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  • Most male Disney Heroes, including the Disney Princes, can definitely qualify.
    • The titular star of Aladdin—the character was even completely re-designed in early development because the old model didn't have enough appeal to women.
    • Li Shang (pictured) from Mulan gets a shirtless musical number. Discussed.
      Yao: I'll get that arrow, pretty boy. And I'll do it with my shirt on.
    • Mulan while disguised might also be one in-universe, according to Yao, depending on how sincere you take "him" to be:
      Yao: "I bet the local girls thought you were quite the charmer..."
    • Jim Hawkins of Treasure Planet. A rare example that doesn't have him shirtless.
    • Prince Naveen of The Princess and the Frog—big time. One of the few Disney Princes with a liveliness and personality (not to mention a very strong Really Gets Around implication), ridiculously attractive in all his Ambiguously Brown glory, with an equally indeterminate yet sexy accent, all resulting in a consensus that he's arguably the most attractive of the Disney Princes. According to the commentary, Naveen took some time to find the perfect voice actor. After reaching three possible candidates, they brought in their female staff to listen to each actor. Bruno Campos had the biggest "swoon" factor.
    • Flynn Rider from Tangled was designed when the directors gathered up every female animating for Disney, tacked pictures of celebrities (including Johnny Depp, made most obvious by his unused 'pirate'-eque design) and princes to the wall, had them analyze which specific features were the most attractive, and created Flynn from that. It was called, I kid you not, "The Hot Man Meeting". According to his casting call, Flynn was supposed to have an English accent but this was dropped for an American/Canadian accent like everyone else. Flynn's earlier design, Bastion, was much more like Kristoff and had a rounder, softer look than Flynn.
    • Prince Hans in Frozen, Anna even engages in some non-sexual Eating the Eye Candy with him. Actually an example of Evil Is Sexy. Kristoff is also designed to be rather appealing, particularly more evident when compared to his earlier, more child-like designs.
    • How about Maui from Moana? He's heroic, funny, has gorgeous hair, is built like a superhero, and he's voiced by The Rock. It probably helps that he's shirtless during all of his screen time.
  • Dimitri in Anastasia. A handsome con artist with loads of spark and personality, not to mention he appears to be drawn with quite a package. Strangely, Word of God says the animators were worried that made Dimitri too handsome, so to try and make him seem less good-looking, the animators gave him a slightly crooked nose—they failed miserably. One of the voice actresses even referenced this—the gist of her words were, "He looked too dashing, so the animators broke his nose a little—but then he ended up dead sexy instead."
  • Many of the black-skinned people of Bolívar, el Héroe, specially adult Américo. He is well-muscled and shows it with an open shirt.
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2:
  • On the subject of DreamWorks, they gave us Pretty Boy Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, to the point where he has in-universe fangirls (Toothiana and her fairy helpers, since humans can't see him). He's handsome, has piercing blue eyes, is a confirmed badass, is endearingly mischievous, and has a soft spot for kids, all wrapped up in a tragic backstory and tied with a bow of I Just Want to Be Loved. Yup, that'll do it.

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