Due to its vignette-heavy format and its NinjaPirateZombieRobot gamut of content, MW is roughly as common in pro wrestling as a tapout victory.
* Wrestling/{{WWE}}'s second annual ''Great American Bash'', held in Buffalo, New York, in July of 2005, had no fewer than ''three'' instances of MoodWhiplash, and possibly four:
** One of the most heavily promoted matches of the night was a Number One Contender's Match between Wrestling/TheUndertaker and Muhammad Hassan that stemmed from Hassan's having run away from 'Taker during an earlier Number One Contender's Match. Hassan claimed that [[BlatantLies he was not afraid of Undertaker]] and that he was going to become WWE's first Arab-American world champion. Naturally, he was also at this time [[ForeignWrestlingHeel vehemently denouncing the United States]] and parading into arenas on a litter carried by [[MalevolentMaskedMen several black-masked "sympathizers"]] before ululating like a muezzin, drawing tons of racially-charged ire from audiences. During the match at the ''Bash'', Hassan's masked lackeys cheated on his behalf at every possible opportunity, even trying to choke out Undertaker with piano wire. After 'Taker finally managed to win the match, the lackeys attacked him in retaliation; the "Deadman" made short work of them before stalking Hassan to the entrance ramp and giving him a Last Ride through an exposed compartment of the stage, [[DroppedABridgeOnHim breaking every bone in his body and supposedly "killing" him]].
** Following this grisly encounter was an inherently silly match involving tag-team action between the Mexicools and the [[Wrestling/TheBlueMeanie blue]] [[Wrestling/StevieRichards World]] [[Wrestling/{{Nova}} order]], with [[ItMakesSenseInContext the Mexicools entering the arena on lawn mowers and the bWo entering on scooters]].
** After the Mexicools' victory, the mood was whipped right back to "dark" with a bitterly personal feud between Wrestling/EddieGuerrero and Wrestling/{{Rey Mysterio|Jr}} over which of them would be granted custody of Rey's son Dominick. Eddie threatened to reveal a terrible secret if he beat Rey in their match (which we later learned was that [[LukeIAmYourFather Eddie had apparently fathered Dominick out of wedlock with a prostitute]] and then given the baby to Rey and his wife to raise as their own child). The mood leading into this match was about as somber as WWE could get, with a frightened Rey and Dominick praying and holding each other backstage and commentators Tazz and Wrestling/MichaelCole outright condemning Eddie's behavior - and then during the match, Eddie cruelly manipulated his opponent by [[CowerPower using Dominick (who was seated at ringside) as a human shield)]]. Luckily, Rey managed to win the match, so the nightmare was over....at least for a time.
** Then, ''not two minutes after this traumatic plotline wrapped up'', we swung right back to "silly" (not to mention titillating) with a Bra and Panties Match between Torrie Wilson and Wrestling/{{Melina}} Perez, with Wrestling/CandiceMichelle as the referee. That match ended with [[NakedFreakOut Melina running out of the arena shamefully in her underwear]], followed soon afterward by Torrie and Candice (also in their underwear), who [[LesYay indulged in a casual on-the-lips kiss for good measure]].
** Finally, Torrie and Candice's lip-lock was followed ''immediately'' by the arrival of Number One Contender Wrestling/JohnBradshawLayfield's motorcade - which, while not quite an example, was still quite jarring because it's hard to focus on an official-looking white limousine when you're still trying to push your boner down.
* One of the weirdest examples would be Wrestling/TheMiz's characterization. We know that he won the WWE title by cashing in the MITB case and then tried to become darker and more evil. However the very week before he did this, he cut a promo with...Peewee Herman, where he was beaten senseless in a match against the Big Show...who came down also dressed as Peewee Herman.
* The May 14, 2012 edition of Raw saw an emotional segment with Wrestling/TheBigShow being forced to his knees to apologize to Wrestling/JohnLaurinaitis or be fired. He did so and was fired anyway. With tears in his eyes, the 20-year veteran was stripped of his dignity and forced to walk away from the career he loved so much, as Wrestling/JerryLawler decried Lauranaitis's actions as abuse of power. Lawler's impassioned commentary was immediately followed by ... "The Funkasaurus" Wrestling/BrodusClay.
** It's worth noting that Big Show [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] this in a promo, making it one of the reasons behind his FaceHeelTurn.
* Wrestling/{{TNA}}: During the Thanksgiving edition of Impact, M.E.M and Wrestling/KenAnderson were mocking the death of the Wrestling/AcesAndEights faction after Anderson's victory over Bully Ray. When it seemed like everyone was having good times, one member came to the funeral: [[Wrestling/TheDudleyBoys Bully Ray]] himself.
-->'''Bully Ray''' Ken, you raped me of everything, and for that I will never forgive you.\\
You better sleep with one eye open.\\
You better sleep with one eye open in the best interest of yourself, but for the best interest of your pregnant wife.\\
You all look at death as the last sleep. I look at it as the final awakening...