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Music: Ali Project
Ali Project is a Japanese band with a strong Japanese Aristocrat-style image, consisting of Arika Takarano and Mikiya Katakura.

In the band's earlier days, their musical style tended towards light, cheerful and/or refreshing songs. However, the sound has changed in recent times to take on a darker and more mysterious tone. Takarano Arika, lead singer/lyricist, has termed this change as a transition from White Alice (白アリ, Shiro Ari) to Black Alice (黒アリ, Kuro Ari). Though there has been a general shift towards performing songs in the "Black Alice" phase, Ali Project has occasionally sung in the White Alice style as well.

Their songs featured in several anime sequences, most notably in the series Noir, Rozen Maiden, .hack//Roots, Linebarrels of Iron, Code Geass and Fate/EXTRA. Additionally, Mikiya Katakura has also provided the soundtrack to several anime series, such as Kaibutsu Oujo and Avenger.


  • Gensou Teien (1988/1996)
  • Gekka No Ichigun (1992)
  • DALI (1994)
  • Hoshi To Tsuki No Sonata (1995)
  • Noblerot (1998)
  • Alipro Mania (1999)
  • jamais vu (2000)
  • Aristocracy (2001)
  • Lento (2001)
  • CLASSICS (2001)
  • Gekkou Shikoushou (2003)
  • Alipro Mania II: Gekkou Shikoushou GIG (2004)
  • Etoiles (2004)
  • Dilettante (2005)
  • Kamigami No Tasogare (2005)
  • Deja Vu ~THE ORIGINAL BEST 1992-1995~ (2006)
  • Romance (2006)
  • Soubikakei (2007)
  • Psychedelic Insanity (2007)
  • Grand Finale (2007)
  • Kinsho (2008)
  • Keikain Shijin SINGLE COLLECTION PLUS (2008)
  • Poison (2009)
  • La Vita Romantica (2010)
  • Gothic Opera (2010)
  • Hanshin Nihonshugi (2010)
  • QUEENDOM (2011)
  • Les Papillons (2011)
  • Gansakushi (2012)
  • Ventennale Music, Art Exhibition (2013)
  • Watashi no Bara wo Haminasai (2013)
  • Reijou Bara Zukan (2013)

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