Ms Fanservice / Web Original

  • Sarah from lonelygirl15 is a relatively mild example, but it's blatant enough that fans have been known to nickname her after her breasts, or even jokingly treat them as a separate character.
  • While Codex and Tinkerballa of The Guild dress quite normally, their avatars... are another story
  • Taylor Amelia, a talented web comedienne whose videos nonetheless focus on her other incredible "talents".
  • Samus, from There Will Be Brawl.
  • Lt. Lisa Foiles from The Angry Joe Show. She went on a rant and her uniform started falling apart.
    • Not to say she's conceited or anything, but Lisa seems to be fully aware of the fact that she's... visually pleasing and isn't afraid to flaunt it. Just get a look at Episode 3 of her "Everyday Achievements" series or her video with Angry Joe from E3 where the caption underneath reads "Hot Chick".
    • She displayed awareness of this fact in her top 5 best moments of Monkey Island, pointing out she wears tight clothing while wearing tight clothing. The comments section on the Escapist were really... happy about it.
  • While this isn't what she's like normally, The Nostalgia Chick had this role in That Jewish Guy's "Eight Myths About Hanukkah" video, where she looked incredibly dolled up. Now that's a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment nobody's complaining about.
    • And let's not forget her outfit in Linking with Linkara.
  • Jillian Zurawski, aka Mrs. Cinema Snob. Brad loves to show off her assets.
  • The girl from Epic Meal Time's Massive Meat Log:
    Harley: We all know that no one wants to see a douchebag eat a corndog, so we brought a little girl in for all you perverts!
    • They use another girl for Fast Food Sushi, and then they both come back for The Black Legend.
  • Protectors of the Plot Continuum Agent Louise becomes this when they land in the water, and she's Going Commando in a white top.
    Narto: Yeah. As I said, she makes a very nice elf.
    I was polite, though, and didn't stare. "Ah, Louise," I said, "your top… uh…"
  • Miss Hannah Minx, who has enormous boobs that are on display in nearly all of her videos, except one where she lampshades her role as a Ms. Fanservice by wearing a t-shirt that said "My Face Is Up Here" with an arrow pointing to her face.
  • Sofie Liv: A lovely, fun-loving Danish girl who isn't above dressing like Wonder Woman every now and then...
  • RWBY:
    • Yang Xiao Long, who the song "Red Like Roses" refers to as "Yellow beauty burns gold". Her primary outfit shows off a bit more of her figure than the rest of the cast, with some exposed cleavage.
    • Pyrrha Nikos. Her combat outfit features a miniskirt, corset, low neckline, and thigh-highs. She's also noticeably taller, curvier, and more athletic than most of the other girls at Beacon.
    • Invoking the trope Evil Is Sexy is the main villain, Cinder Fall. She waltzes around in a slinky red dress that shows off her legs and her shoulders, not to mention the attention bestowed upon her by the camera in this scene, [1]. It doesn't exactly hurt that she has a very sultry voice courtesy of real life Ms Fanservice Jessica Nigri.
    • Post-Time Skip in Volume 4, Weiss falls into this. The camera makes sure to take a lot of lingering shots of her nice, long legs.
  • Screen Team has Angie Griffin, comedic partner and wife of Chad Nikolaus. She's certainly not shy about her assets, as a lot of their videos show her wearing some very low-cut costumes. Here's their page. Better clear you schedule.
  • Parodied with Kurokawa from Senpai Club. She literally always has her panties showing and her breasts are prone to giggling,