Mundane Utility / Comic Strips
aka: Newspaper Comics

  • The Far Side cartoon "Moses parting his hair" illustrates this. Well, if Moses had a sea of red hair...
  • A Liō comic has Lio making his giant robot clean the gutters.
  • Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes invents (or imagines) all kinds of amazing devices, such as a cloning box. He makes a clone of himself and tells it to do his homework. Unfortunately, since it's a clone of Calvin, this doesn't go over well...
  • A double dose in a Bill Mauldin Up Front cartoon from World War II that depicts his GI characters Willie and Joe draining water from their jeep's radiator into a helmet and deciding they'd better "run it up the mountain again" to make the water hot enough for shaving.
    • Willie and Joe ran into this a lot. Joe once met a squadmate who had fixed his bayonet to his Garand and was looking at it in astonishment. He exclaimed to Joe, "did you know this can opener fits on a rifle?" Another comic illustrated the danger of letting a creative soul like Willie handle the squad machine gun. Willie is manning a smoking 30-caliber MG and summons Joe: "I coulda swore a couple Krauts was using that cow for cover, Joe. Go wake up the cooks."