Music / Hey Say Jump

Hey Say Jump is a 9-member Japanese Boy Band that debuted under the agency, Johnny's and Associates.

The creation of Hey! Say! JUMP followed on the heels of the temporary junior unit Hey! Say! 7(not to be confused with the Hey! Say! subgroup of the same name), which sang the theme songs for the Lovely Complex anime.

They are divided into two sub-units; Hey Say BEST, which comprises the older members and Hey Say 7 which comprises the younger ones respectively.

     Members of Hey Say BEST 

     Members of Hey Say 7 

  • Ryutaro Morimoto

Tropes in their work:

  • Ascended Extra: All of them were back-up dancers for some of their sempais and were also members of various Johnny's Junior units before their official debut.
    • Special mention goes to Yamada here as he was never one of the guys that were always in front singing when he started out, it was Seishun Amigo that pushed him to the forefront and set the pace for his eventual popularity.
  • Ascended Fanboy: Chinen is the best example of this trop as a result of his obssessive admiration Ohno Satoshi and Arashi.
    • Yamada is a milder example of this considering his admiration of Koichi Domoto and Kinki Kids although not on the stalker's level as Chinen.
    • Speaking of Yamada, he has loads of fanboys, the most famous one being Kento Nakajima of Sexy Zone. Ironically,they have both worked together on numerous occassions,most notably on TV drama Scrap Teacher and as members of temporary volleyball support unit, NYC Boys which has now become NYC.
  • Boy Band: Hello, they are Johnnys.
  • Darker and Edgier: As from Your Seed, they started adopting a more matured image. That's not to say, they have completely let go of their cute image though.
  • Gratuitous English: Well, they are Japanese.
  • Hotter and Sexier: Especially now that 7 have come of age.
  • Ship Tease: Now where do we start? Most popular couples includeDaiki/Yamada, Yamada/Chinen, Yuto/Yamada, Yabu/Hikaru and Takaki/Yamada.
  • Teen Idols: They were the youngest Johnny's group until Sexy Zone's debut.