Ms Fanservice: Other

  • Supermodels (Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Stephanie Seymour, Laetitia Casta etc) are generally this.
  • Page Three girls in The Sun.
  • In fact, models in general (some more than others, like Brooklyn Decker opposite).
  • Sarah-Ellen Cutler, from What Car magazine. Mrs. Fanservice, considering she's married.
  • Also from the automotive press, Dawn Tennant (no relation to David Tennant) from Auto Express.
  • Sarah Silverman, whenever she poses for magazine photos. She may be a filthy comic, but she sure as hell knows how damned hot she is.
  • Before gender roles were liberalized in The Sixties and beyond, the airlines invoked this to calm (predominately male at the time) passengers against the possibility of crashes by hiring attractive young women as flight attendants.
  • Kim Kardashian is a professional Ms. Fanservice.
  • The British Grattan catalogue of 2001-2002 was an Up to Eleven version of this (and much tamer than any Victoria's Secret catalog ever would be). One girl whose name is unknown wearing a red sleeveless Coca-Cola T-shirt was considered fanservice a lot during 2001-2002, and her identity remains unknown to this day. The picture is still occasionally circulated on celeb forums (as people upload the image).
  • Even when she was on Coronation Street Helen Flanagan was pretty much this. Now she spends more time modelling than acting... well.
  • Mamie Gummer is this Up to Eleven, according to a lot of people lately on showbiz forums. She's the daughter of Meryl Streep.
  • Also, Susan Sarandon as well, given how she's become something of an image macro on... football forums!
  • Porn actresses.
  • Ms. Green is usually a parody of this in M&M's adverts (such as her Sports Illustrated cover shoot), but also has been played straight to a degree with some people.
  • NFL cheerleaders and NBA dancers also fit the bill.
  • Erin Andrews, the poster girl for the female sideline reporter.
  • Jen Selter is not called the "Most Famous Butt on Instagram" for nothing. And Kim Kardashian is not happy about it.