->''"I'm the good, the bad, and the ugly of New Edition."''
-->-- '''Bobby Brown''', ''[[Music/NewEdition The New Edition Story]]''

[[caption-width-right:350:The King Of Stage circa 1989, before [[http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/03/04/265008CC00000578-2979692-image-m-34_1425494326077.jpg the drugs]].]]

'''Robert "Bobby" Brown''' (born February 5, 1969, Boston, MA), is an American R&B singer/songwriter, dancer and actor. He's best known for his time with Music/NewEdition, his landmark 1988 release ''Don't Be Cruel'' and a tumultuous 14 year marriage to Music/WhitneyHouston.

Brown initially got his start as a founding member of New Edition in 1978. Brown contributed to several of their hits, including "Cool It Now", "Candy Girl," and "Mr. Telephone Man," which he also co-lead. However, alleged jealousy of fellow N.E. member Ralph Tresvant's popularity, along with repeated incidents of singing out of turn and performing suggestive acts during concerts, lead to Brown getting kicked out of the group in early 1986 by management.

Not long after his exit, Brown signed with his former group's record label MCA, which had promised him a solo deal if he decided to leave New Edition. Enlisting the help of New Edition manager Steven Machat, Brown wasted little time in recording his solo debut ''King Of Stage'', released in late 1986. Despite a number-one R&B hit with the single "Girlfriend", the album tanked, making Brown's solo career look like a bust.

Brown laid low for a better part of a year working on what eventually became ''Don't Be Cruel''. Working with storied hitmakers such as [=LaFace=], and Teddy Riley, the album adopted the sound of a new style of R&B: NewJackSwing. Released on June 20, 1988 (directly competing with New Edition's ''Heart Break'', which was released ''the very same day'', no less), the album proved to be Brown's breakthrough. It peaked at number one on both the Billboard pop and R&B charts for six and eleven non-consecutive weeks, respectively,[[note]] ''Don't Be Cruel'' had it's pop chart streak temporarily interrupted by Music/GunsNRoses' ''Appitite For Destruction'' in February 1989, before they knocked it off the top spot for good in March alongside Debbie Gibson's ''Electric Youth'', and the album popped in and out of the R&B chart's top spot multiple times, directly competing with releases from Freddie Jackson, Music/PublicEnemy and Music/MCHammer.[[/note]] and spawned five Top Ten pop hits, including the number-one single "My Prerogative". Brown was nominated for numerous American Music Awards, Grammys and Soul Train Awards, and was also featured in ''Film/GhostbustersII'' and it's soundtrack, giving him a sixth pop hit with "On Our Own", which was only stopped from reaching number-one by {{Music/Prince}}'s "[[{{Film/Batman}} Batdance]]" and Music/RichardMarx's "Right Here". In between all of this, Brown embarked on 120 day would tour to promote his album. he quickly gained a reputation as R&B's resident bad boy, as he often simulated performing sexual acts during his live shows, which often got him in trouble with police.

The early nineties continued to be busy for Brown. He contributed vocals to Ralph Tresvant's "Stone Cold Gentleman", Glenn Medereios' "She ain't Worth It", which earned Brown his second number-one single, and Bell Biv [=DeVoe=]'s "Word To The Mutha!", which reunited all of the original New Edition members on record plus Johnny Gil, who had joined the group in 1987.

1992 saw the release of his third solo album ''Bobby'', and his marriage to Whitney Houston, who he first met at the 1989 Soul Train Awards. Although Brown continued to find success on the charts, he was greatly overshadowed by his wife's success, not helped by her appearance in the 1992 film ''Film/TheBodyguard''. Both Brown and Houston's drug addictions began in this decade, and Brown soon became tabloid fodder for his violent tendencies towards Whitney -- [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement and that's all we're gonna say on that subject]]. Despite the controversies, Brown continued to record and tour.

1996 saw an official New Edition reunion with their sixth album ''Home Again''. Although the album and it's singles were massively successful commercially and critically, the resulting tour proved disastrous thanks to years-old beef between Brown and the rest of New Edition flaring up once more, along with Brown struggling with drug and alcohol addiction during the tour. The lowlight of the tour came during a show in La Cruces, New Mexico, where Ronnie [=DeVoe=] attempted to pull Brown, [[{{Jerkass}} who was deliberately extending his solo set]], off stage. The resulting fistfight, which lead to the singers' personal security guards getting involved and guns being drawn, led to the show being shut down. Both Brown and Michael Bivins would leave the tour not long after.

Things continued to slide down hill for Bobby in the following years. His fourth solo album ''Forever'' and it's lead single "Feeling Inside" flopped hard, resulting in him getting released from MCA Records. The turn of the millennium saw him returning to contributing guest vocals for other artists, and continuing to be tabloid fodder. After a brief time as reality stars in the show ''Being Bobby Brown'', Whitney Houston filed for divorce in 2006, which was eventually finalized in 2007, ending her fourteen year marriage to Brown.

Despite a second New Edition reunion and a fifth album (''The Masterpiece''), Brown had a particularly nasty TraumaCongaLine between 2011 and 2015. Both of his parents died within a year of each other (his mother in 2011, his dad in 2012) and Whitney had unexpectedly died in February 2012, six days after his 43rd birthday. During a New Edition concert in Mississippi, he broke down into tears during a performance when he got the news, shouting "[[TearJerker I love you, Whitney!]]" To twist in the knife further, Bobbi Kristina, his only child with Houston, died three years later at the age of 22 in eerily similar circumstances.

Despite the ups and downs of his career and life, Brown is still highly respected for helping pioneer the NewJackSwing sound, and helping shape ContemporaryRAndB into what it is now.
* ''King Of Stage'' (1986)
* ''Don't Be Cruel'' (1988)
** ''Dance! ...Ya Know It!'' (1989, a remix album featuring hits from ''Don't Be Cruel'' and ''King Of Stage'' plus the ''Film/GhostbustersII'' single "On Our Own")
* ''Bobby'' (1992)
** ''Remixes In The Key Of B'' (1993, A remix album featuring tracks from ''Bobby'', plus some new songs and a ''Every Little Hit'' megamix of ''Don't Be Cruel'''s singles.)
*** ''Hits Remixed'' (1993, a second ''Bobby'' remix album of assorted extended and twelve-inch mixes)
*** ''Two Can Play That Game'' (1995, a [[RuleOfThree third]] ''Bobby'' remix album consisting largely of HouseMusic remixes, and a few select ''Don't be Cruel'' hits)
* ''B. Brown Posse'' (1993, a compilation album of Bobby and his friends performing brand new songs)
* ''Forever'' (1997)
* ''The Masterpiece'' (2012)
* ''Smoke'' (TBA)
!!Notable Singles:
* "Girlfriend"
* "Girl Next Door"
* "Don't Be Cruel"
* "My Prerogative"
* "Roni"
* "Every Little Step"
* "[[Film/GhostbustersII On Our Own]]"
* "Rock Wit'cha"
* "The Freestyle Megamix/Every Little Hit Mix"[[note]] The former is a Main/{{Europop}} flavored megamix released exclusively in Europe/UK, while the latter retains the new jack swing and was released in the US and Australia.[[/note]]
* "She Ain't Worth It" (With Glenn Mederios)
* "Stone Cold Gentleman" (With Ralph Tresvant)
* "Word To The Mutha!" (A Bell Biv [=DeVoe=] release. Also the first song to reunite all the original New Editon members since 1986)
* "Humpin Around"
* "Good Enough"
* "Get Away"
* "That's The Way Love Is"
* "Something In Common" (With Whitney Houston)
* "Two Can Play That Game"
* "Feelin' Inside"
* "Thug Lovin'" (With Ja Rule)
* "Beautiful" (With Damian Marley)
* "Get Out The Way"
!!"Every little trope I make, examples will be there..."
* ContemporaryRAndB
* EightiesHair: Bobby's {{WesternAnimation/Gumby}}-esque stair step haircut, as shown in the picture above. He got rid of it by 1992.
* BadassBoast: "My Prerogative" was Bobby giving the middle finger to his detractors, telling them he was free to live his life how he pleased.
* BreakupBreakout: Excluding splinter group Bell Biv [=DeVoe=], Bobby is the most successful member of New Editon. While all members had successful solo runs, Bobby outperformed all of them between 1988-1992.
* TheCameo: He appeared in the music video for Bel Biv [=DeVoe=]'s hit "Poison".
** He also had a minor role in ''Film/GhostbustersII'' as the Mayor's doorman.
* CaptainErsatz: Boggy from VideoGame/GlobalChampion is largely based off of him, minus the attitude and singing.
* ChangedForTheVideo: "Every Little Step", "That's The Way Love Is" and "Rock Wit'Cha" used remixes for their music videos.
* DomesticAbuse: To former wife Music/WhitneyHouston. [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement And that's all we're going to say on the matter]].
* EpicRocking:
** ''King Of Stage'': "Girlfriend" clocks in at 6:16,
** ''Don't Be Cruel'': The title track clocks in at 6:52, with "Roni" coming in at 5:58.
** ''Bobby'': "Humping Around" runs for 6:18, "One More Night" at 6:28 and both "College Girl" and "Storm Away" run for 6:05.
* GoldDigger: The title track of ''Don't Be Cruel'' focuses on this. Bobby does everything for his girlfriend, but she always rebuffs him, only interested in his cash.
* IWasQuiteALooker: He was a handsome young man during his prime. Drug and alcohol abuse soon took its toll on him, and he eventually became fat and out of shape.
* ItsAllAboutMe: Bobby had shades of this and GreenEyedMonster during his first two New Edition runs, as he was allegedly jealous of Ralph Tresvant's popularity. Repeated instances of performing out of turn and suggestive performances lead to his exit in 1986. While he seemed to mellow out after going solo, a reunion tour ten years later proved to be disastrous when Bobby rejoined. Old beefs with fellow group members continued like nothing happened, and Bobby deliberately extended his solo set multiple times, leading to a fight with Ronnie [=DeVoe=] that caused him to leave the group for ''another'' decade.
* {{Jerkass}}: Marriage to Whitney aside, Bobby was often known for his rude behavior during his heyday and even his New Edition companions often had a hard time dealing with his attitude.
* LetsDuet: "Something In Common" was a duet with his then-wife Whitney Houston. "I'm Your Friend" was a duet with Debra Winans.
* NewJackSwing: One of the early pioneers, and one of it's marquee artists.
* PissTakeRap: While most New Jack rap guest raps usually aren't ''that'' remarkable to begin with (unless you're Music/HeavyD), Bobby's [[https://youtu.be/P0FKzPfsxA4?t=126 rap verse]] on the remix of "Every Little Step" is cringeworthy.
* RecordProducer: He produced the entirety of ''Forever'' by himself and produced Glenn Mederios' "Lovely Little Lady". He's best known for working with super producers such as Teddy Riley, L.A. Reid and Babyface.
* RedBaron: "King Of Stage". Whitney Huston had also dubbed him the "Prince of R&B" and many fans know him as the "King Of New Jack Swing", a title he shares with Teddy Riley.
* SexDrugsAndRockAndRoll: Up until Music/ChrisBrown took the title in recent years, Bobby was ''the'' example of this trope in R&B, eventually becoming known as "R&B's Bad Boy".
* SillyLoveSongs: "Girlfriend" and "Every Little Step" are probably the most saccharine songs Bobby has ever performed, early New Edition material notwithstanding. "Every Little Step" is justified because the guy who wrote it had just entered a new relationship, and Bobby himself liked the song.
* SucksAtDancing: Slowly inverted. Bobby was initially considered the worst dancer in New Edition. ''Don't Be Cruel'' and onward changed that, as he became one of the best dancers of the New Jack Swing era. Poor Johnny Gill ended up saddled with this rep when he joined New Edition.
* TraumaCongaLine: Hoo boy. Death seems to love giving this man grief lately.
** First his parents pass away within a year of each other. That would be heartbreaking enough if not for what happened right after.
** Whitney Houston, his ex-wife, suddenly dies in early 2012 by accidentally drowning herself in a bathtub. Bobby gets the news during a New Edition concert and winds up breaking down during a song performance, shouting "I love you, Whitney!" To add salt to the wound, security wouldn't let him into her funeral.
** Three years after Whitney's death, Bobbi Kristina, Bobby and Whitney's only child, is ''also'' found in a bathtub unconscious. After being on life support for several months and being told nothing could be done for his daughter, Bobbi was pulled off life support in July 2015. In the next several months, Bobby would fall off the wagon again, and eventually checked himself into rehab once more.
* TraumaticHaircut: If the scene shown in''The New Edition Story'' is to be believed, Bobby's famous "WesternAnimation/{{Gumby}}" haircut happened totally by accident. Apparently, during the filming of "Every Little Step"'s music video, Bobby's barber, who was too busy flirting with the girls at the shoot, accidentally cut a chunk of his flat top off at an angle. Bobby was pissed, but he only had a few minutes before the shoot was supposed to start, so his barber hastily cut the rest of his flat top to match the slanted piece.
---> '''Bobby:''' ''(to his barber)'' Man, what the hell?! You got me lookin' like ''Gumby''!
* VocalEvolution: His singing voice got noticeably deeper as he got older, thanks to a combination of puberty and drug use. This eventually hurt him, as he can't hit the high notes on some of his old songs anymore.
* WhiteVoidRoom: The "Every Little Step" music video.
* AWildRapperAppears: Unlike most New Jack songs, Bobby wrote and performed all the raps himself on his songs.