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Mr Fanservice: Live-Action TV
So we heard this show had a plot... or something like that.

  • Angel: Angel spends many of his Buffy appearances shirtless. He does this a lot in his show too, walking around in just a towel at times. He likes Tai Chi. He's often bound up and tortured. He's even been bound by a vampire dominatrix more than once. Plus there was that one incident that involved him falling on top of Wesley while nude.
  • Arrow:
    • Oliver Queen provides the page image for a reason: he gets a least one shirtless scene per episode, and is quite often shown working out or sparring with his "bodyguard" sans shirt.
    • Oliver's "bodyguard" Diggle gets to show off his own body once in a while; it's impressive.
    • Roy Harper gets in on the action with a shirtless scene in episode 17.
    • Slade. The promo for season two were basically a bunch of posters of all the mentioned characters in a shirtless state, showing off a lot of abs.
  • The original Battlestar Galactica had Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer in their 'skimpy' Triad uniforms (along with some other warriors). Starbuck and Boomer each have at last one Shirtless Scene in the entire show.
  • Battlestar Galactica:
    • Lee "Apollo" Adama is one of Galactica's surest sources of Estrogen Brigade Bait. Let's just say we're very happy about the amount of time the crew of Galactica spend in tank tops, or better yet, shirtless. Lee gets a truly spectacular scenein season 2 where he accidentally drops his towel in the pilots' locker room.
    • On the Cylon side: Samuel Anders is Estrogen Brigade Bait personified. Anders is naked in goo in "The Plan!" With hair.
  • Blake's 7: Tarrant was originally conceived as a battle-scarred middle-aged man. Then Steven Pacey turned up to audition and the producers saw the effect he had on the female office staff... Blake, Avon and Vila are all adorable, all often shirtless.
  • Blood Ties had Henry Fitzroy. Not only is he a bishonen vampire with sexy curly hair and a tragic romantic past, but he spent large quantities of the story with his shirt off or ripped to shreds, lounging/writhing around in bed (again shirtless). He's also artistic, multitalented, superstrong, cute, chivalrous, and has a lot of funny stories about his past. All that, and he can give women orgasms with his bite.
  • Bones:
    • David Boreanaz's character Booth. "Booth is a big, strong, hot guy who wants to save your life. You actually have a knight in shining FBI standard-issue body armor, so cut him some slack."
    • TJ Thyne at 2:02 in this clip is proof that the makers of the show love you and want you to be happy.
  • Cesare from The Borgias. The very first time we see him he's naked, and he spends rather a lot of time wearing tight leather trousers despite being a Cardinal, whose usual garb is not remotely sexy (unless you dig big red dresses).
  • Breaking Bad:
    • Jesse Pinkman. Although usually subverted, with his baggy and ridiculously oversized clothes on display, but he does get his fair share of shirtless scenes in season 2. Although his attractiveness is rarely referenced in the show, in season three he gets a particularly fanservice-y scene where he is flat out flirting with the cashier while wearing more form fitting clothes than his usual attire. She even refers to him later saying "His eyes were [i]really[/i] blue. Hank also refers to him as dreamy in the same scene based off her description.
    • Tedd Beneke is often shown as shirtless or semi nude in a lot of his appearances.
    • Interestingly enough, the fair share of nudity or semi nudity in this show deliberately comes from the old and average looking men in the show, so you could say this trope is subverted for the two exceptions of Jesse and Ted.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Spike. The snark. The badassery. The fact that he spends most of season six of the show wearing NOTHING.
    • Angel. Shirtless often. The man likes his tai chi. He really is something to look at, and he's often chained up and tortured. He's even been bound by a vampire dominatrix more than once.
  • Burn Notice: Michael Weston, who spends a lot of time working out shirtless.
  • In the 2003 Children of Dune miniseries, Leto Atreides II spends a large amount of his screen time looking like a shirtless Adonis.
  • Chuck: Special mention must go to Captain Awesome, who is quite deliberately Fanservice, with the amount of screentime he spends wearing either very little, or something very tight.
  • Community: Jeff Winger and his naked pool game. Thanks to a scene involving Jeff, a locker, and a shirt that wasn't working, there's probably a lot of happy viewers (both female and male) after "Origins of Vampire Mythology". Also, raspy, sexy vampire!Jeff in "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps". Then there's shirtless, post-Hulk!Jeff in "Contemporary Impressionists". Aaand just to top it off; shirtless, leather pants-wearing, eyeliner-clad, gothed-up Jeff in "The First Chang Dynasty".
  • Criminal Minds:
    • Derek Morgan. He always wears those tight 'granddad' shirts, and when he's not wearing those, he's coming out of Garcia's bathroom naked all except for a tiny towel (well, in one episode anyway).
    • Hotch has his moments, particularly if you like your men in a nice suit, though when seen without it — as in Season One episode after a fade-to-black with his wife — he proves nearly as impressive as Morgan. And Reid gets a fair share of attention as well, for those who like their men pretty, nerdy, and in distress
  • CSI:
    • One episode has Nick Stokes shirtless after he realizes his shirt has blood evidence on it, and asks lab tech Wendy to remove it. She seems quite pleased with the results.
    • Several of the other guys on this show got this treatment two. An early episode in season 1 had Warrick Brown taking off his shirt and diving into a pool to search for evidence, and Greg Sanders and Sara Sidle were brought into a shower after they were in a contaminated scene. As Sara says "I saw everything."
  • Danny Messer on CSI NY at times. It's especially noticeable when he's only in his undershirt and on the promo poster modeled after the high rise construction workers' lunch, but he got one or two shirtless scenes onscreen too.
  • Desperate Housewives: John, Gabrielle's gardener, whom she was having an affair with. The series spends most of his screentime emphasizing his attractiveness (did he even own a shirt?), with Gabrielle busily ogling him in the background. It's pretty obvious he wasn't hired for his acting.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Captain Jack from Doctor Who and Torchwood is a character that flirts with anything with a consciousness. His appearances in Doctor Who, especially, make no qualms about spending a lot of time admiring him. A prime example is in the episode Bad Wolf, where he is stripped naked on TV in front of millions of viewers. Jack is, perhaps unsurprisingly, delighted by this.
    • This was not an uncommon role for male companions in the Classic series either, due to the relative rarity of conventionally handsome Doctors and the fact that the show took its 'family show' concept rather more literally in the beginning, very deliberately making sure that everyone in the family could find something to enjoy, including dirty Mums. A good example is First Doctor companion Steven, who spends most of his time wearing very tight-fitting polo necks, getting restrained by female aliens, and smouldering, though some one-shot characters in the historicals fit the bill too.
  • Dollhouse has Paul Ballard, played by Battlestar Galactica's Tahmoh Penikett, who was introduced boxing, shirtless, and wearing low, low-riding pants. From there, he went on to take his shirt off in pretty much every other episode.
  • Not your typical Mr. Fanservice, but given the amount of times Sosuke Esumi appears in various states of undress, from a fairly ordinary shirtless bandaged scene in GP19 to going as far as pulling his pants down in order to get rid of an eel that slipped inside his clothes three episodes earlier, and despite the fact that most of these scenes were Played for Laughs, he could probably fall under this category. The fact that his actor is actually quite attractive when he wants to be doesn't help matters.
  • Firefly:
    • Captain Malcolm Reynolds. His shirtless shot in Serenity was quite blatantly Fanservice. In one episode, he was "left naked in the desert".
    • The Medic Simon Tam played by Sean Maher. There's his Shirtless Scene in "Objects in Space", and he looks very good in a suit.
  • Friday Night Lights: Being a show about high school football, this is more-or-less true of most main cast players. But Tim Riggins takes it to another level.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Olyvar's Adonis-like physique leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.
    • Gendry Waters Robert Baratheon's bastard. He comes in two flavors: sweaty, shirtless, pounding away at an anvil, or sweaty, shirtless, tied down to a bed.
    • Khal Drogo. Coupled with his choice of attire and his manliness (and his Guy Liner, which some fans would dig), he's also very charismatic and intelligent as a leader, and becomes a sweet lover and husband towards Daenerys as the series progresses.
    • Jaime Lannister shows up either naked or shirtless quite a few times, and has a rather nice voice. Though sometimes he is screwing his twin sister...
  • Glee:
    • Mike Chang. He can't sing, but Harry Shum, Jr. can dance. And we get to see his abs.
    • Sam spends the majority of season 2 without a shirt for apparently no reason other than the fact that he has abs. Seriously.
    • Blaine is an interesting case. He plays an out and proud gay student, but the female fans can't get enough of him (particularly because he's played by the handsome Darren Criss). The writers have taken notice (an episode of season four gives the fans substantial Female Gaze in the form of a close up on his bum as he bends over in slow motion).
    • The season four episode "Naked" has all of the guys posing for a "Men of Mc Kinley" calender. Cue the montage of all of them working out in various states of undress.
  • Green Wing: Mac with his blonde "lion's mane", and also a shirtless wrestling scene with Guy in front of a fire in one of Mac's coma dreams.
  • Peter Petrelli and Sylar from Heroes regularly appear in scenes without their shirts on. The tendency to write this in for them is lampshaded in one DVD commentary in which the producers joke about receiving fan mail begging them to keep Milo Ventimiglia naked.
  • Tom Hiddleston as Prince Hal/Henry V in the BBC's Hollow Crown series, particularly Henry IV parts 1 and 2 and Henry V. At some point in the plays he's: in tight leather, soaking wet, shirtless (and wet) (and wearing only a towel), in leather trousers that draw attention to his crotch, sexing up a prostitute (not in the original stage directions), and wearing armor so tight it's not a surprise that he was sewn into it by the costume department. The director of Henry V pretty much said that she knew she had a beautiful, beautiful actor and didn't want to waste an inch of him.
  • Horatio Hornblower: The Mini Series has a lots of sexy scenes with attractive eye candy sailors in nice uniforms, or in various states of undress, and even completely naked. The lead takes the cake, but his mentor and his fellow officers have their fair share of fanservice-y moments.
    • Horatio Hornblower, portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd, has a lot of shirtless scenes, he swims and dives, and generally gets wet a lot. In "Mutiny", he even has a shower on deck completely naked and we get to see his bum.
    • Captain Pellew is an older version of Mr Fanservice, but he's a manly man and very hot. He has some shirtless and getting-dressed or getting-undressed scenes.
    • Archie Kennedy is played by Jamie Bamber who tends to be Mr Fanservice a lot due to his stunning good looks. Archie has many shirtless scenes, but some of them are marred by his being ill or wounded as they really tried to Break the Cutie in the first series. He also tends to get wet.
    • Mr Bush, played by Paul McGann, has many moments where he is shirtless or almost shirtless, or where he is in wet clothes. Hot stuff.
  • How To Get Away With Murder: Connor, who manages to seduce information out of someone relevant to the case nearly Once an Episode. Said someones are also male.
  • Hung features Thomas Jane stripping in the opening credits, culminating in him jumping off a dock into a lake. Naked. With his rather nice behind on display.
  • Hustle has Mickey Bricks and Danny Blue (one of the most hyped episodes of season 3 involved the two of them being dropped off naked in the middle of London, and Danny has been known to strip off for no apparent reason). Also, depending on your tastes, there's Ash "Three Socks" Morgan.
  • Kamen Rider Double has Kirihiko, who appears nude (in side/behind views) on three occasions. For this reason his Fan Nicknames in Japan are "Shirihiko" or "Ketsuhiko" - shiri and ketsu both being slang for butt.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit's chronic victim of Clothing Damage Elliot Stabler. And really, let's thank the PTB's for that, because Chris Meloni has a fantastic body. Not that we've never seen it before.
  • Legend of the Seeker: Richard is shirtless in the first scene… it just goes from there. It sets the tone that their fanservice is equal-opportunity. And with Kahlan and Cara (form-fitting leather, much?), it's a high bar he has to meet. Having the lowest neckline in the party helps.
  • Kirby Atwood, Nico's lover in Lipstick Jungle, has at least one shirtless scene in almost every episode.
  • Michael Landon, the creator and star of Little House on the Prairie obviously thought he was providing fanservice judging by how often his character had his shirt off.
  • Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Dean Cain, not just because he was the typical handsome athlete in tights, but also because in some promotional material, he appeared in a white tank top rather than the traditional costume. He and Lois did it a lot, after they got married.
  • LOST:
  • Lost Girl:
    • Dyson: cute, sweet, hints at a... complicated past and frequently shirtless.
      Kenzi: Now, can we talk about the elephant in the room? And by elephant I mean sexy, sexy wolfman.
    • Hale. During one episode, he is thrown up on and Kenzi has to take off his vomit-stained shirt. Kenzi is so distracted by his abs she forgets about her disgust. His abs are fantastic though, so it's unsuprising that Kenzi was staring so much.
  • Man vs. Wild. Bear Grylls. An attractive survival expert goes around in the wilderness and works with his hands and inexplicably takes his clothes off a lot. One episode even revealed that he wears Union Jack undies. There was also that one episode where he had to take off ALL his clothes because they were all soaked. Cue a minute or so of him running around naked trying to get his body warm again. I think the other camera crew were snickering as well.
  • Basically the entire male cast of Merlin. After all, when you have a show that includes Anthony Head burning people at the stake and swaggering around in leather as King Giles Uther, Bradley James waving a sword about, looking like a posterboy for Medieval Abercrombie and taking his shirt off at least once every two episodes as Arthur and Colin Morgan doing magic, crying a lot and overloading the screen with cheekbone as Merlin, I think it's more or less fair to say a wide range of tastes are being catered for. And that's not forgetting Sir Leon, Lancelot, the various generally not unattractive Villains of the Week (who have included Adrien Lester, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Will Mellor and Joseph Mawle) and... er... Gaius. Oh yes, even Gaius has his fans... And then Gwaine shows up (also often shirtless) in series three. And Percival (aka He-of-the-Sleeveless-Chainmail)! Thank you Gods of Fanservice!
  • Noah's Arc has a Cast Full of Pretty Boys, by Trey is a notable example in that he's portrayed as fanservice in-universe.
  • Oz: Seeing as how it takes place in a prison setting, Shirtless scenes and shower scenes are rather prominent among the cast. All those rippling muscles... And the Ho Yay... *shivers*
  • He may be 10 years out of his heyday, and overacted to annoying levels, but Tommy Oliver of Power Rangers still got just as many beach scenes as the girls.
  • Robin Hood: Richard Armitage. He's sexy no matter what, but in that one he has all the traits: broody bad boy with a sexy voice and all the qualms of a Brad Pitt about losing his shirt for the skimpiest of reasons.
  • Rome has a few, but Marc Antony would probably be considered the main one. We don't know much about his troubled past, but he loves to run around in little (read: no) clothing, and he definitely has the sexy voice. Plus, when he's actually wearing clothes, it's often armour. Which women don't really tend to mind.
  • Seeing as Sex and the City doesn't exactly need Estrogen Bait, Smith is a purer Mr. Fanservice than anyone on this list. An absurdly beautiful twenty-something hunk who is seen naked many, many times. His nudity in a play he was in was seized upon by Samantha to promote the hell out of it, and he later appeared on a billboard in Times Square with a conveniently placed bottle of Absolut. "My dick is three stories high!"
  • Sherlock did this mostly by accident in the first season, when Benedict Cumberbatch impressed with the way he twirled his coat. In the second season, though, the show was definitely aware of the effect the actor and the coat had on the viewers, considering all the talk about cheekbones and acting mysterious. And naturally the fandom rejoiced about Sherlock visiting the palace in nothing more than a sheet, which he nearly loses for good during the scene.
  • Smallville: In the very first episode, Clark is stripped to his underwear, tied to a symbolic cross, painted with a giant S on his chest, and left to hang there, sweating and helpless due to the Kryptonite around his neck. The very first episode. It's also the image on the First Season box cover.
  • Jax from Sons of Anarchy is frequently naked, much to the delight of female viewers.
  • Spartacus. Good lord, Spartacus. Just about every gladiator introduced, including the title character, has some appeal. For the most part, they're all muscular and bronzed, never wear shirts (or pants), and sometimes are shown in the nude, with everything on display.
  • Ryan Shay from Suburgatory. He has had so many fanservice-y scenes that not even Tessa, who doesn't like dumb guys, could resist.
  • Supernatural. Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester fight the forces of evil, and even (especially) when sweaty and bloody they manage to look smoking hot. There have been numerous shirtless scenes, a few towel scenes, and Sam is built like a brick house. Add stubble-jawed growly-voiced blue-eyed pretty boy angel Castiel to the mix, and you’ve got a trio of drool-worthy men. An Estrogen Brigade has formed to worship them.
  • The TV remake of Teen Wolf:
    • While not being the most critically-acclaimed show in the world, has succeeded above and beyond in the eye candy stakes. The entire male cast is gorgeous, and werewolf or human, there are multiple shirtless scenes in every episode.
    • Tyler Hoechlin, who plays the dark and brooding Derek, has a body that has to be seen to be believed. The great thing is, the production crew seems to know this, given he works out shirtless at least once an episode. At least.
    • Tyler Posey plays the title teen wolf Scott, and gets to be near-naked, a lot.
    • Colton Haynes is the jerk jock Jackson. He's not a werewolf until season 2, at least, but there seem to be a lot of scenes of him changing in locker rooms.
    • The scene in Season 2 when Derek hallucinates himself naked in the big empty white space for no apparent reason? It was literally added because Tyler Hoechlin had bulked up for the second season and he was surprised he didn't have any shirtless scenes.
    • Jackson's Gay Best Friend Danny, who like him is shown in the locker room shirtless multiple times. This probably added to his Ensemble Darkhorse status.
  • True Blood:
    • The entire main male cast, along with plenty of LGBT Fanbase. The male characters display far more fanservice than the female ones. An argument could be made that True Blood is made for the ladies first and foremost since it has a female lead and was written by a woman. Jessica was likely added so that the guys would also have someone to obsess over.
    • Jason, the very athletic, insanely pretty, endearingly good hearted, a bit insecure, and often-naked (thank you) Good Ol' boy.
    • Season Three hit the ground running! In the opener alone, we had shirtless Ho Yay with Sam and Bill which turned out to be an Erotic Dream on Sam's part, more naked Jason, and more naked Eric. We're clearly being spoiled now.
  • The Tudors. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Shirtless scenes a-plenty! Of course, he's not the only one in the male half of the cast who's hot.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Most of the named male characters fit. They seem to have Shirtless Scene clauses in their contracts.
  • Even highbrow drama The West Wing got in on the act. The first four seasons had Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborn, who was replaced by Joshua Malina as Will Bailey. Both were catnip to geek-loving girls. Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman developed an incredibly devoted fanbase. And then there was Jimmy Smits as Presidential candidate Matt Santos in the final two seasons. All of the above lost their shirt more than once for absolutely no plot-related purpose whatsoever. Women had a lot of reasons to watch this show.
  • White Collar: The stunningly gorgeous Neal Caffrey (played by Matthew Bomer, who used to be Bryce Larkin, see above) He breaks out of prison to look for his disappeared and possibly double-crossing girlfriend (troubled past, "bad boy", check, check), flirts with every woman he meets, and has been known to study law books shirtless (incidentally, his impeccable taste in everything makes him look good no matter what he is or isn't wearing). He also likes sculpting and painting wearing nothing more than a pair of sweatpants.
  • The X-Files:
    • Fox Mulder. He's got it all, the tragic backstory, the sexy voice, and the smokin' hot body. The Trope Namer for Estrogen Brigade Bait was the David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade from Mulder's an especially noteworthy example because unusually for an American show that wasn't particularly aimed at a female audience, Mulder spent a lot more time not fully clothed than Scully did.
    • Assistant Director Walter Skinner got a lots of gratuitous shirtless scenes, underwear scenes and almost naked scenes. He had quite a few fans.
  • James van der Beek as himself on Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23. Particularly lampshaded in the episode "Sexy People ..." where he walks into June's bedroom, spills a peach smoothie on himself so he has to take off his shirt, then spills it on himself again so he has to take a shower.
  • Pretty Little Liars: The show probably has a clause in almost any male actor's contract demanding at least one shirtless scene throughout the series.
    • Keegan Allen portraying Toby Cavanaugh in particular. Shirtless.
    • Jason (portrayed by Drew Van Acker) who took off his shirt after playing basketball in the park.
  • Elementary has star Jonny Lee Miller frequently shirtless (including his introduction) and at one point is even tied to a chair shirtless. Hot.
  • Soldier Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) from the TV adaptation Sharpe. He would often take off his shirt. It might look completely gratuitous, but he meant to show his men scars he got from flogging.
  • Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time is a transparent example of this trope and Draco in Leather Pants. Many of the other male cast members qualify for the former, several for the latter as well.
  • Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Sully. He was often without his shirt and had some bathing scenes. Plus tossing a tomahawk shirtless must be one of the sexiest things ever.
  • Monday Mornings: Dr. Ty Wilson, a Hospital Hottie, though only one of his scenes was blatantly fanservicey. He had one Shower Scene, implied to be a Shower Of Love with his colleague.
  • The authors of 1999 version of Wives and Daughters couldn't resist and had both most prominent male characters shirtless. It doesn't feel gratuitous even though it's a Period Drama set in late Regency England/ early Victorian Britain because Osborne was ill and being taken care of lying in bed, and Roger was hurt while being in Africa and it was very hot. The weather was, but the scene as well.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place:
    • If you like muscles, Justin is the guy for you, ladies.
    • Averted with Mason. You might expect Fanservice from him, but he is probably the one werewolf in existence to never lose his clothing.
  • The Price Is Right had female models for years until 2012 where the show finally used a male model. The trope is played straight and averted, depending on what the male model wears; the aversion comes from the male model that mostly wears a shirt and tie. Played straight when the male model is shirtless to showcase beach themed items like surfboards.
  • How I Met Your Mother has a surprising number of shirtless scenes with Neil Patrick Harris and none of the ladies are complaining.
  • Charmed:
    • Cole and Leo are the two greatest examples, and two sides of the same coin. Cole is a demon, and fits the handsome bad boy type. Phoebe gets to play the fantasy of turning the bad boy good. By contrast, Leo is quite literally an angel. He plays the nice guy, hid under the guise of a carpenter (VERY helpful and VERY good with his hands, too!) and is all about love and goodness. And yes, both of them have had Shirtless Scenes.
    • While Cole and Leo were both fairly developed and well-rounded characters, the pure Mr. Fanservice would have been Dan from Season 2. Hunky former baseball player turned handyman next door, he seemed to only exist to stand around in tank tops and be that nice guy that Piper saw as her perfect life that she couldn't have with Leo at that point.
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: All the original four male rangers had the physiques of Greek heroes, and were often seen in tank tops and even occasionally shirtless to show them off. There was, at one point, a shirtless pillow fight between Jason, Billy, and Zack.
  • Carlos Fonnegra on Continuum, played by Victor Webster, is, well, in the words of MST3K, a "Stump BeefKnob/Gristle McThornBody". note  He's a beefy police officer that somehow manages to be both a pretty boy and ruggedly handsome at the same time. Just look at him. In one episode, an attacker catches him by surprise in the shower, followed by a fight scene which he remains nude for the entirety of, complete with (since this is still on a mostly family-friendly television station) precise editing and camera angles. Very precise.
  • Captain Kirk from Star Trek: The Original Series was a frequent victim of Clothing Damage in his many fights. Not to mention how often he took calls from Mr. Spock while shirtless.
  • Trip from Star Trek: Enterprise took his shirt off plenty enough times to count for this. Trip is reduced to his undershirt and underwear on three separate occasions in season one alone. He even spends half of one episode saving the day wearing this under combo. whenever he (or any other male character, for that matter, but Trip especially) used the decontamination chamber. Cue shirtless gel-lathered muscle rubbing scenes. Not that the female characters didn't get their fair share of this, though...
  • Plenty of male characters on Downton Abbey have healthy fangirl followings. There's Matthew Crawley with his nobility and piercing blue eyes, Tom Branson with his politics and sexy accent, Thomas Barrow with his hauteur and personal romantic preferences, and so forth. There are two in-universe Mr. Fanservices: Kemal Pamuk and Jimmy Kent. Pamuk turned out to be a creepy Jerk Ass and died posthaste. Jimmy charmed the entire house, upstairs and down, when he was hired as footman and immediately had all of the maids (and Thomas) after him.
  • Duncan on Highlander, between the shirtless scenes, flashback great-kilt scenes and two bathtub scenes.
  • Victor Webster was Mr. Fanservice in Mutant X, where he played a Troubled, but Cute bad boy petty crook whose wardrobe seemed to be mandated at "Sleeveless or Less".
  • Guest appearances on Castle as the motorcycle-riding surgeon Josh Davidson (Victor Webster).
  • In TV Land's The Exes, Victor Webster played a scuffy homeless man; when Holly lets him use her shower, he comes out in nothing but a towel and leaves Holly stunned.
  • Chef Robert Irvine of Dinner Impossible and Restaurant: Impossible works out and has an absolutely amazing body.
  • It seems that Jack Donnelly must have it written into his contract that his character Jason must have his shirt off at least once an episode of Atlantis.
  • Strike Back features quite a bit of male nudity. Given that it's on Cinemax, this is probably to be expected.
  • Banshee has plenty of scenes featuring its leading man either naked or at least shirtless.

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