Monster / Super Robot Wars

Super Robot Wars, especially the OG series, is ripe with Complete Monsters too.
  • Aguilla Setme is the cruel head of the School, a brainwashing academy for Child Soldiers. Setme is responsible for the brainwashing and Mind Rape of countless children into heartless soldiers, and she has no compunction sending them to die as cannon fodder, or to kill civilians. The process is portrayed as a painful and traumatic one as well, with Latooni, one of the "graduates" of the School who is saved having what amounts to PTSD and severe issues. When Arado, one of her "children" manages to escape her, Setme shows no remorse in brainwashing his Love Interest Seolla and sending her to murder him. When Seolla is saved, Setme has their beloved big sister figure Ouka brainwashed to kill them, Ouka only freeing herself long enough to destroy Setme at the cost of her own life. Setme even says they're not even people to her, just test subjects to be used and discarded.
  • The Ax-Crazy, sociopathic, Archibald Grims, a Psycho for Hire without a cause, only wants and loves "needless bloodshed, especially from the innocents." He also gleefully forces Elzam to make a Sadistic Choice, whether it's to allow Grims to unleash a deadly nerve gas, killing the entire populace of a colony, or to kill his, Elzam's, own wife to prevent the attack.
  • Lubikka Hakkinen is a brutal, sadistic mercenary who leads attacks on civilian colonies all the while sporting a big Slasher Smile on his face. One of these attacks took the lives of the parents of Tytti Noorbuck, and this wasn't the first atrocity Lubikka had committed. When Tytti exposed him, Lubikka was forced to flee, becoming a mercenary raider who still carried out war crimes, except now he possesses a fixation on making Tytti suffer. He targets her friends and kills her lover Ricardo, all to hurt the one person who escaped him before he plans to kill her as well.
  • Jua-Mu Dalby may not be one at the beginning, but he certainly is an extremely nasty individual despite his youthful appearance. While he's extremely loyal to Al-Van, he completely looks down on Earthlings, insulting them at every chance possible with no chance of even considering them Worthy Opponent (like Fu-Lu Mulu). He is also responsible for partaking in the destruction of Ashalley Kreutzer facility, mentally scarring his "mentor" Calvina Coulange, and unlike Al-Van, Jua-Mu has no regrets and conflict over it, he just enjoys slaughtering humans over the superiority complex he has as a Fury. When Al-Van is demoted and Jua-Mu took an increase in power via injection of massive Larseium, what remains of his sanity goes away, and instead he punts up his Ax-Crazy Jerkass behavior to the point he's extremely loud in not just insulting humanity, but also personally carrying out mass slaughter on them.