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Music: Adam and the Couch Potatoes
Adam and the Couch Potatoes are a Nashville-based, kid-friendly indie rock band.

Its members are Adam Selzer, Neil O'Neil, Luke Skidmore, Tavi, and Amy Smith. Neil also has two other bands, The Protomen and Cheer Up, Charlie Daniels; Adam is also in the latter band.

Throughout their music, Adam and the Couch Potatoes encourage kids and their families to live a ‘Potato Lifestyle’ of playfulness, gratitude and contribution.

Not to be confused with Alvin and the Chipmunks.

This band and its music provide examples of:

  • Cool Shades: They often wear these.
  • Excited Kids' Band Members: In live performances they're really happy to talk with kids. The kids, for their part, are excited about them, too.
  • Mood Whiplash: Going from this to Neil O'Neil's other bands (and vice versa) can be...quite the switch.
  • The Protomen: Neil is Dr. Wily in their album.
    • Another Protomen member, the Gambler, has appeared in Adam and the Couch Potatoes.
    • Adam played cymbals at their Act II release show.
    • Recently, Luke signed on as their new guitarist.
  • Rule of Cool
  • Rule of Fun
  • Slice of Life: Their songs deal with ordinary situations, like shopping at a shoe store, kids fighting in the car, and dealing with boredom.
  • Sugar Bowl: In a good way!
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: Fishmas Day. Every day is a holiday!
    • Great People. There are great people everywhere!

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