Music: Diafrix

Honestly, I don't care about the fame
All I want's a little change and to see more positive
Pages unfilled and untold
I'm going to write till my wrist cramps up cold
Let the ink flow straight from my soul
—"Light Will Shine"

Diafrix is a hip-hop duo consisting of rappers Momo and Azmarino. They have an eclectic sound which borrows from multiple genres. Although their sound tends to be more smooth, gentle and chilled-out compared to a lot of hip-hop, they can also be brusque and aggressive.

Tropes found in their music include:

  • Alternative Hip Hop - Diafrix borrow from all sorts of genres. From pop-influenced tunes like "Running It", to the reggae-influenced "Concrete Jungle" to more Jazz/Funk tunes like "Hold On", they're very creative with their influences.
  • An Immigrant's Tale - "Concrete Jungle" is the best example, but many songs deal with migrant themes. Both rappers migrated to Australia from Africa.
  • Boastful Rap - Azmarino in "Light Will Shine".
    But I survived it all
    No longer do I feel invisible
    My struggle made me invincible
    • Notable in that this is in reference to his success after his early hardship as a refugee, and he states he doesn't even care about wealth.
  • Conscious Hip Hop - Migrant experience is a common theme covered in some of their more serious songs. 'Welcome' is about violence in Africa.
  • Pep Talk Song - "Easy Come, Easy Go" has elements of this.
  • Political Rap - Tends to avoid this, but some such as "Welcome" have a political edge.
  • Shout-Out - A few songs reference Superman.
  • Protest Song - "Welcome", "Light Will Shine" could be considered a version of this.
  • Title Only Chorus - "Easy Come, Easy Go".
  • Title Track - "Concrete Jungle" in the eponymous album.
  • Vocal Tag Team - Momo and Azmarino.