[[caption-width-right:350:L to R: Horgh, Tägtgren, and Hedlund]]

Hypocrisy are a Swedish MelodicDeathMetal band that originally started off as an OSDM. Originally named Seditious, Founder Peter Tägtgren was living in Florida until 1990, where he decided to start his own DeathMetal band. Notable for their American sound back in the day, they have since then shifted to their current style.

The band started with Magnus "Masse" Broberg of Dark Funeral fame on vocals and the lyrics for the first two albums, while Tagtgren would be on guitars. When Magnus left, Tägtgren took over as both the vocalist and lyricist. When that happened, the lyrics begun to change.

In 1997, Tägtgren decided he wanted to stop writing music and continue strictly as a producer with ''The Final Chapter.'' However, due to demand from fans, he continued to write music.

* Peter Tägtgren – vocals, guitar, synthesizer (1990–present)
* Mikael Hedlund – bass (1992–present)
* [[Music/{{Immortal}} Reidar "Horgh" Horghagen]] – drums (2004–present)

!!!Past Members:
* Lars Szöke – drums (1990–2004)
* Magnus "Masse" Broberg – vocals (1992–1993)
* Jonas Österberg – guitar (1992–1995)
* Andreas Holma – guitar (2000–2006)
* ''Penetralia'' (1992)
* ''Osculum Obscenum'' (1993)
* ''The Fourth Dimension'' (1994)
* ''[[NewSoundAlbum Abducted]]'' (1996)
* ''The Final Chapter'' (1997)
* ''Hypocrisy'' (1999)
* ''Into the Abyss'' (2000)
* ''Catch 22'' (2002)
* ''The Arrival'' (2004)
* ''Virus'' (2005)
* ''A Taste of Extreme Divinity'' (2009)
* ''End of Disclosure'' (2013)
!!Tropes displayed by this Band:
* AltumVidetur: ''Osculum Obscenum''
* AuthorAppeal: If Peter's solo band PAIN's music videos or his lyrics have anything to say, he ''really'' likes aliens.
* CarefulWithThatAxe: Peter Tägtgren's shrieks have this effect.
* CensoredTitle: "God is A..." intentionally left out the last word. [[spoiler:Which is "Lie"]]
* ConspiracyTheorist: Most of their songs are written from this point of view.
* CoverVersion: "Black Metal" by Music/{{Venom}}, "Strange Ways" by Music/{{Kiss}}, "Evil Invaders" by Razor,
* DarkerAndEdgier: Compared to other Swedish melodeath bands.
* DeathMetal: A fusion of Brutal death metal and MelodicDeathMetal.
* EpicRocking:
** "Penetralia" is 6:34 minutes long.
** "Pleasure of Molestation" off ''Osculum Obscenum'' is 6:01 minutes long.
** "Elastic Inverted Visions" and "Paled Empty Sphere" from the SelfTitledAlbum are also 6 minutes long.
*** As is "The Return" from ''End of Disclosure''.
* HarshVocals: Mosse had a more guttural roar, while Tägtgren shifts between blackened Shrieks and mid-pitched growls.
* IAmTheBand: Peter Tägtgren.
* IdenticalStranger: Peter Tagtgren looks like a sleep-deprived Johnny Depp.
* KnifeNut: "Let the Knife Do The Talking."
* LeadBassist: Mikael is a type A and C.
* LighterAndSofter: PAIN, Tägtgren's IndustrialMetal solo project, is this compared to Hypocrisy.
* LoudnessWar: Just about all of their releases are massively clipped and brickwalled, and Tägtgren is a war criminal in the loudness war. [[StylisticSuck Some fans consider his production style as an important contributor to their music's overall hardness]].
** ''Virus'' is [[http://www.devir.de/temp/hypocrisy.png the absolute worst offender of this.]]
** Some of the LP editions, such as the SelfTitledAlbum, avert this. The vinyl of ''Hypocrisy'' seems to have been mastered from a separate, less clipped, source.
* MeaningfulName: ''Catch 22 V. 2.0.08'' is the re-recording of the original released back in 2002. The V 2.0.08 stands for 2008, when it was rerecorded and released.
* MelodicDeathMetal: One of the darker examples of the genre alongside Music/AtTheGates, Music/FleshgodApocalypse and Music/TheBlackDahliaMurder.
* MetalScream: Peter Tägtgren's signature, and some of the most instantly recognizable in metal.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Solid 10/soft 11 in their early days, though they have, since ''Abducted, dropped to a hard 9/standard 10.
* RockMeAsmodeus: Originally their lyrical theme before switching to a more sci-fi theme, especially themed around the extraterrestrials.
* SpecialGuest: [[Music/ExodusBand Gary Holt]] on "Scrutinized" and [[Music/ScarSymmetry Jonas Kjellgren]] on "Tales of Thy Spineless".