'''Kid Cudi''' (born '''Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi''' in Cleveland, Ohio, January 30, 1984) is a rapper best described as emblematic of hip-hop's newest trend--the laid-back rapper who cares more about marijuana and women than street cred. He sprang onto the scene with the ''A Kid Named Cudi'' mixtape in 2008 and was signed to Music/KanyeWest's G.O.O.D. Music in the same year. A year later he released his debut album, ''Man on the Moon: The End of Day'' to widespread acclaim, with praise coming for the ethereal beats, Cudi's vocals and for putting his personal tastes for indie rock and similar genres to use. This was followed by ''Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager'' in 2010.

Notable songs include "Day 'n Nite", "Make Her Say", "Pursuit Of Happiness", and "Erase Me".

Cudi is also a member of the DreamPop duo WZRD, who released their debut-self titled album in February 2012.

Recently made his film debut in ''Film/NeedForSpeed'', the film based on [[VideoGame/NeedForSpeed the video game series]].

* ''Man on the Moon: The End of Day'' (2009)
* ''Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager'' (2010)
* ''Indicud'' (2013)
* ''Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon'' (2014)
* ''Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven'' (2015)
* ''Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin''' (2016)
!!Tropes related to Kid Cudi include:

* AlternativeHipHop
* TheCameo: Music/{{Drake}} cameos in the music video for "Pursuit of Happiness".
* ConceptAlbum: Both ''Man on the Moon'' albums.
* {{Deconstruction}}: The second "Man on the Moon" album deconstructs the character described in the first, as well as continuing the story.
* GenreShift: "Up Up and Away" from ''Man on the Moon: The End of Day'' has sort of an indie rock style, after a whole album of rap. On the same album, there's "Pursuit of Happiness", which has influences from late 80's DreamPop and features indie artists MGMT and Ratatat.
* NewSoundAlbum: ''Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven'' was a complete departure from his hip-hop sound in favor of 90s-style alt-rock, indie rock, and grunge...to ''[[BrokenBase SEVERELY mixed results]]''.
%%** This WZRD album he made with Dot Da Genius, as well as his album Indicud.
* ANounReferredToAsX: The mix tape ''A Kid Named Cudi''
* {{Pun}}: the hook of "Make Her Say", based on a sample of the acoustic version of Music/LadyGaga's "Poker Face", makes the obvious joke:
-->"I make her say/oh oh oh oh/when I/p-p-p-poke her face, p-p-p-poke her face"
* RecordProducer:
** Emile and Plain Pat produced a large percent of ''A Kid Named Cudi'' and both Man on The Moon albums (despite a falling out, he says he'd open to working with them when he makes the third.
** Dot Da Genius is another producer he's worked with since the beginning of his career. He is also the second half of WZRD and co-produced that album.
** As of the WZRD album Cudi's been producing himself, in addition to co-producing that album with Dot Da Genius he produced the entirety of his next solo album ''Indicud''.
* TheStoner: The man has a song called "Marijuana"! He even lets the track run for a few extra seconds at the end so its length can reach 4:20.
** Kid Cudi has actually stopped using marijuana between ''Man On The Moon II'' and ''WZRD'', though this hasn't prevented him from recording and performing songs about getting stoned.