Music: Bikini Kill

Bikini Kill were a Punk Rock band from Olympia, Washington (although they often moved between Olympia and Washington, DC), widely credited as the pioneers of the Riot Grrrl movement. Its members were:

  • Kathleen Hanna - vocals, guitar
  • Kathi Wilcox - vocals, bass, guitar
  • Tobi Vail - vocals, guitar, bass, drums
  • Billy Karren - guitar, drums

The band existed from 1990-1998 and released two albums, a split LP, a 12" EP, a 7" EP, and two singles on the independent Kill Rock Stars label. Their Hardcore Punk-Alternative Rock sound, political lyrics and staunch DIY stance quickly gained them an audience and helped spearhead the similar Riot Grrrl movement. They occasionally collaborated with high-profile acts that shared their political stances and musical influences, such as Nirvana and Joan Jett.

Ever since the breakup, Bikini Kill's members have pursued various other projects. Hanna is now a member of the political New Wave band Le Tigre and created a side project Julie Ruin. Vail plays with The Old Haunts, Wilcox is a member of The Casual Dots and Karren has joined Boo-Boo and the Corrections. Hanna and Wilcox reunited for Hanna's new band 'The Julie Ruin'

  • Revolution Girl Style Now! (1991) - self-released cassette
  • Bikini Kill (1991) - 12-inch EP
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (1993) - split LP with Huggy Bear (their side is called "Our Troubled Youth")
  • "New Radio/Rebel Girl" (1993) - 7" single, collaboration with Joan Jett
  • Pussy Whipped (1993) - LP
  • The C.D. Version of the First Two Records (1994)
  • "The Anti-Pleasure Dissertation" (1995) - 7-inch EP
  • "I Like Fucking/I Hate Danger" (1995) - 7" single
  • Reject All American (1996) - LP

Bikini Kill provides examples of: