I Fight Dragons is a {{Chiptune}} rock band from Chicago, formed in 2008. They are notable for combining chiptune music with their standard instruments, and for reprogramming old-school game controllers (like NES Game Pads, Power Pads, {{GameBoy}}s, and ''VideoGame/RockBand'' guitars, among others) and playing them as instruments during live shows. They were signed with Photo Finish/Creator/AtlanticRecords from 2010 to 2012, but currently work independently.

They currently have released two [=EPs=] and two full-length albums, with many individual songs released through their mailing list.
* ''Cool Is Just A Number'' (2009)
* ''Welcome To The Breakdown'' (2010)
* ''KABOOM!'' (2011), their first full-length album. Distributed for free on the band's website since their split from the label.
** ''[=DEMOlition=]'' (2013) - A collection 12 demos written for KABOOM! but didn't make the cut.
* ''The Near Future'' (2014) - Their second album. Tells the story of a eighteen year old boy who saves a girl from another world.
** ''[=The Future Imperfect=]'' (2014) - A collection 10 demos written for The Near Future but didn't make the cut.

Their music has been featured on WWE and Nintendo Video on the UsefulNotes/Nintendo3DS. The video for the latter, "Save World, Get Girl" is as of October 2012 Nintendo Video's most viewed video.

Their website can be found [[http://www.ifightdragons.com/ here]] and the website for the Advanced Guard, their street team and fanbase, is [[http://ifightdragons.ning.com/ here]].

* Brian Mazzferri (lead vocals, guitar, UsefulNotes/{{NES}}, UsefulNotes/GameBoy, primary songwriter)
* Hari Rao (bass)
* Chad Van Dahm (drums)
* Packy Lundholm (vocals, lead guitar)
* Bill Prokopow (vocals, keyboards, NES, UsefulNotes/{{SNES}}, NES Advantage, NES Power Pad, NES Zapper, Rockband Guitar)

!!!Past members:
* Laura Green (vocals, controllers, Power Glove)
* Mike Mentzer (vocals, guitar, controllers)
* Dave Midell (drums)

!!This band provides examples of:
* AutoTune: Usually {{Averted}}, but used to effect in the choral parts of "Working".
* {{Chiptune}}
* ColorCodedCharacters
* DisneyDeath: [[spoiler: The girl]] in ''The Near Future''. [[spoiler: She briefly dies after the three escape from the complex, but the boy brings her back to life.]]
* EverythingIsAnInstrument: The band is known for playing various hacked Nintendo controllers and {{GameBoy}}s as instruments. Packy also has a guitar made from an NES.
* FinalLoveDuet: "With You", the last track on ''Cool Is Just A Number''.
* GratuitousLatin: "Suburban Doxology"
** For anyone who's curious, the chanting in the middle of the song is "Gloria in excelsis meo, et in suburbia", or [[spoiler:"Glory to me in the highest, and in the suburbs"]]
* {{Homage}}: The MusicVideo for "cRaZie$" is loving tribute to ''Franchise/EvilDead''.
* HulkSpeak: The title of "Save World, Get Girl." {{Averted}} in the song itself.
* IdealHero: The shortcomings of this character type are discussed in "No One Likes Superman Anymore".
* LyricalDissonance: Brian is a big fan of this in his songs. For example, "Heads Up, Hearts Down" is an upbeat anthem that seems to be about [[spoiler:an Orwellian regime]] and "Just Decide" has a fanfare-like melody with lyrics about [[spoiler:commiting suicide in the most non-committed way possible.]]
* MeaningfulName: [[{{Pyromaniac}} Burnadette]].
* MoneyDearBoy: Invoked as the subject of "Money", obviously.
* MrFanservice: Each of the members have their charms, but special mention goes to Chad for often playing drums topless during live shows.
** MsFanservice: The lovely [[TheChick Laura Green]].
* NotChristianRock: [=IFD=] falls squarely in Geek Rock territory, but many songs use Christian (particularly [[{{ChristianityIsCatholic}} Catholic]]) imagery and symbolism.
** Examples: "(If I Should Die) Before I Wake," "Suburban Doxology," "Angels and Demons."
* ProudToBeAGeek: "The Geeks Will Inherit The Earth".
* RecurringRiff: The chorus of "Welcome To The Breakdown" appears three times on the album of the same name: In the song itself, in a short chiptune version "Proxima Centauri", and in the guitar solo and final chorus of "Just Decide." With the lyrics in mind, it borders on {{leitmotif}}.
* RereleaseTheSong: "I Will Wait For You If You Do For Me" has been recorded and released a total of three times. First time as an acoustic version on Brian's youtube channel, the second time as an exclusive download for fans that were on their mailing address [[spoiler:and as a secret link found on the The War of Cyborg Liberation dog tags]].
* RockOpera: The first 10 tracks of the band's second album "The Near Future" tell the story of an eighteen year old boy who saves a girl from another world.
* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVsCynicism: This band has gone all over the scale. They've gone from uber-idealistic power anthems ("The Geeks Will Inherit The Earth", "Save World Get Girl", "Time to Fly", etc.) to expressions of distrust and disillusionment with the world ("Money", "Pretend", "My Way", "Eighteen", etc.), but a lot of their tracks also take a central approach, exploring how the world can suck, but it's still worth it to keep powering on.
* TitleTrack: "Welcome To The Breakdown" and "KABOOM!" {{Averted}} with ''Cool Is Just A Number'' and ''The Near Future''.
* UnpluggedVersion: Several songs such as "Fight For You", "Heads Up Hearts Down", and "I Will Wait For You If You Do For Me" have been released on the internet in acoustic form.
* ZombieApocalypse: The (possible) topic of "cRaZie$". Supported by the MusicVideo.