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->''We'll always be together, together in Electric Dreams...''

Giovanni Giorgio Moroder (born 26 April 1940) is an Italian record producer, songwriter and performer, and the main responsible for giving {{Disco}} a more synthesized and electronic sound and helping pushing forward ElectronicMusic.

He began his career in the mid-60's, releasing under the name Giorgio ''very cheesy'' singles, most of them becoming unsuccessful (and, fortunately, largely forgotten). In TheSeventies, he started to become more successful, especially after Chicory Tip's hit "Son of My Father". He also founded Musicland Studios (in the late-60's), which held recording sessions by people like Music/LedZeppelin, Music/{{Queen}} and Music/EltonJohn.

His big breakthrough, however, came through two ways: one, through the hiring of Music/DonnaSummer to Casablanca Records (and his own subsidiary, Oasis Records), by producing a lot of her music till the 80's. The other way was through an increased use of synthesizers and computer programming. He produced the majority of Donna's hits, including [[TheImmodestOrgasm "Love To Love You Baby"]] and the ground-breaking "I Feel Love". He also helped [[TropeMaker set the template]] for longer DJ sets (which became important from HouseMusic to {{Techno}} and many other forms of ElectronicMusic) with his album ''From Here to Eternity''.

He also produced two albums for Music/{{Sparks}}, as well as scores and soundtracks for various movies and artists, including ''Film/MidnightExpress'' (which became the first all-electronic score to win an Academy Award), ''American Gigolo'' (TheOneWith "Call Me" by Debbie Harry), ''Film/CatPeople'' (the song of the same name became one of Music/DavidBowie's more popular songs, albeit with a poppier version on Bowie's ''Let's Dance'' album), or ''Film/{{Scarface 1983}}''. He also helped restore (and wrote a new soundtrack for) ''Film/{{Metropolis}}''. Another song which was produced by Giorgio (as well as part of the soundtrack) was the ''Film/TheNeverendingStory'' theme (sung by Limahl).

He also collaborated with Philip Oakey (the lead vocalist of Music/TheHumanLeague, who sings the above quote), Japan, [[{{Music/Queen}} Freddie Mercury]] and Music/DaftPunk.

!! Tropes of Giorgio:

* BadassBoast: "My name is Giovanni Giorgio... but everybody calls me, ''Giorgio''."
** Say it with us now: ''74 is the new 24...''
* CoolOldGuy: He's in his mid-70s, and has a whole new audience thanks to the CareerResurrection brought on by [[BigNameFan Big Name Fans]] Music/DaftPunk.
* CoverVersion: "Knights In White Satin" (Music/TheMoodyBlues), which goes into EpicRocking territory (a long version split in three continuous parts that occupies the A-side of the album with the same name).
* {{Disco}}
* ElectronicMusic
* EpicRocking: "Chase", "Evolution", "Call Me". The A-side of the ''Knights In White Satin'' album could also be considered this. Many of the 12'' mixes of his songs (which were designed for the dance floor) are also this (like "I Feel Love").
* PopStarComposer: Composed the soundtrack for ''Film/MidnightExpress'', ''[[Film/{{Scarface 1983}} Scarface]]'' and the 1984 restoration of ''Film/{{Metropolis}}''.
* RecordProducer: Legendary Electronic, Pop and Disco producer. Music/DonnaSummer and Music/{{Sparks}} are among his most significant production credits.
* SpokenWordInMusic:
** He lists the credits of the album ''[=E=MC2=]'' at the end of the song with the same name, concluding with a [[UsefulNotes/AlbertEinstein "Thank you, Albert"]].
** He does this in the Music/DaftPunk track "Giorgio By Moroder".