrator of Bunraku.

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