Ms Fanservice / Myths and Religion

  • The Greek goddess Aphrodite was intended to be this as the goddess of love and beauty, and naturally, the literal personification of Fanservice. However, she suffers heavily from The Worf Effect.
  • Aphrodite's Roman counterpart Venus was the personification of beauty, and is often depicted as naked in artwork, including Sandro Botticelli's famous "Birth of Venus".
  • Astarte in an extremely popular Canaanite goddess.
  • Helen of Troy, World's Most Beautiful Woman. Known idiomatically as "The face that launched a thousand ships"; there was a war fought over her, afterall.
  • There's also Freyja of Norse Mythology. She's the Norse goddess of love, beauty, lust, gold and female warriors. She's described in most myths as a blue-eyed blonde with a voluptuous body and ample bosom. She also Really Gets Around, apparently. She typically wears loose, flowing white dresses (sometimes described as very thin). . . but also frequently slaps on a breastplate and sword over it to become a Lady of War.
  • Ishtar is another classic case from Mesopotamian Mythology.
  • Adam and Eve are the only characters from The Bible which were depicted nude or almost-nude in art even during the most prude periods of history, because even the most prudish Christians can deny neither their importance in Christian canon nor the importance of nudity for their characterization.
    • Although in Hebrew folklore and an alternate reading of the bible story, Eve was only God's second choice. His first created wife for Adam, Lilith, had too much of a mind of her own and was too upfront sexual. God is said to have reassigned her to Satan as the Ur-Example succubus, wiped Adam's mind clean with Brain Bleach, and had a think as to what he could do with a spare rib. Lilith is still around, as a demoness of untramelled sexuality.
  • Atalanta of Greek Mythology is a sexy huntress who took an oath of virginity and refused to marry. Neither of these vows lasted, with many myths pointing out she had two sons from two different relationships and marrying the man who beat her in a foot race. There is even an ancient piece of artwork depicting her in the Ancient Greek equivalent of a bikini.