Iron Savior is a German PowerMetal band, founded in 1996 by Piet Sielck. Kai Hansen (Music/GammaRay, ex-Music/{{Helloween}}) and Thomen Stauch (ex-Music/BlindGuardian) both participated in the earlier albums.

Early albums focused on the story about the eponymous Iron Savior, an advanced spaceship built by the Atlantians of ancient Earth to destroy the evil mainlanders who were assaulting their island paradise, known as The Alliance. The mighty Iron Savior was loaded with an AI that was catastrophically corrupted by the Alliance, who went on to destroy the Atlantian Moon Colony, and an Atlantian strike team had to board the vessel and sacrifice themselves to send it out into deep space to prevent the devastating weapon being used against Atlantis. They programmed it to return in 350 years, in hope that by then the Alliance would be defeated. Due to an error, it was accidentally programmed to return in 350,000 years, instead. With the Alliance's temporary upper-hand gone, the situation quickly devolved into nuclear warfare, blasting both sides of the conflict back into barbarism. From which... Our world evolved.

Now in the year 2108 the Iron Savior returns to Earth and is confronted with a scenario where the civilisation of Atlantis no longer exists. All attempts to contact possible survivors failed. The advanced AI, was still paralysed from the effects of the Alliance 350,000 years ago and unable to make decisions. So the computer still in charge draws the fatal conclusion that Atlantis was destroyed by the Alliance who still exists and rules the planet. With the logic of a lifeless machine the Iron Savior carries out its prime directive: Protect Atlantis and Conquer the Alliance.

Later albums focus more on one's perception of reality and the spirit of freedom, shown in such songs as "Machine World".

!!Current Band Members
* Piet Sielck - lead vocals, guitar
* Joachim Küstner - guitar
* Jan-Sören Eckert - bass guitar
* Thomas Nack - drums/percussion

!!Former band members
* Thomen Stauch - drums (1996-1997)
* Kai Hansen - guitars/vocals (1996-2001)
* Dan Zimmermann - drums (1998-1999)
* Andreas Kück - keyboards (1998-2002)
* Yenz Leonhardt - bass (2003-2011)

* 1997 - ''Iron Savior''
* 1998 - ''Unification''
* 1999 - ''Interlude'' (EP)
* 2001 - ''Dark Assault''
* 2002 - ''Condition Red''
* 2004 - ''Battering Ram''
* 2007 - ''Megatropolis''
* 2011 - ''The Landing''
* 2014 - ''Rise of the Hero''
* 2015 - ''Megatropolis 2.0'' (Re-recording)
* 2016 - ''Titancraft''
* {{AIs}}: The one in the Iron Savior.
* AndIMustScream: The Iron Savior is a unique combination of man and machine run by a "bio-unit" and the brain of its creator. ([[spoiler:Or so it appears until the fourth album]]) It's been kept conscious for ''millennia'' while drifting through space. ''Watcher in the Sky'' is the first song in the continuity to evoke this trope.
* AndThisIsFor: "United we stand to fight, for the freedom, and for the world. For all, and for the world!"
* {{Atlantis}}
* BaldOfAwesome: Piet Sielck.
* {{BSOD Song}}: ''Mind Over Matter'', as the Iron Savior questions its own existence, realizing that it's somehow been brought to consciousness in an artificial brain.
** In ''Dark Assault'', "I've Been To Hell", "Dragons Rising", and "Made Of Metal" collectively serve as the [[HesBack He's Back]] Song, where the Iron Savior realizes [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone what it has done]] by attacking Earth in 2108 and thereby killing the descendants of Atlantis, and it resolves to return and set things right by saving humanity from the extradimensional invaders that now threaten them.
* ConceptAlbum: The albums telling the Iron Savior story. They were a Concept Band for a while, though the main storyline has become less blatant in later albums. ''Megatropolis'' is about a futuristic city that doesn't appear to be directly related to the previous story.
* CoverVersion: [[Music/JudasPriest "The Hellion/Electric Eye", "The Rage", "Delivering The Goods", "Desert Plains", "Living After Midnight"]], [[{{Nazareth}} "This Flight Tonight"]], [[Music/IronMaiden "Running Free"]], [[{{Krokus}} "Headhunter"]], [[Music/{{Helloween}} "Gorgar", "Metal Invaders", (which also had Kai on voices) "Phantoms Of Death"]], [[Music/BlackSabbath "Neon Knights"]] and [[Music/{{Seal}} "Crazy"]].
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: "Forever will be, united and free, for the freedom, [[AndThisIsFor and for the world]]!"
* FighterLaunchingSequence: Iron Savior seems to have a thing for the sound of jet fighters taking off.
* HeavyMeta: "H.M. Powered Man"
--> No one tells me what to do
--> What to think or be
--> I'm a Heavy Metal-Powered Man!
--> Right, that's what I am!
* HeavyMithril: See ConceptAlbum above.
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler: the eponymous Iron Savior]] in ''Dark Assault''. And in the next album (but earlier on in the timeline), [[spoiler: Randor Culdranoc, the creator of the Iron Savior, who sold its plans to the Alliance]].
* HopeSpot: "From far beyond, the ending of all times; I see a light, saving me from the night"
* IronicEcho: The solo of "Watcher in the Sky" contains part of the chorus from "Protect the Law".
* LivingShip: The Iron Savior, sort of.
* MeaningfulName: "Never Say Die" and "Seek & Destroy" are not covers of Black Sabbath and Metallica, but obviously those song names are well known by any good metal fan to be a coincidence.
* PlanetLooters: "Masters of Time"
--> They swallow up worlds
--> and spit out the bones
--> grinded to dust
--> and to stones
* RatedMForManly: Ridiculously epic instrumentals coupled with Piet Sielck's ultra-manly voice.
* {{Recycled IN SPACE}}: Arguably this for the late eighties German power metal scene in general and Music/GammaRay in particular - not that they didn't have sci-fi songs.
* ResistanceIsFutile: From "Protect The Law":
-->My directives are simple peace and justice for all
-->Your resistance is futile if you fight me you'll fall
* SelfTitledAlbum
* {{Sexbot}}: "Cybernatic Queen"
--> Cybernatic queen of passion
--> Guaranteed for satisfaction
--> And while she burns in fire
--> Melting down in sweet desire
* SpaceOpera: The story of the ''Iron Savior''.
* TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt: The storyline begins with the destruction of a prehistoric advanced civilization on Earth, eventually throwing life back into our Stone Age with its disappearance.
* VillainSong: "Protect the Law", "Protector".