Music / Land of Confusion

"Land of Confusion" was a song from Genesis' 1986 album Invisible Touch, written by Mike Rutherford and dealing with the uncertainties of the Cold War in The '80s. The videoclip for this song is well remembered, because it was maybe the first animated video featuring puppets. Those puppets were made on Phil Collins' request by the authors of the satirical UK show Spitting Image, and included caricatures of almost every well-known political figure of the 80s and also of Genesis themselves.

The concept of the video: an elderly Ronald Reagan goes to bed with his wife Nancy and a chimpanzee, and suddenly starts having nightmares featuring an army of soldiers stomping through a jungle filled with the heads of many political figures. While Reagan starts sweating profusely (almost drowning in sweat), his other self in the dreams begins to have strange adventures filled with dinosaurs and more political figures. These scenes are interspersed with puppet versions of Genesis trying to organize a huge concert with almost every member of the 80s showbiz (in a parody of "We Are The World"). In the end, Reagan wakes up from his dreams, but accidentally presses the "Nuke" button, instead of the "Nurse" button, next to his bed...

The video can be viewed here. Not to be confused with the music video of Disturbed's cover of this song.

The video features examples of: