[[caption-width-right:350:Left to right: Krukowski, Yang and Wareham.]]

Galaxie 500 were a [[ShortLivedBigImpact short-lived yet very influential]] DreamPop band with elements of {{Shoegazing}}.

Throughout their existence the band's members were:
* Dean Wareham - vocals, guitars
* Naomi Yang - bass
* Damon Krukowski - drums

The band was formed by the three while they were studying at Harvard in 1987, and named themselves after a friend who owned a [[CoolCar Ford Galaxie 500]]. During this period, Krukowski lacked a permanent drumkit and instead borrowed one from his classmate Creator/ConanOBrien.

They signed with the Shimmy Disc label in 1988, where they proceeded to release one album per year: ''Today'', ''On Fire'' and ''This Is Our Music''. These showcased the band's simple DreamPop compositions argumented by Mark Kramer's psychedelic production and earned them some critical acclaim and a loyal audience. They, American Music Club, and Music/{{Codeine}} are considered important influences on the {{Slowcore}} subgenre.

The band disintegrated in 1991 when Wareham moved back to UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity and informed Yang and Krukowski that he was quitting. Wareham subsequently founded the bands Luna and Dean & Britta (with his [[CreatorCouple wife Britta Phillips]]), and Damon and Naomi founded the band [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Damon And Naomi]].

* 1988 - ''Today''
* 1989 - ''On Fire''
* 1990 - ''This Is Our Music''
* 2004 - ''Uncollected'' (rarities compilation)

!!Tropes evidenced by Galaxie 500:
* ApologisesALot: "Sorry"
-->Are you sorry that you love me\\
Am I sorry that I love you too\\
Seems it doesn't make a difference\\
That we're sorry all the time
* CoverVersion: "Ceremony" by Music/JoyDivision and Music/NewOrder, "Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste" by Music/JonathanRichman, "Here She Comes Now" by Music/VelvetUnderground, "Rain" by Music/TheBeatles, "Isn't It a Pity" by Music/GeorgeHarrison, "Victory Garden" by Red Krayola, "Listen, the Snow is Falling" by Music/YokoOno and "Cheese and Onions" by Music/TheRutles. Those are the ones that made it to their albums - they played a few more in concert.
* EpicRocking: "Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste", "Ceremony", "Summertime", "Listen, the Snow is Falling", "Here She Comes Now", the live medley of "Rain/Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste".
* IAmTheBand: In recent years, Wareham has occasionally toured as "Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500".
* MushroomSamba: "Strange" is about going grocery shopping while high on acid.
-->Why's everybody actin funny?\\
Why's everybody look so strange?\\
Why's everybody look so nasty?\\
What do I want with all these things?
* PerishingAltRockVoice: Wareham and Yang.
* RecordProducer: Mark Kramer.
* ShoutOut: ''This Is Our Music'' borrows its title from [[NamesTheSame an Ornette Coleman album from 1960]].
** And in reverse, one of the lyrics of "Stratford-on-Guy" by Music/LizPhair is ''And I was pretending that I was in a Galaxie 500 video''.
** The cover of Music/CatPower's ''You Are Free'' is modeled after the one for ''Today''.
** "Tugboat" is a shoutout to Sterling Morrison of Music/VelvetUnderground, who became a tugboat captain after the VU broke up.
* StepUpToTheMicrophone: Yang sings most of "Another Day" (Wareham joins in on the last chorus) and the Yoko Ono cover "Listen, the Snow is Falling", the latter being the only Galaxie 500 song without vocals by Wareham.
* WordSaladLyrics: Some of Wareham's lyrics are just WTF-inducing, like "4th of July".