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Ms Fanservice: Professional Wrestling

  • Miss Elizabeth was by far the best known of the fanservice types, although by today's standards she's closer to Token Wholesome. Sunny raised the bar on what was considered to be fanservice, and then Sable pretty much codified the "Diva" archetype.
  • WEW, Women's Extreme Wrestling, was both affectionately and derisively known as Women's Erotic Wrestling. Wrestling wise, it has a respectable alumni including April Hunter, Mercedes Martinez, Lexie Fyfe, Lucy Furr, Cindy Rogers, Alexis Laree, Sumie Sakai and Jazz who competed in everything from the expected one fall to the diving table breakers but it also hired a slew of playboy models and strippers with no wrestling ability who were only there to titillate the audience and, occasionally, give a heel an easy target to cripple. (which would lead to a baby face having to save or avenge them)
  • True to its acronym, TNA Wrestling had dancing women in cages to fulfill this role when they started out. Truer to what the letters actually stand for, some wrestlers took exception to it, forming "Bitch Slap" in an effort to get rid of them. It did not work but TNA ended up dumping them anyway, apparently losing interest in a regular female presence. Even as women gradually crept back into prominence, this trope was not really in play since the company was aiming for a more "family friendly" image on Fox Sports Net...but then came a quartet of 'em calling themselves The Beautiful People - Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, Lacey Von Erich, and Angelina Love. Impact had moved to Spike TV so "family friendly" went back out the window.
  • TNA also offered a subversion, at least a subversion in theory. A battle royal for a company contract where everyone wore the same outfit and the winner would be the only person not to be stripped down to their undergarments. So yes, lots of women flesh but the person who stuck around would (in theory) be showing the least.
  • Between an annual diva search lasting from 2003 to 2007 bringing in a slew of models and an exhibitionist on "ECW", WWE used to be loaded with these types. Similarly to TNA's time with Fox, WWE turning Monday Night Raw and its pay per view programing PG reduced their reliance on this trope. But then from NXT came Aksana, whose presence on Smackdown was always preceded by a sexophone before she arrived and attempted to seduce her boss with with speeches loaded with innuendo, some of it being accidental due to a limited grasp of English, a lot of it not.
  • Now that Christy Hemme is a ring announcer they love to have the camera perform a long, slow pan up the length of her body as she introduces a match. She is normally wearing something skimpy.
  • AAA became notorious for having its women lose their masks in wagers and then be stuck in a sign carrier or valet role. This eventually lead to them losing talent to CMLL's budding women's division.

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