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Calvin Harris is a [[UsefulNotes/{{Scotland}} Scottish]] DJ and record producer. He first grew his interest of electronic dance music at a young age and began to record his first demos in his bedroom as a teenager. A couple of demos he posted on {{Myspace}} won him a major label deal in the mid-2000s, and he has since become a big name on the dance music scene. Calvin is known for his energetic, fizzy sounding electronic-dance music and a low, untrained voice that he utilizes on his tracks.

Calvin Harris’ discography:
* ''[[BlatantLies I Created Disco]]'' (2007)
* ''Ready for the Weekend'' (2009)
* ''18 Months'' (2012)
* ''Motion'' (2014)
!! Calvin Harris provide examples of:
* ADogAteMyHomework: To buy himself more time to work on his second album, he told his label that he lost the laptop containing his new songs at Heathrow Airport in London.
* {{Adorkable}}: Was this up until 18 Months.
* AlbumTitleDrop: “I put on my shoes and I’m '''ready for the weekend'''.
* BoastfulRap: Not quite rapping, but Calvin does boast about how he gets all “The Girls” in one particular track.
* BritishAccents: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd69gYRqPzs His Scottish accent]] is quite sexy.
* TheCoverChangesTheGender: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbYJSKHuTyo Dragonette’s cover of “The Girls”.]]
** It even includes a funny nod to the original, in which frontwoman Martina Sorbara notes that she likes “those scrawny, Scottish into pop music but not like sorta like pop dance electro music” boys.
* CreatorCameo: He appears as a DJ in {{Rihanna}}'s "{{Music/We Found Love}}" video.
* ElectronicMusic: Has emerged to the forefront of the recent 'EDM' scene, alongside DavidGuetta and {{Skrillex}}.
* {{Fanservice}}: His music videos are chock of these, both male and female.
* FollowTheLeader: Ever since “I’m Not Alone” was released to success in the UK, it seems like a number of other songs have utilized a similar-sounding (if not the same exact) synth chord progression. “Yeah 3x” by ChrisBrown, "Eyes Wide Shut" by JLS, and “You Make Me Feel…” by Music/CobraStarship are just a few.
** “The Rain” features a notable saxophone sample. In 2011, the saxophone seemed to have become “hip” again, as heard in songs like “The Edge of Glory” and “Hair” by Music/LadyGaga, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” by KatyPerry, “In the Dark” by Dev, and “Mr. Saxobeat” by Alexandra Stan, which were all, curiously enough, released within months of each other.
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: At 6'5", he towers over many of his female collaborators. He was also a [[OneHeadTaller solid foot taller]] than his ex-girlfriend Music/RitaOra.
** In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Calvin mentions that he's so tall that he could legally become a ''giant'' if he grew any taller.
* InDaClub: "Drinking From the Bottle". The music video of "Sweet Nothing" shows a more subdued strip club. "Open Wide", while not in the music video, clearly has club lyrics in it as well.
* MakingASpectacleOfYourself: His pair of blinged-out sunglasses with a similar level of functionality to shutter shades; they've appeared on the covers of his first two albums, though he's seemed to have dropped it as of ''18 Months''.
* MrFanservice: Calvin is the very ''definition'' of this trope, to the point where he's now the face of Armani. [[http://www.x17online.com/media/images//2015/02/calvin-harris-hot-underwear-021815.jpg Need proof?]]
* NonAppearingTitle: Has at least one of these in an album. I Created Disco has Traffic Cops, Burns Night and 5iliconeator appear in Ready For The Weekend, 18 Months features Awooga, Mansion, Green Valley, and School, and Motion has Slow Acid, Overdrive, and Burnin.
* RagsToRiches: Before he became a DJ, he was a ''grocery store clerk''.
* RecordProducer: He has most notably produced tracks for Music/KylieMinogue (“Heart Beat Rock”, “In My Arms”, “Cupid Boy”), Music/SophieEllisBextor (“Off & On”) Dizzee Rascal (“Holiday” and “Dance Wiv Me”). He also produced {{Rihanna}}'s hit singles "{{Music/We Found Love}}" and "Where Have You Been", with the former becoming one of her biggest hits ever and her longest-reigning #1 single to date.
* UsefulNotes/{{Scotland}}: Where he's from.
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent: He remixed Music/FlorenceAndTheMachine's "Spectrum" to ''great'' success in the UK, becoming the latter's first #1 single in the country. Florence herself later returned the favor, lending her voice to his own "Sweet Nothing".
* SurrealMusicVideo: "Ready for the Weekend".
* TitleOnlyChorus: “You Used to Hold Me”