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Music: Holy Grail
In 2007, a band named White Wizzard was formed by Jon Leon. This article is not about that band.

In spite of their relative success, the band was suffering from high tension between the members. Jon's solution? Fire everybody. The former members decided to create their own band. And thus, Holy Grail was born.

Fronted by James-Paul Luna, Holy Grail has released two albums to date, Crisis In Utopia in October of 2010, and Ride The Void, in January of 2013. The band has a similar "80's style" sound to White Wizzard, but with more modern influences, such as occasional bouts of screaming. However, the band still remains true to their roots.

The current line-up is:

  • James-Paul Luna (vocals)
  • Eli Santana (guitar)
  • Alex Lee (other guitar)
  • Tyler Meahl (drums)
  • Blake Mount (bass)

The band and their songs provide examples of:

HelloweenMetalHour Of Penance

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