->''"This is all part of Lil' Wayne's ambitious project to collaborate with everyone in the music business, anywhere."''
-->--'''WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows''' reviewing [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5IuRsmS4ho "I Can Transform Ya"]].

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (born September 27, 1982), better known as Lil Wayne, is an American [[{{rap}} rapper]] from [[TheBigEasy New Orleans]]. He was first a member of the Hot Boys before embarking on a successful solo career. He has released ten studio albums, the most famous being the Grammy-winning ''Tha Carter III''. Prior to ''Tha Carter III'', widely considered to be his magnum opus, he released a slew of mix tapes, against the wishes of his record label. They ended up boosting his popularity underground, and ''Tha Carter III'' sold more than a million copies in its first week.

Well liked by critics, ''Rolling Stone'' has even hailed him as the "greatest rapper alive", although that statement proved to be rather controversial. (He hailed himself as the greatest rapper alive, too.) He is definitely OneOfUs, and he owns a modded {{Xbox}}. Lil' Wayne is also known for his attacks on UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush for his response to Hurricane Katrina, and for appearing on [[WolverinePublicity half the rap singles on the radio]] in the late 2000s/early 2010s (and even some [[Music/FallOutBoy non-rap]] [[Music/{{Weezer}} singles]]).

[[AC: Discography]]

* ''The Block is Hot'' (1999)
* ''Lights Out'' (2000)
* ''500 Degreez'' (2002)
* ''Tha Carter'' (2004)
* ''Tha Carter II'' (2005)
* ''Like Father, Like Son'' (with [[TheMentor Birdman]]) (2006)
* ''Tha Carter III'' (2008)
* ''We Are Young Money'' (with Young Money) (2009)
* ''Rebirth'' (2010)
* ''I Am Not A Human Being'' (2010)
* ''Tha Carter IV'' (2011)
* ''I Am Not A Human Being II'' (2013)
* ''Rich Gang'' (with Rich Gang) (2013)
* ''Rise of an Empire'' (with Young Money) (2014)
* ''Free Weezy Album'' (2015)
* ''T-Wayne'' (with Music/TPain) (2017)
!!! "Pick the trope up and I'ma drop it on yo fuckin' head":
* AbusiveParents: [[ParentalAbandonment His father.]] He was once asked in an interview with Katie Couric why he goes by the name of Lil Wayne instead to his given name (which is course Dwayne), he explained that his father was not part of his life so he doesn't need to carry his name. When Couric asked if his father knows this, he smiled and said "he does now".
* AmbiguouslyGay: In spite of his rampant homophobia. He kisses Birdman on the lips, ON a regular basis. In a 106 & Park interview, he says that he is the only one that Birdman kisses.
* ArtifactTitle: He was [[ChildPopstar not even a teenager when he started rapping]]. It only fits if it's "lil" as in "short" (he's only 5ft 5in/166 cm).
* AutoTune: "Lollipop", "I Ain't Nervous", "Staring at the World", the whole of 'Rebirth', Music/{{Drake}}'s "Uptown", The Game's "My Life" and "Red Nation", the remix of Future's "Turn on the Lights", "How to Love".
* BadassBoast: Even by rap's standards, the chorus to "Drop the World" is very over-the-top:
-->"Pick the world up and I'ma DROP it on yo' fuckin head, yeah\\
Bitch I'ma pick the world up and I'ma DROP it on yo' fuckin head, yeah\\
And I could die now, [[AlbumTitleDrop rebirth]] motherfucker\\
Hop up in my spaceship and leave Earth motherfucker\\
I'm gone.. motherfucker I'm gone"
* BoastfulRap: A lot of his songs.
* BrokenRecord: Done for emphasis in his verse on "Deep" by Big Sean, though downplayed since he only repeats himself once:
-->I don't give two fucks about what your mouth say
-->'Cause [[SeriousBusiness this shit is deeper than rap]], I cannot say that shit enough times
-->[[LampshadeHanging Like somebody rewind me]]
-->'Cause this shit is deeper than rap, I cannot say that shit enough times
* CardboardPrison: In the music video for "Go DJ", he and the other prisoners have no problem eliminating the security, seducing the female guards, and simply walking out at the end.
* CatchPhrase: "Young Moolah, baby!"
* ChildPopstar: He has released works dating back to when he was twelve--he started writing even earlier than then.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: "We are not the same, I am a martian"
* ClusterFBomb: Almost all of his songs, as expected from a rapper. "How To Love" appears to be the only song from him were the F-word isn't used.
* DistaffCounterpart: Music/NickiMinaj
* DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale: His mentor Baby made him have sex with a girl even though he didn't want to when he was eleven. What did people do when he came out about it? Laugh.
* EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas: "And mama don't cry, ya son can handle his/ I got her out the hood and put her in the hills/ Yeah when I was fourteen I told my mom we will see better days/ And sure enough I got Miss Cita in a better place"
* FollowTheLeader: He's pretty much singlehandedly responsible for bringing "hashtag rap"(that is, removing all the prepositions from your metaphors, so your lyrics look like an SAT analogies test) into the mainstream. [[OlderThanTheyThink He didn't invent it, though]]; he just (re)popularized it.
** His use of "hashtag rap" often makes him seem like a CaptainObvious. For example, "Tote tools like mechanics/ Mechanisms" from 'President Carter'
*** WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows was calling him "MC Obvious" before he started using this style.
* FreestyleVersion: His ''Dedication'' series of mixtapes uses this trope almost exclusively, freestyling over the popular songs whenever the mixtape is released, as does his ''Da Drought'' series, and almost every other mixtape he's ever released.
* IntercourseWithYou: '''Commonly'''.
** "She said he so sweet she wanna lick the wrapper, [[DoubleEntendre so I let her lick the rapper]]"
** "I transform smaller and she puts me in her pants!"
* TheKirk: In his PowerTrio with Music/{{Drake}} and Music/NickiMinaj. Drake is TheSpock, Minaj TheMccoy.
* TheMentor: To Music/{{Drake}} and Music/NickiMinaj.
* MysteriousMiddleInitial: Weezy F. Baby and the F is for....[[http://rapgenius.com/posts/The-many-nicknames-of-lil-wayne all these things.]]
* NearDeathExperience: Accidentally shot himself when he was twelve.
* NewSoundAlbum: He decided to venture away from rap for a RapRock album - ''Rebirth''.
* NWordPrivileges: Exercises them with great frequency.
* PlatonicLifePartners: With Music/NickiMinaj and his ex-girlfriend Trina.
* RapRock: ''Rebirth''. Let's just say that he should stick to rapping.
* ReallyGetsAround: How else do you have three children with three separate women in a thirteen month time span?
* RhymingWithItself: Frequently, especially the N-word with itself.
** "And what I make up, will fuck up your skin/ I pick buck up and buck-buck then buck-buck again/ I will butt-fuck your friend/ Then suck up her twin/ I put the buck-up to him/ Then buck-buck and buck-buck and buck-buck again/ Suck nut you duck, fuck your unloving kin/ Now don't rub it in ... Might fly to L.A and just fuck Corinne/ Nahh fuck Corinne/ Let's get bucks again, and fuckin' spend/ Them bucks and then, just fuck Corinne."
** "I Ain't Nervous" rhymes "nervous" 3 times with itself, and does the same with "Jewish" twice.
** From his remix of "We Takin' Over":
--->Me, me, it's all about me
--->If the girl got a voice, then she talk about me, me
--->He say, she say, I say me
* RunningGag : Weezy F. Baby and the F is for...
* SirSwearsALot
* SurprisinglyGentleSong: "How to Love".
* TenMinuteRetirement: Averted. He was dropping hints that he might retire after ''Tha Carter IV'', but shortly after the release of the album, headlines flocked out about him considering a sequel to Rebirth ''and'' I Am Not A Human Being.
* ThirdEye: Crossed with a ShoutOut, from "My Homies Still":
-->"I gotta put a patch over my third eye, Slick Rick."
* ToiletHumor: He loves to refer himself as "I'm the shit" and add a line on this kind of comedy.
** In "A Milli": ''I be the shit, now you got loose bowels''.
* TrueCompanions: Considers his mentor, Birdman to be his father.
* WolverinePublicity: Oh god. This is not helped by the fact that he is one of those rappers who seems to guest on every other song on the radio. It's all part of his plan to [[WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows collaborate with everyone in music]]. With his appearance on "We Are The World 2010", he has officially collaborated with Music/BrianWilson, Barbara Streisand, Justin Bieber, Jeff Bridges, and other such unlikely candidates all in one fell swoop.
** This also isn't helped by his appearance on at least 75% of every Birdman album, and on average 20-30% of the tracks on other Young Money artists' Music/({{Drake}}, Music/NickiMinaj, Tyga, Music/BustaRhymes)
* VulgarHumor: From "A Milli":
--> "Call me what you want bitch call me on my Sidekick\\
Never answer when it's private damn I hate a shy bitch\\
Don't, you hate a shy bitch\\
Yeah, I ate a shy bitch\\
She ain't shy no more she changed her name to "my bitch"\\
Yeah, nigga that's my bitch\\
So when she ask for the Money when you through don't be surprised, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch BITCH]]!"

** From Music/{{Drake}} ft. Lil Wayne's "Ransom":
-->"And what I make up, will fuck up your skin\\
I pick buck up and buck-buck then buck-buck again\\
I will butt-fuck your friend\\
Then suck up her twin\\
I put the buck-up to him\\
Then buck-buck and buck-buck and buck-buck again\\
Suck nut you duck, fuck your unloving kin\\
Now don't rub it in ... Might fly to L.A and just fuck Corinne\\
Nahh fuck Corinne\\
Let's get bucks again, and fuckin' spend\\
Them bucks and then, just fuck Corinne."

* XtremeKoolLetterz: His first solo album, ''Tha Block is Hot'' and his third, "500 Degreez", as well as his ''Tha Carter'' series of albums and the ''Da Drought'' series of mixtapes, and ''Sorry 4 The Wait'' and its sequel.
-->"Weezy F Baby, and the F is for Finished with this fuckin' page, bitch"