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Mr Fanservice: Professional Wrestling
"Keep the noise down while I take my robe off and show the ladies what a real sexy man looks like."

  • One could always tell which wrestlers REALLY fit the "Mr. Fanservice" trope, because they would make Lilian Garcia grin like a Cheshire cat when they entered the ring during their entrances. Jeff Hardy, The Rock, John Morrison, John Cena and Shawn Michaels pulled this off consistently, and The Rock even played on it by flirting with her on the mic more than once. Bigger, more Badass wrestlers didn't have this effect on her, even if they could be considered very attractive (Triple H, Batista, etc).
  • Subverted by Scott Steiner— he's tried to hit on women (in kayfabe) and failed hard at least twice.
  • Arguably most wrestlers in WWE could be underwear models, unless they are particularly Gonk.
  • 'TNA's Jeff Hardy. Watch any of his matches, wait for him to tear off his shirt, and brace yourself for the onrushing wave of girlish squeals of delight that issue from the crowd as a result.
    • He also manages to get the tragic past (his mother died when he was young) and the Troubled, but Cute issues (i.e. his drug problems that have seen him fired from WWE and TNA, and cost him his job with WWE again). And, this is all true of the actor, not just the character.
    • This was perhaps the entire point of the Hardy Boyz around the 2000 era. When they got fired up they took off their shirts. And the women in the audience loudly rejoiced.
  • John Cena, too. Listen for the crowd reaction when his theme music dies down - all the cheers are high-pitched, all the boos are low.
  • Randy Orton. Further proof that All Girls Want Bad Boys.
  • I think I'm cute. I know I'm sexy. I got the looks, that drives the girls wild. I got the moves, that really move them. I send chill up, up and down their spine...
  • Promoter Jerry Jarrett used the term "blowjobs" to refer to pretty-boy wrestlers brought in to attract females.
  • Frankie Kazarian is a dead ringer for Antonio Banderas. He also looks damn fine in suits.
  • John Morrison and his abs! I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like to do laundry on those...
  • The Miz used to see himself as this and to a much lesser rate, still does.
  • Alex Shelley, both hot and snarky.
    • His oft-time tag team partner, Chris Sabin.
  • Jack Evans became huge in Dragon Gate because of his good looks and Pretty Fly for a White Guy persona. You can always make out a collective Squee of Japanese fangirls when he walks into the ring.
    • Evans seems to invoke this anywhere he goes. It's even followed him to Mexico's AAA promotion, and is part of his popularity there.
  • Tyler Black, best known for his work in ''Ring of Honor, has certainly not suffered in popularity from being a broad-shouldered and extremely attractive man with just a touch of All Girls Want Bad Boys in his favor.
    • Tyler Black now goes by Seth Rollins and is now a member of The Shield. According to Tumblr, his Shield compatriot Roman Reigns counts too, being a tall, dark, buff, and blue-eyed.
    • Their third teammate, Dean Ambrose (well-known in the indies as Jon Moxley) also has a legion of fangirls (and let's be honest, some fanboys) due to his unconventional good looks and magnetic sex appeal.
  • A lot of Japanese promotions have been trending toward having a lot of these in recent years. Pro Wrestling NOAH's push of KENTA and Marufuji as heavyweights, despite their diminutive size, was motivated by their Bishōnen looks; Dragon Gate absolutely loves the good-looking guys, with BxB Hulk being the most famous.
  • Jimmy Jacobs, living personification of The Woobie.
  • Val Venis, during his first run in the WWF/WWE.
  • What about Venis's partner in the Right To Censor faction, The Godfather/Goodfather? He was the only Superstar in WWE history to have a "Ho Train"!
  • Wade Barrett. Tall, Dark and Handsome, with a lovely British Accent. Judging from the reaction he gets from the majority of the IWC's female half, he's the milkshake that brings all the girls to the yard.
  • AJ Styles is well built, cocky and athletic with a distinctly boy next door look to him.
  • Rey Mysterio Jr, you may not see his face, but his body is like whoa.
  • Hot as hell Scotsman Drew McIntyre.
  • Paul London and Brian Kendrick. They're on the lean side, but wear masks, have long hair, piercings—well Paul was shown wrestling once with a lip piercing—and love goofing around. Props to the fact that they were trained by Sexy Boy Shawn Michaels himself.
  • CM Punk!
  • Edge for a long time, from his start as the brooding sexy blond in a sea of more war torn wrestlers, all the way to his Rated R days. Even Christian to an extent, which is why the Brood was taken out of the Ministry Of Darkness and eventually doing a Heel-Face Turn on Gangrel (who's also a blond but are for people with interests in older men), too many fangirls love blondes apparently.
  • Cody Rhodes, especially during his "dashing" persona.
  • Even The Undertaker has his share of fangirls, believe it or not.
  • Chris Jericho, to the point where he was booked to wrestle in Germany because the promoter's daughter enjoyed a picture that Jericho sent.
  • Vampiro. His appeal to young women is what helped him become a massive star in CMLL.
  • Kenny King in TNA; he even moonlights as a Chippendale's Dancer.
  • In ROH: Mike Bennett, Adam Cole, Cedric Alexander, and Davey Richards.
  • Ravishing. Rick. Rude. Sure, he was a Heel through and through during his prime, playing that narcissistic pretty boy schtick to the hilt, but every time he'd get Bobby Heenan to take his robe off, there'd be a shot of at least one girl in the crowd going absolutely gaga over his physique. What was that about washboard abs?
  • Dolph Ziggler plays this to the max with his slicked-back, bleach-blond hair, washboard abs, perpetual cocky smirk, and Rick Rude/Billy Gunn-esque pelvic gyrations before and during matches. And that's to say nothing of the stories floating around (both in and out of character) regarding his prowess in bed.
  • Tyler Breeze. He's not called 'Prince Pretty' for nothing.

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