Music / Broke NCYDE
The band. Putting anything else here would result in a Take That! against them.

A band from New Mexico, their style incorporates elements of Crunk rap, Electronica and Screamo. One of the members controls the lights and fog machine. One is described as being in charge of "Lyrixxx/Screams/Gangster Raps." This could tell you everything you need to know, but it doesn't.

Broken CYDE are generally regarded as the main band of the (relatively recent) genre of Crunkcore; if you've heard a crunkcore band, chances are it's these guys. They have one of the strongest Hatedoms in music today, but they also have a large fanbase, which sets the stage for quite a few flame wars.

The band was formed in 2006 by members Se7en and Mikl. They apparently named the band "Brokencyde" after coming up with an idea that the band's music was "fundamentally broken inside". They were later joined by members Phat-J and Antz. In 2008, they released their BC13 EP, and in 2009 they released their debut album, I'm Not a Fan...But the Kids Like It!, which was universally panned by critics (as well as the band's Hatedom, which is often said to be larger than their actual fandom).

Current Members:
  • Se7en - screams, rapping
  • Mikl - clean vocals

Former Members:
  • Phat J - synths, guitars, beats, backing vocals
  • Antz - beats, fog machine, lights, backing vocals

  • several EPs and mixtapes
  • I'm Not a Fan...But the Kids Like It!, 2009
  • Will Never Die, 2010
  • Guilty Pleasure, 2011
  • All Grown Up, 2016

Brokencyde provide examples of: