-->''Cross every ocean''
-->''Run through the battlefield''
-->''Strong like the hammer of Thor''
-->''Gods of Ice''
-->''March under the grey sky''
-->''Master of the thunderstorm''
-->''We'll win the war''
-->''Because we're the Gods of Ice''
-->--[[SignatureSong Gods of Ice]]

Dragonheart are a power metal band from Curitiba, Brazil, formed in 1997. They are probably most famous for their concept albums "Throne of the Alliance" and "Vengeance in Black". They are often mistaken for Dragonforce since they had the same name, yet they have wildly different styles.

The band's original line-up consisted of brothers Marco and Marcelo Caporasso on guitars and drums, respectively, with Mauricio Taborda on bass and Eduardo Marques on guitars and lead vocals. Their debut album, ''Underdark'', was released in 2000 and ''Throne of the Alliance'' was released in 2002.

Eduardo Marques left after the second album to join the band Cromathia. He was replaced with André Mendes, who played guitar and also shared vocal duties. With him, they released their third album, ''Vengeance in Black'', and a compilation album, ''When the Dragons Are Kings: The First Ten Years'' in 2008.

The group are currently working on the finale to the Throne of the Alliance series, ''The Battle Sanctuary.''

* Albums:
** Underdark (2000)
** Throne of the Alliance (2002)
** Vengeance in Black (2005)
** When the Dragons Are Kings: The First Ten Years (2008)
** The Battle Sanctuary (2014)

* Band members:
** Marco Caporasso (Guitars, vocals)
** Mauricio Taborda (Bass and vocals)
** André Mendes (Guitars and vocals)
** Thiago Mussi (Drums)

* Former Members:
** Eduardo Marques (Guitars and lead vocals)
** Marcelo Caporasso (Drums)

!Tropes in Dragonhearts music include:

* AGodAmI: Gods of Ice
* AWizardDidIt: In Hall of Dead Knights, King Theodoric is revived by some sort of entity
* AlienInvasion: During the final battle of Vengeance in Black, The Alliance fight against a bunch of creatures from other dimensions lead by the demon king.
* BadassBoast: When the Dragons Are Kings is them talking about how awesome they are.
* BreatherEpisode: Every album has a power ballad.
* BrickJoke: Eyes of Hell starts with a mid-tempo riff. Spreading Fire has the same one during the bridge.
* ConceptAlbum: Throne of the Alliance and its sequel, Vengeance in Black. They are currently working on a third one to end the series.
* DownerEnding: Averted. At the end of Spreading Fire, it sounds like the devil king won. Yet in the song narration, he actually fled from the battle, although he promises revenge.
* EldritchAbomination: The creature in the song Underdark is this. Lynkhor, too.
* EldritchLocation: Again, Underdark.
* FightingForAHomeland: The climax of Vengeance in Black.
* GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere: The Ghost Galleon in the second album. Also, on "Heart of a Hero", they fight wolves for no apparent reason.
* HeavyMithril: The entire point, although Vengeance in Black brings it Up to Eleven
* HellOnEarth: Lynkhor's plan in Vengeance in Black.
* HeroForADay: General Dragonheart.
* InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons: Obviously.
* LargeHam: Marco Caporasso.
* OhCrap: Underdark is about a creature that will kill you if you so much as look at it the wrong way. This is taken UpToEleven with the song Vengeance in Black, in which Lynkhor seems to go mad from his lust for revenge.
* ShoutOut: The Underdark album has many references to the King Arthur legends. The title track is also chock-full of ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' references.
* WeWillUseWikiWordsInTheFuture: There are several different ways of spelling the band name. Dragonheart, Film/{{Dragonheart}}, Dragon Heart...
* WordSaladLyrics: Just try and pretend Arcadia Gates and Sunrise in the Akronis Sky make sense.