Ms Fanservice: Comic Books

  • Pick a superheroine. Any superheroine over 18 or past puberty at least will have the Most Common Superpower, and those that don't will still be supermodel thin and have a tendency for Stripperiffic costumes.
  • Almost absolutely all prominent female characters drawn by David Finch easily qualifies.


  • Vikki Vale in All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder spent the first few pages dressed in nothing but a pink bra and undies talking about how Superman is the "Man of Steel" for other reasons and all they had was a flying bat. When she found out that she had a date with Bruce Wayne, she ended up in very revealing dress. Frank Miller's script for that part reads less like Dark Knight Returns and more along the lines of Jay Naylor.
  • Black Canary and her famous fishnets costume. As noted in Depending on the Artist, some artists have her outfit showing plenty of cleavage. Occasionally the bottom of her uniform will be drawn as either being a thong at the back, or at the least be shown to be riding up quite a bit to emphasis her behind.
  • The girls of Gotham City.
    • Barbara Gordon/Oracle/Batgirl is often described as having a buxom frame, and so she does. She's often designed as a Hot Librarian or with Nerds Are Sexy in mind. Despite that, however, she's still a tame example.
    • Selina Kyle/Catwoman is...well... Catwoman, a woman who goes around in tight leather and spends a lot of her time flirting with everyone around her. Even before she wore her now trademark catsuit, she was still quite sexualized. As if to spell it out to readers, in Death of the Family she escapes a death trap that ripped up her outfit...and shows off an insane amount of skin!
    • Both Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, the former often wearing a tight jester suit (and switching out that for what can best be described as a bikini designed to resemble her former appearance), the latter wearing next to nothing and looking, usually, like a naked woman with leaves placed in certain points on her body.
    • Cassandra Cain doesn't strike as an example due to her default design being a skinny young girl covered in scars. Still, her suit really clings to her like anybody else, and when she's not drawn as a skinny girl covered in scars, she's usually drawn like this. The Cruise issue of her series was pretty bad for it though, with her wearing a bikini for most of it (a thong bikini from the look of it), and later doing her crazy martial arts skills while wearing a dress she shortened, inducing pretty blatant panty shots.
    • Helena Bertineli/Huntress. With her short shorts/belly window suit being the main cause. One has to wonder how she can actually stay alive as a Badass Normal while wearing that suit. The artists behind Birds of Prey seem to be pretty fond of her rear end as well. Though, that's true for all the Birds.
    • Subverted with Stephanie Brown/Spoiler/Batgirl III. She's got a modest, realistic build, her Spoiler suit is designed with practical use in mind rather than sex appeal, while her Batgirl suit is just as practically designed, and most of her civilian appearances are in tomboyish conservative clothes. However, she briefly had a Thong of Shielding over her suit in place of the typical Underwear of Power, and while her suits are practical, they're usually just as skin tight as any other superhero suit, and just as susceptible to clothing damage as others. She was also heavily sexualized during the torture scene in War Games and her time as Robin, and her Batgirl series seemed quite fond of her in her bedroom wearing short shorts and showing off her butt as much as possible, leading to it being briefly lampshaded, with Oracle noting that people are currently getting a good view of her buttocks, or 'good side' as she put it, while they take pictures.
  • Averted in the DC series Manhunter: Street Justice, with protagonist Kate wearing a full-coverage bodysuit when she fights crime. Granted, she stole it from an evidence locker, but kudos to the author for making her different.
  • Power Girl (pictured) is possibly the Most Common Super Power incarnate with her famous Cleavage Window (especially drawn by Amanda Conner).
    • Subverted in Justice Society of America: her body hasn't changed, but she's finally come into her own as a successful warrior and leader, to the point that she is now chairwoman of the JSA. She still provides plenty of fanservice though.
  • One of the Sandman books has a segment set in a strip club.
  • Post Crisis Supergirl was a pretty infamous example, what with her cheerleader like costume, being introduced naked and later dressing in low cut jeans with her thong on display, and her constant panty shots when in costume. While most young teenaged girls in comics get treated like this, she does it to such a degree that it made many people uncomfortable, and was the source of many of her criticisms. Editors later issued a demand for this to be limited and/or stopped.
  • Starfire aka Koriand'r from Teen Titans. She is a hot alien babe with orange skin, who learned languages by kissing people. Kory is regarded as extremely physically attractive even by the standards of the superhero. Her general lack of modesty is often used for copious Fanservice, and even her normal hero outfit leaves little to the imagination.
  • Zatanna is a gorgeous, busty, leggy woman whose outfit is composed of fishnet stockings and top hat. Nobody has ever found reason to complain over Paul Dini's appreciation of the character.
  • Justice League member Ice had this problem during The Death of Superman, as a lot of action scenes had her oddly-used tank top portion of her uniform hiked over her chest.


  • Black Widow under the pen of certain artists.
  • Carol "Ms. Marvel" Danvers for a long time was practically the poster girl for this before her "promotion" to being the new Captain Marvel, complete with a literally full-body costume that covers everything but her head(and then an additional retractable cowl that covers everything except part of her face).
  • She-Hulk is a buxom Amazonian Beauty clad in a Leotard of Power, and at one time provided the page image for Fanservice. She definitely qualifies.
  • Betty Ross, especially as Red She-Hulk.
  • Spider-Man's love interests are, usually, shown like this. Back when Steve Ditko drew the book, not so much since The Comics Code was in effect and they all wore modest dresses, and most of them were in high school. By college, however, characters like Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson were introduced. Gwen, however, stopped being this par for the course of her Character Development. Mary Jane, however, kept the revealing clothes and flighty personality even after maturing, though in her case its justified: She's an actress/model, it's literally her job to be hot. Still, while most superheroines have an Impossible Hourglass Figure, MJ is almost always a Buxom Is Better crossed with Male Gaze and She's Got Legs, and doesn't have the superpowers to justify it. This has, however, been criticised by more than just Linkara, since they once made a statuette of MJ that got flak because of this (and because she looked like she was washing Spider-Man's suit for him).
    • Black Cat had a suit designed for Absolute Cleavage, made out of black PVC, and had a build that would require lots of surgery to get in real life, even more so that a lot of other heroes.
    • In a very weird way, Marvel has been trying to turn Carlie Cooper into this, most likely to increase her popularity. Low cut jeans, bared midriff, a tattoo that's near her lady bits but still visible in order to increase the midriff, and was probably the only girl in Spider-Island shown during the 'Naked New York' scene. However, because people just can't stand her, its been rather ignored.
  • Squirrel Girl (an aversion, originally portrayed as a bit of a buck-toothed Gonk, but sure looks nice in that Fur Bikini and Big Bertha (a subversion, being a supermodel in normal-mode, and morbidly obese in super-powered mode).
  • Tigra is a twofer, being a Cat Girl who walks around wearing naught but a bikini. Later books have tried to justify this with Tigra saying wearing anything else over a full coat of fur would result in heatstroke, and the bikini is pretty much for modesty's sake.
  • X-Men


  • Archie Comics: Cheryl Blossom defined this in the 1980s (where it got her written out of the books) and '90s, where she was basically red hair on Pamela Anderson's face and body (the ones she had in the 1990s). Melody was this for Josie and the Pussycats, wearing the skimpiest outfits and drawing all the male attention.
  • Due to Art Evolution in Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog, a siginificant portion of the comic (Issue 60s-180s) turned the resident heroines Bunnie Rabbot and Sally Acorn from chibi Funny Animal into Stripperiffic Petting Zoo People. The former wears bunny outfit's top, the latter is next to being literally fur-naked. While it was toned down post-180s, it was pretty much rendered null after the Continuity Reboot.
  • Red Monika from Battlechasers. Huge boobs, ridiculous figure, big red hair and stripperific outfits? She's pure Ms. Fanservice.
  • Ms. Buxley, from Beetle Bailey. She was even more so earlier in the 1970s and '80s.
  • Panda Delgado from Body Bags. She's only 14, but she sports a serious pair of breasts and wears a super-short cheerleader skirt and skintight sweater set. The skirt is so short the reader gets panty shots when she's standing still.
  • Thorn from Bone, not so much in early chapters, though. In later chapters, you get to see her bare legs quite a bit, and almost a little boobage due to Clothing Damage. There's even a gag (that actually is in an early chapter) where Fone Bone is nervous enough to accidentally eat a bar of soap because he's taking a bath with Thorn. (And before that, he watches a bird that seems to be there for the sole purpose of averting Fone's gaze away from Thorn while she's getting nude, before she goes into the water.) Needless to say, Fone Bone takes an instant liking to her.
  • La Mulatona from Clemente. Including when they show Clemente swimming between her breasts (a common scene in macrophile porn) as a running gag.
  • In the Den comics, any woman from Earth arriving in Neverwhere becomes this; buck naked, buxom and liking it.
  • Druuna, from the Italian graphic novel series of the same name, is either naked or wearing a skimpy tank-top-and-thong combo roughly ninety percent of the time.
  • Empowered herself is arguably a deconstruction of this trope, being a Faux Action Girl whose suit tends to rip up at the worst possible moment and being tied up and gagged, and thus the center of many people's attention left her in a neurotic mess of self-esteem and body-image issues, and yes — she does provide most of the fanservice in the series, and is fully aware of that, making her an even bigger neurotic mess. Ocelotina on the other hand intentionally plays to this trope, pretending to be a superheroine and getting into the same situations Emp does for profit.
  • Liz, Jon Arbuckle's girlfriend in Garfield. Seen here. Yes, Garfield has fanservice. It's a new day. She's played in the movies by Jennifer Love Hewitt. So, yeah.
  • Gaturranta in the very first strips of Gaturro.
  • Irish Coffee's stripper girlfriend.
  • The British wartime newspaper comic Jane featured a title character who was always willing to help the war effort—which usually involved losing her clothes in some way. In Real Life, it was claimed that this actually helped boost troop morale. This may have been the first newspaper strip ever to include complete nudity, and was seen as unbelievably daring at the time.
    • There were rumours that when she appeared completely starkers it would be D-Day. Sir Winston Churchill personally intervened on the matter to make it so.
  • For the most part, Anderson in Judge Dredd doesn't provide much fanservice other than being hot in general. Her own spinoff, however, is a different story. In the first collected volume alone, she spends half a story naked in a coma (she is mostly covered by a sheet, but still), has another judge walk in on her in a shower, and goes clubbing in a low-cut, tight minidress.
  • Older than Television: Almost any female character in Li'l Abner (which started in 1934) who wasn't an old lady, especially Daisy Mae, Stupifyin' Jones, Moonbeam McSwine and the Wolf Gal.
  • Little Ego. Ego exists solely to lose her clothes and get caught in erotic situations.
  • Tiffany, The Alpha Bitch from Luann, is this for the strip, giving much Snark Bait to online fans, considering the head writer is over 60, and Tiffany's a teenager. One memorable strip featured her in a string bikini, and most of the time she's just in a cheerleader outfit.
  • Modesty Blaise frequently depicted its title character in various states of undress, contrary to her name.
  • Aunt Fritzi in Nancy.
  • Cythea in Necrophim, a beautiful succubus who never wears any clothes.
  • Brooke McEldowney's comic strip Nine Chickweed Lane had, and continues to have, a strong fanservice element to it in its depictions of female characters, most notably Edda. The later spin-off Pibgorn appears to be some 80% fanservice: The starting point of this strip is a menage trois among an unassuming bespectacled pianist and musical arranger, and two devastatingly gorgeous supernatural entities who are devoted to him: a dark succubus called Drusilla and a red-haired faerie called Pibgorn. Neither entity wears very much at the best of times and the casual reader might suspect the script is written to get them naked as often as possible. Reprints of the strip in comic book form tend to add extra bonus material.
  • Phantom Lady has been frequently called this, even in the real world US Congress. Her appearance was always fan services but her classic stories all tended to de-emphasize it.
  • Toola from Pocket God. Booga and Klak went gaga over her at first sight. In fact, the creators of the comic admitted that she was designed as "the hottie".
  • Deena Pilgrim from Powers. Putting aside her proclivity for wearing what she calls "little belly shirts", it's rare for her to go more than five issues without being shown either topless or completely nude. Also Callista Secor, a.k.a. the new Retro Girl, who wears tight shorts and a halter top as part of her costume. However, when she realizes what she looks like on TV (after her first escapade is taped), she's not happy.
    Callista: God! You can totally see my asscrack! Now they're zooming in on it! Fuckers.
  • Red Sonja.
  • June Morgan, the wife and nurse of Rex Morgan MD, drawn with a Patrick Nagel face and... prominent attributes.
  • Most of Dr. Love's appearances in Frank Miller's RoboCop have her wearing various tight, cleavage-revealing outfits while doing provocative positions. Her assistant pulls off the same thing in the background at one point.
  • Wally Wood's Sally Forth, done originally for military papers, used any excuse to get the buxom but naive titular character out of her clothes. Not to be confused with the present-day strip of this name, which is about a fully clothed housewife.
  • While Scott Pilgrim features many attractive women, Envy Adams is noted in Volume 6 to be "the perfect woman," with the proclamation being accompanied by her measurements: Bust 999, Waist 999, Hips 999.
    • Ramona also gets a lot of this kind of attention, and scenes of her in lingerie.
  • Durham Red in Strontium Dog generally wears a low-cut uniform and stands in a manner that emphasises her legs.
  • Parodied and subverted in The Boys where all the superheroines working for Vought American are turned into Ms. Fanservice as part of their image for merchandising. Takes a considerably darker turn when VA give Starlight a makeover consisting of high heels and a costume composed of about three grams of fabric due to them wanting her character to have been raped as a child and turn into a sex-crazed slut as a result. It doesn't go down well with her, especially when she reveals she was indeed sexually assaulted.

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