Angela Maria ďAniĒ Difranco was born on September 23rd, 1970 from parents with Italian and Jewish-American backgrounds. Both her father, Dante, and her mother, Elisabeth, were folk musicians. She grew up in Buffalo, N.Y. and played her first gigs at the age of nine, playing in local bars in her hometown. She moved to New York City at 16 and in 1988 she made a demo which has become a highly sought-after fan item. She is now a prolific artist.

Aniís lyrics focus, amongst other topics, on war, GLBT issues, sexual assault, the music industry and, recently, the joy of motherhood.


* BigApplesauce : "I live in New York New York, the city that never shuts up." Although Difranco is from Buffalo, she lives and works in NYC, and some of her songs reflect this.
* BeautyIsBad: "God help you if you are an ugly girl, of course too pretty is also your doom, 'cause everyone harbours a secret hatred for the prettiest girl in the room."
* BiTheWay
* BookEnds: The entire last verse of "You had time" is one to the beginning. She does this often in her early songs (repeats the first verse at the end of the song.)
* CoverVersion: How Ani got to the Billboard Top 40, when her song "32 Flavors" was covered in 1997 by fellow singer-songwriter Alana Davis (with some lyric changes).
* DamselInDistress: Averted in "Not a Pretty Girl". Also an inversion of the "I Am" song ("I am not a pretty girl, that is not what I do. I ain't no damsel in distress, I don't need to be rescued...")
* FolkMusic: With a percussive and decidedly funky feel.
* GoodGirlsAvoidAbortion : Averted with "Tiptoe," a poem about abortion.
* GranolaGirl
* IAmNotPretty: "I am not a pretty girl, that is not what I do. I ain't no DamselInDistress , I don't need to be rescued."
* LonelyPianoPiece: While it has lyrics, "You Had Time" is a slow and mournful break up song, used to its full effect in the film ''Film/LostAndDelirious''.
* PrecisionFStrike: "Fuck you and your untouchable face. Fuck you, for existing in the first place."
* RockstarSong: Subverted in a few songs, where she deconstructs the record industry.
* SingerSongwriter
* SoapboxSadie
* UnrequitedLove: "Untouchable Face", "Unrequited"