Music / MC Lars
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MC Lars is a Nerdcore musician from California, who produces what he calls "Post punk laptop rap." He's probably most well known for his song iGeneration, a take on this generation's "plugged in" mentality.


  • The Laptop EP (2004)
  • The Graduate (2006)
  • The Green Christmas EP (2008)
  • This Gigantic Robot Kills (2009)
  • Single and Famous (EP with K Flay, 2009)
  • Indie Rocket Science (2011)
  • Lars Attacks! (2011)
  • Greatest Hits (2012)
  • The Edgar Allan Poe EP (2012)
  • The Zombie Dinosaur LP (2015)

This artist provides examples of:

  • Insistent Terminology: It isn't Nerdcore, it's Post-Punk Laptop Rap
    • The insistence here is that he wants to be described by his musical style rather than his lyrical content.

His music provides examples of:

  • Age-Progression Song: "Summer Camp Love (Is So in Tents)"
  • B-Side: Collected in 21 Concepts (But A Hit Ain't One) and 22 Concepts (But a Hit Definitely Still Ain't One)
  • Darker and Edgier: Lars Attacks! He even lampshades this on "Where Ya Been Lars II:"
    I made an introspective album not a lot of people liked / But I felt a little better when my dad said it was tight
  • List Song: "Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock," "21 Concepts," "History's Greatest Assholes," "Facebook Friend Count"
  • Nice Hat: His signature Oakland A's cap.
  • Shout-Out: His songs are chock full of them, from many hip-hop remakes of classic literature such as The Raven, to "This Gigantic Robot Kills", a tribute to Ska and a wish for its return.
  • Take That!: "Generic Crunk Rap" is scathing of the rampant commercialism in that genre and "selling hip-hop stereotypes to 12-year-olds."
    • "Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock" is Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
    • Similarly, "Sublime with Rome (Is Not the Same Thing as Sublime)" is against bands that continue on without their leader.
    • His breakthrough album The Graduate was a dig on Kanye West's The College Dropout.
    • Played with in both "It's Not Easy (Being Green)" and "No Logo," which seem to be against certain types of environmentalists and anarchists respectively.
  • Title Track: "This Gigantic Robot Kills," "Single and Famous," "Lars Attacks!" and "Zombie T-Rex" (which was The Zombie Dinosaur LP's working title).