Music / Aural Vampire

Aural Vampire is a Japanese Electronic Music band, their music being described as Darkwave with Industrial influences. They are sometimes classified as Visual Kei, though it is not their focus. Formed in 2004, they've spent most of their career as a duo consisting of EXO-CHIKA (vocals & lyrics) and RAVEMAN (music). In 2012 they added new members for the first time: Wu-CHY (bass), Higuchuuhei (guitar), ZEN (keyboard), and IZU (drums).

They have a bit of a cult following in the West thanks to frequently appearing at conventions there.

  • Vampire Ecstasy (2004)
  • Zoltank (2010)
  • Kerguelen Vortex (2011)
  • Razors on Backstreet (2014)
  • Mimic Your Hairstyle (2015)

Tropes applying to Aural Vampire:

  • Bi the Way: EXO-CHIKA has stated that she is bisexual in interviews.
  • Cover Album: Mimic Your Hairstyle.
  • Darkwave: It's even namedropped in "Darkwave Surfer".
  • Dye Hard: EXO-CHIKA's trademark blonde hair, which she's had since debut. It's not her natural color, obviously.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: EXO-CHIKA, often. The rest of the time she's just plain Goth.
  • Face of the Band: EXO-CHIKA. Justified in that until recently, the only other member of the band was The Faceless.
  • The Faceless: As mentioned above, RAVEMAN never appears without a mask on.
  • Ms. Fanservice: EXO-CHIKA again. Her stage outfits can be pretty sexy.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: RAVEMAN and EXO-CHIKA share a fondness for horror movies.
  • Otaku: EXO-CHIKA claims to be one.
  • Rapunzel Hair: EXO-CHIKA's goes down to her wrists.
  • Visual Kei: An obvious influence, but not their main foray.