Music: Isis

Isis was an American metal band founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1997, though they eventually based themselves in Los Angeles. They were one of the leaders of the "post-metal" movement, alongside Pelican, Cult of Luna and Trope Makers Neurosis. Like those bands, Isis are known for writing lengthy songs that fuse Sludge Metal with post-rock.

Starting off as a very similar band to Neurosis, since their album Oceanic Isis have become one of the most popular and influential of the post-metal bands, possibly the most popular and influential. In 2010, they announced their decision to break up following their final tour.

Current Lineup
  • Aaron Turner (vocals, guitar)
  • Michael Gallagher (guitar)
  • Jeff Caxide (bass)
  • Aaron Harris (drums)
  • Bryant Clifford Meyer (electronics, keyboards, guitar, vocals)

  • Celestial, 2000
  • Oceanic, 2002
  • Panopticon, 2004
  • In the Absence of Truth, 2006
  • Wavering Radiant, 2009

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