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Music: Dayton Family
Straight off Dayton Ave

A hard hitting uncompromising gritty no nonsense Hardcore Hip Hop group from Flint, Michigan. Unlike other rappers (who tell glorious, romanticized, action movie gangsta rap tales) Dayton's stories was far more grounded, realistic, depressing and bleak. Like their debut album there's no glamorous stories about being rich and affluent. Its strictly about "the struggle" of living in Flint Michigan. A place that's lost all economic hope, devoid of glam or spotlight. The sorrow, the frustration, the poverty, the ghetto desperation, the hopelessness of living in a rundown industrial town just pours out of their souls and into their lyrics. The group has an idiosyncratic identity and a dark, grim mentality focused on modest survival rather than riches or fame. Plus, they're extremely aggressive rappers. they'd be tagged as hardcore regardless of their lyrical content. This is the definition of "reality rap". pure...raw...and uncut.

The group consists of:

  • Bootleg,
  • Shoestring,
  • Backstabba

Notable songs:

  • Whats On My Mind?
  • Blood Bath
  • Do U Remember
  • Hand That Rocks The Cradle
  • Thru A Thang
  • Ghetto
  • F.B.I.

  • 1995: What's on My Mind?
  • 1996: F.B.I.
  • 2002: Welcome to the Dopehouse
  • 2005: Family Feud
  • 2006: Back on Dayton Ave.
  • 2006: Return to Dayton Ave.
  • 2009: The Return: The Right to Remain Silent
  • 2011: Psycho (EP)
  • 2011: Charges of Indictment

The group's music contains these tropes

DiceCreator/Reel Life ProductionsKool Keith
Cold187umCreator/Psychopathic RecordsEsham
Das RacistMusicians/Hip Hop RapDeath Grips

alternative title(s): Dayton Family
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