Monster / The Dresden Files

Harry Dresden has had to face some pretty nasty villains over his long career. Several of these include:
  • Blood Rites and White Night: Lord Raith, King of the White Court and the head of House Raith, manages to stand out amongst his peers as one of the cruelest White Court vampires. While all the Houses of the White Court feed off of the emotions of their victims to maintain their power, House Raith feeds off of lust. In order to maintain his absolute control over his household, Lord Raith raped and fed off his daughters to make them his slaves and murdered his sons to prevent them from becoming threats. This behavior stopped when Raith killed Harry's mother, who used her death curse to ensure that Raith could no longer feed and gain power. This forced Raith to limit his magic usage and act through mortal intermediaries. When a former employee of his, Arturo, begins to work independently as head of his own porno studio, Raith arranges the murder of several of Arturoís workers to force Arturo to work for Raith again. Yet these plans take a backseat once he discovers that Harry is the son of the woman who cursed him and that Harry's death would enable him to feed again and regain his former glory. By the end of the novel, Raith has attempted to kill his son Thomas, plans on keeping Harry's Love Interest, Murphy, as a Sex Slave, and intends to rape Inari, his youngest daughter. Not only would this put Inari under his control, but, because White Court vampires start off as mortals and donít turn into vampires so long as they lose their virginity to someone they love, this would doom her to a life as Horror Hunger ridden, White Court succubus like the rest of his children.
  • Dead Beat and Ghost Story: Capiocorpus, also known as the Corpsetaker and The Grey Ghost, is one of the few surviving students of Heinrich Kemmler, one of the most powerful and evil necromancers ever-and she certainly learned her lessons well. The Corpsetaker defines herself as being the most sadistic and cruel of the necromancers in series in her pursuit of the Darkhollow, which would require her to consume the souls of thousands of innocent people. Corpsetaker regularly performs body theft to prolong her life, reveling in the agony of her victims as she steals their bodies and lives from them. After her physical form is destroyed, she shows a penchant for enslaving other ghosts and torturing those in her way with nothing but sadistic cruelty and glee.
  • Turn Coat: Shagnasty, the Skinwalker or Naagloshii, pulls no punches in demonstrating what a horrific creature it is by kidnapping Thomas, torturing him by flaying him alive until his vampiric Healing Factor is about to give out and then giving him a random, innocent woman. Since by this point, Thomas has completely lost control of his Hunger, he winds up raping them to death. The Shagnasty did this, probably the most disgustingly cruel thing you could possibly do to someone trying to be a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, multiple times, for no other reason than because it enjoyed it,
  • Changes: One of the most ancient, powerful and evil vampires in existence, Kukulcan, the Red King, is the founder of the Red Court, and the creator of a system of slavery and oppression that spans thousands of years. The Red King presides over a court that enslaves mortals, as Cannon Fodder, slaves and food, with a special emphasis placed on feeding upon children, as well as Human Sacrifice to his own glory. When war begins between the wizard White Council and the Red Court, the Red King shows that he had already been prepared for a protracted and brutal war by launching violent attacks, including poison gas, with civilians being collateral damage at best, and food for his soldiers at worst. Playing the part of a blood-addicted junkie, the Red King manipulates his courtiers, pitting them against his enemies and one another and shows no compunction in sending his own daughter to her death when she opposes him. The misery of the Red King's actions makes South America into a living hell for civilians and those who dare to oppose the vampires, and is so horrible a formerly loyal servant is driven to Knight Templar levels to destroy the Red Court at any cost. The Red King is brought down by a sacrificial spell he intended for Harry Dresden's entire family line-one he was going to initiate by sacrificing Harry's young daughter personally on the altar.