Antonio Vivaldi (4 March 1678 -- 28 July 1741) was an Italian composer and violinist from the [[BaroqueMusic Baroque era]].

He was considered a master of the Baroque concerto form, and is perhaps best known for a set of four violin concertos called the ''Four Seasons''.

Vivaldi began his career as a Catholic priest and a tutor of music in a school for girls in Venice. He was referred to as 'The Red Priest' for his [[FieryRedhead red hair]]. He was banned from officiating at religious services and nearly declared insane after he excused himself during the middle of a service, at which he was officiating, to write down a few bars of music that just occurred to him.

Was very popular in his native Venice as well as elsewhere in Europe during much of his career, but changing musical tastes left him behind, and he died poor. Like many pre-Classical era composers, he fell into relative obscurity by the 19th century. But his popularity went through a revival in the early 20th century, helped along by, among others, Creator/EzraPound, as well as by the discovery in a monastery of music previously thought lost.

[[Music/JohannSebastianBach Bach]] thought highly of him, and transcribed some Vivaldi works to other instruments (i.e., turning some of Vivaldi's violin concertos into pieces for organ or harpsichord).

!!Vivaldi's life and works provide examples of:

* TheAce: Not only was he a renowned composer, he was also a virtuoso violinist
* BaroqueMusic: One of the most well known Baroque composers.
* FieryRedhead: While he was a redhead, the "fiery" portion of the trope takes form not in his personality but in his music. Much of his music, especially his concertos or operatic works, are ''very'' energetic, even sometimes angry-sounding. His violin concertos in particular oftentimes have ''incredibly'' virtuosic, fiery passages for the violin solo part.
* [[IllGirl Ill Guy]]: Vivaldi had poor health for most of his life and suffered frequent "tightness of the chest" which may have been asthma. It's also theorized that his baptism which occurred immediately after his birth may have been because he was unhealthy as a newborn.
* TropeCodifier: While the three movement concerto form already existed, concertos often had more movements, oftentimes as many as four or more. Vivaldi helped codify the three movement form as his popularity spread throughout Europe, and most concertos from the late Baroque period and onward adopted the standard three movements.

!! Vivaldi in popular culture
* Phone any company and ask for somebody not present on the phone. While you are put on hold chances are 9 out of 10 that the melody will be "Spring" from the "Four Seasons".
* ''Play with Me'' by Music/{{Extreme}} features riffs from various classical pieces including [[Music/WolfgangAmadeusMozart Mozart's]] ''Rondo Alla Turca'' and Vivaldi's ''The Four Seasons''.
* "Winter" from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" is used in [=BanYa=]'s catalog for ''VideoGame/PumpItUp''.
* ''V'' and ''V2'' from ''VideoGame/BeatmaniaIIDX'' samples Concerto No. 4 in F minor, Op. 8, RV 297, ''L'inverno'' (Winter) from Vivaldi's ''The Four Seasons''.
* "Vorsprung Durch Techno" and "Summer in Belize" from ''VideoGame/InTheGroove 2'' are based on the Spring and Summer movements, respectively, of Vivaldi's ''Four Seasons''.
* He is mentioned as being dead in the song "Decomposing Composers" by Creator/MichaelPalin sang on Creator/MontyPython's ''AudioPlay/MontyPythonsContractualObligationAlbum''.