Music / Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear is an indie folk-rock-baroque pop band based in Brooklyn, New York, mostly known for their sleepy, dreamlike sound and four-part harmonies. The band consists of Edward Droste (lead vocals, guitar/keyboards), Daniel Rossen (lead vocals, lead guitar, piano), Chris Taylor (backing vocals/bass/saxophone/flute/clarinet/whatever), and Christopher Bear (backing vocals/drums/percussion/keyboards).The band originally began as a solo project for Ed Droste in 2004 (with additional help from Chris Bear) with Horn of Plenty. A full band was formed shortly after, culminating in the release of Yellow House (2006). Their next work, Veckatimest (2009), was met with wide critical acclaim, topping several best-of-the-year/decade charts. This praise continued into 2012 with the release of Shields.

Grizzly Bear contains examples of the following tropes: