Glassjaw is a PostHardcore band from Long Island, New York. The band was founded in 1992 and has released two albums so far: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence (hereby abbreviated as EYEWTKAS - released in 2000) and Worship And Tribute (2002), both, especially Worship and Tribute, regarded as classics within their genre. They are know for putting on chaotic live shows and for their frequent lineup changes.

!Current members:

* Daryl Palumbo- lead vocals
* Justin Beck- guitars
* Manuel Carrero- bass
* Durijah Lang- drums


* AccentUponTheWrongSyllable: Any time Daryl uses clean vocals, but it manages to work.
* BreakupSong: Most of EYEWTKAS is made up of these. Definitely not the resigned "I wish you the best" kind, either. Daryl had gone through an extremely tough breakup.
* CarefulWithThatAxe
* ClusterFBomb: Well, more of a Cluster Whore Bomb, really. They probably use "whore" on EYEWTKAS more than they use the f-bomb. Very much dialed back with their more sophisticated ''Worship and Tribute''.
* DigitalPiracyIsEvil: Averted. The band encourage fans to steal EYEWTKAS off the internet rather than give money to Roadrunner Records by purchasing it. This is due to an ugly spat between the band and Roadrunner after the recording of their first album.
* HighTurnoverRate
* IllBoy: Daryl suffers from Crohn's Disease and has had to cancel concerts because of it.
* IndecipherableLyrics: Daryl's unconventional singing style, combined with loud guitars and frequent screaming make most of their lyrics hard to understand. Not that the general [[WordSaladLyrics Word Salad]] helps any.
* KickTheDog: Roadrunner allegedly forced Daryl to continue touring, even after the stress of performing caused him to have potentially-fatal relapses of Crohn's Disease.
* TheLancer: Justin Beck, the only remaining original member other than Daryl.
* LighterAndSofter: Daryl's other band, Head Automatica.
* MetalScream: Usually a type 2 or 3.
* MisogynySong: "Lovebites and Razorlines", "Hurting and Shoving (She Should Have Let Me Sleep)"... a lot of EYEWTKAS-- not because Daryl's a misogynist but because they're about specific girls who've hurt him.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: A 8/9 on their first album, about a 7 on Worship and Tribute and a 5-7 for the last few [=EP=]s. Then there are songs like "Siberian Kiss", which goes from a 9 to a 4 and back again twice over the course of the song.
* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly: Worship And Tribute mixes their usual PostHardcore / AlternativeMetal sound with elements of NoiseRock, FunkRock, {{Jazz}}, Pyschedelic Rock, ThrashMetal, and {{Afrobeat}}.
* NewSoundAlbum: ''Worship and Tribute'', which had a more experimental and somewhat lighter sound.
* ScaryMusicianHarmlessMusic: {{Inverted}}. They don't look intimidating at all, but their music is highly aggressive and emotionally brutal.
* ShoutOut: "The Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports" includes the lyric "Life's a ball / I run the world from city hall", which is a quote from Music/FrankZappa's "Brown Shoes Don't Make It". The song is also named after an actual sports radio (and later television) program - a section where Daryl starts imitating a sports announcer includes references to "Bob", which might be a nod to the show's original host, Bob Stanton.
* SurprisinglyGentleSong: The HiddenTrack on EYEWTKAS. Also, "The Number No Good Things Can Come Of", a piano and drums piece and the lounge-style "Oxycodone", both off of the El Mark EP. Most of the Coloring Book EP also counts.
* TakeThat: Most of EYEWTKAS is a vicious screed against one or more of Daryl's ex-girlfriends.
* WordSaladLyrics: Most of the lyrics on Worship And Tribute are very ambiguous. In stark contrast to the previous album. Recent material, such as the Coloring Book EP has continued in this style. They haven't released official meanings of their songs, henceforth no one has figured out who Mr. Shiver is or what he's doing in the river.
* YourCheatingHeart: "Siberian Kiss": "Give me back my pictures of me/Me and you and him makes three.