Music: Candiria

L to R: Maclvor, Schalk, Coma, Matthews, Lamacchia

Candiria is an Genre Roulette band hailing from Brooklyn, New York. They're best known for blending elements of Metalcore, Hip Hop, and Jazz Fusion into a distinctive style they like to refer to as "urban fusion". While driving on the way to a gig in Cleveland to support their new album during September 2002, Candiria's equipment trailer was hit by a semi-truck, sending it and the van the band was driving flipping several times down the road. Miraculously, the entire band survived the ordeal and even made a picture of the demolished van the album cover for 2004's What Doesn't Kill You....

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Current Line-Up:
  • Carley Coma: Vocals (1992-Present)
  • John Lamacchia: Guitar (1997-Present)
  • Michael MacIvor: Bass (1997-Present)
  • Kenneth Schalk: Drums (19922006, 2009-Present)

Former Members:
  • Chris Puma: Guitar (19921997) (Deceased as of 2009)
  • Eric Matthews: Guitar (19922004)

  • Surrealistic Madness (1995)
  • Beyond Reasonable Doubt (1997)
  • The Process of Self-Development (1999)
  • 300 Percent Density (2001)
  • The C.O.M.A. Imprint (2002)
  • What Doesn't Kill You... (2004)
  • Kiss the Lie (2009)

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