Battlelore is a HeavyMithril band from (where else) Finland. Nearly all of their songs involve ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'' or ''Literature/TheSilmarillion'' in some way.

They even used modified Ted Nasmith illustrations (aka the man who illustrated ''Literature/TheSilmarillion'') as cover art for some of their albums.


* ''...Where the Shadows Lie'' (2002)
* ''Sword's Song'' (2003)
* ''Third Age of the Sun'' (2005)
* ''Evernight'' (2007)
* ''The Last Alliance'' (2008)
* ''Doombound'' (2011)


!!The band provides examples of:
* FolkMetal
* {{Instrumentals}}
* HeavyMithril
* HiddenTrack: First album has one by the name of "Feast for the Wanderer".
* TheNounAndTheNoun: "The Cloak and the Dagger" from ''Third Age of the Sun''.
* {{Pirate}}: "Buccaneers Inn" on ''Sword's Song'', which is about Númenórean corsairs.
* SopranoAndGravel
* TheXOfY