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Music: Carter Burwell
Composer born on November 18, 1955 (13 days after Dr. Emmett Brown invented time travel), and who studied piano and played in several bands before making his film scoring debut with Blood Simple. In addition to working with The Coen Brothers ever since, he's worked with among others Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation., Where the Wild Things Are), David E. Kelley (Mystery, Alaska), David Mamet (The Spanish Prisoner) and Simon West (The General's Daughter, which was his most successful film at the box office until Twilight).

Burwell won an Emmy for scoring Part 5 of Mildred Pierce (one of his very few television projects, most of which have been for HBO - he also scored And The Band Played On and the pilot for Enlightened) and was nominated for the miniseries theme as well.

Among the films scored by Carter Burwell:

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alternative title(s): Carter Burwell
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