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[[quoteright:302:[[Anime/PokemonZoroarkMasterOfIllusions http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/document_1.JPG]]]]
[[caption-width-right:316:"Stop right there, Zoroark! One step closer and this little one is no more!"]]

->'''Grings Kodai''': I've thoroughly enjoyed playing our little game of tag. However, I already knew it would end this way.\\
'''Ash Ketchum''': Stop, Kodai! All the trees and flowers will die!\\
'''Kodai''': What do I care?! As long as my visionary powers grow, it's all worth it!\\
'''Ash''': So you don't care what happens to Crown City?!\\
'''Kodai''': It's true that twenty years ago when I touched the Time Ripple, Crown City withered, but no one knows a thing about that, just as no one will know what I've done today. All anyone knows is that I'm doing my level-best to capture the "evil" Pokemon Zoroark. ''(cackles evilly)'' VICTORY IS MINE!! ''(cackles even louder)''

''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' has several [[CompleteMonster especially heinous]] villains.
[[AC:The Games]]
* ''VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorers'': [[TheChessmaster Darkrai]] serves as the true BigBad, and is depicted as far more evil than Classical Darkrai. He was responsible for the collapsing of Temporal Tower that lead to the BadFuture, tortures an innocent child with violent nightmares to lure out the PlayerCharacter and their partner, and makes several attempts to assassinate them so he can try his plans again. One of his most heinous acts involves trying to have the heroes willingly commit suicide by tricking them into thinking their existence is threatening the space-time continuum due to time travel shenanigans. A ManipulativeBastard par excellence, he has no regrets for his crimes and wishes nothing more than [[OmnicidalManiac the complete and utter destruction of the world]], just so he can rule the tattered remains.
* ''VideoGame/PokemonRanger: Guardian Signs'': PurpleEyes is the nefarious leader of the Pokémon Pinchers and a true [[TheSociopath sociopath]] who eclipses even the Societea in cruel {{ambition|IsEvil}}. Kidnapping and brutalizing Rand before the plot and pulling the strings behind Red Eyes and Blue Eyes, Purple Eyes [[EstablishingCharacterMoment debuts]] in the midst of holding Rand's family hostage and torturing his [[WouldHurtAChild young daughter]] Nema. After he's sold as a lost cause by Dr. Edward, Purple Eyes raids the parts of the Golden Armor from the other Societea members, [[TheStarscream usurping Dr. Edward's position]] and controlling Mewtwo into finishing him off--gleefully brushing off Rand's apparent sacrifice once he takes the bullet. Once he's defeated, Purple Eyes allows himself to die with the full knowledge that without the Golden Armor's power, the fortress he and the Rangers are on will plummet into the ocean and create a tsunami powerful enough to wipe out Oblivia and everyone in it. Purple Eyes truly comes into his own in the story's last extra mission; after repeated interrogation, Purple Eyes [[MisanthropeSupreme snaps]] and decides the only logical course of action is to [[KillAllHumans exterminate all humanity]] and recreate it [[AGodAmI as its supreme god]], attempting to goad Arceus into killing off all humans whilst leaving himself as their sole survivor. One of the franchise's earliest examples of an OmnicidalManiac and bereft of any redeeming qualities on top of that, Purple Eyes is the [[KnightOfCerebus nastiest villain]] to ever grace the ''Pokémon Ranger'' franchise.

[[AC:[[Anime/{{Pokemon}} The Anime]]]]
* ''Diamond and Pearl'':
** [[OmnicidalManiac Cyrus]] lacks any of the [[FreudianExcuse sympathetic]] [[WellIntentionedExtremist qualities]] his [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl game counterpart]] has and becomes pure evil in the process. The leader of Team Galactic, Cyrus poses as a business mogul while secretly organizing destructive raids with little care as to gets hurt in the process around the Sinnoh region for the purpose of summoning Dialga and Palkia to create a perfect new world. Cyrus steps on anything and anyone to get his way, apathetic to the harm of Pokémon and humans in general, demonstrated when he utilizes a machine that sends out sound waves that cause Steel Pokémon immense pain and drives them into hostile frenzies. He coldly orders Commander Mars to utterly obliterate Iron Island and everything on it for the simple purpose of ridding himself of Ash and his friends, [[WouldHurtAChild something he demonstrates little hesitance in doing]]. Cyrus is perfectly willing to employ the below-mentioned Hunter J to his cause as well, despite knowing the hunter's brutal ways, and in the end, ultimately dooms the entire universe- as well as his own loyal allies- to destruction to rule his perfect new world alone. Psychopathic and with a total LackOfEmpathy, Cyrus ends as the most vile team leader to ever grace the anime.
** [[KnightOfCerebus Pokémon Hunter J]] is, as her name implies. a remorseless [[EvilPoacher poacher]] of Pokémon, who hunts rare Pokemon to sell on the black market, with little compunction or restraint in stealing them from other trainers. To do this, J [[TakenForGranite petrifies]] the Pokémon and leaves it as a statue she keeps in storage, and is perfectly willing to petrify other humans and leave them petrified. Not only does she mistreat any and all Pokemon and people that work for her, but her callous disregard for humans and Pokémon alike is shown when J [[MoralEventHorizon drops a section of her airship]] [[BadBoss containing several of her own men]] for the purpose of ridding herself of [[WouldHurtAChild ten-year-old]] protagonist [[TheHero Ash]] in her first appearance, as well as several Pokémon, and also later during attempts to directly kill him and his friends several times, including having her Salamence [[KillItWithFire set fire]] to a densely-populated forest for this purpose. Brutal, sadistic, [[TheSociopath sociopathic]], and [[TheUnfettered unfettered]] J ultimately ends up complicit in a scheme which will result in the ultimate destruction of the universe, and ends as one of the only [[VileVillainSaccharineShow villains]] with no humane traits in the 800+ episodes of the anime.
* ''Anime/PokemonZoroarkMasterOfIllusions'': The BigBad, [[VillainWithGoodPublicity Grings Kodai]], is a [[CorruptCorporateExecutive powerful businessman]] who discovered one of Celebi's Time Ripples. Gaining its power at the price of annihilating the nearby city's plant life, Kodai used this power for his own {{greed}}. In the current, Kodai kidnapped a Zoroark's baby Zorua, importing the baby into another region and using blackmail to force Zoroark to terrorize innocents to make himself look good. He intended to renew his abilities by touching the Time Ripple again, at the threat of once again devastating the ecosystem solely for the money. Once Zoroark tracks Kodai down, Kodai [[WouldHurtAChild threatens Zorua's life]], electrocuting it with his gauntlet to almost fatal extents to prove he was serious. Upon being tricked by Zoroark, Kodai [[VillainousBreakdown loses it]] and instead electrocutes Zoroark to death in his fury, just as the two were finally being reunited. An [[AmbitionIsEvil ambitious]] and selfish opportunist of the worst kind, who only [[ItsAllAboutMe cared about himself]], Grings Kodai managed to be one of the most [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters despicable humans]] in the ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' franchise.
* ''Anime/PokemonVolcanionAndTheMechanicalMarvel'': [[BigBad Cabinet Minister Jarvis]] (Alva in the dub) is a cruel, scheming man who seeks to usurp control of the Azoth Kingdom through force. Emotionally exploiting the young prince Racel and [[CorruptPolitician plotting sinister machinations beyond the view of Azoth's rulers]]. Jarvis devised a technique known as the Mega Wave, which forcefully locks a Pokemon into its Mega Evolution and to his utter control. Seeking to exploit the power of Magearna, Jarvis launches an attack on the Nebel Plateau and tortures Ash and his friends to force Magearna's compliance in his scheme. Once he has Magearna, Jarvis tears out its heart--forcing a distraught Racel to watch--discards its body, and utilizes Magearna's heart to transform a castle into a flying fortress at his command. Jarvis uses the fortress to begin his attack, directly attempting to wipe out all opposition to him and attempting to break Magearna's lingering will by forcing it to obliterate its own home. Once his plan is ruined, Jarvis remains defiant, abandons the fortress, and tries plunging the fortress into the Plateau itself to kill everything both in the fortress and on the Plateau as an act of spite. Willing to discard allies like Team Rocket once [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness they spend their use]] and happy to try and murder both [[WouldHurtAChild children]] and innocent Pokemon alike, Jarvis cements himself as an ambitious megalomaniac willing to crush anything and anyone [[ItsAllAboutMe so long as he benefits in the end]].

[[AC:[[Manga/{{Pokemon}} The Manga]]]]
* ''Manga/PhantomThiefPokemon7'': Team Galactic member [[BigBad Io]] is depicted as a cold, ruthless woman who won't hesitate to eliminate anyone, [[BadBoss even her own subordinates]], standing between her and what she wants. Five years prior to the story, she kidnapped [[TheHero Hiori]]'s [[HalfIdenticalTwins twin sister Lily]], when both kids were only five years old; registered her into Team Galactic; and [[MindRape conducted experiments on her mind]] that wiped her memory of her old life, her family, and even having ever been kidnapped. She also had Lily routinely brainwashed via her Misamagius's powers. When Lily gets her memory back and turns against Team Galactic, Io takes her frustration out of her Number Two by having her Pokemon attack him, calling him worthless before [[WouldHurtAChild attempting to kill both Lily and her brother]]. Io showed no loyalty to her organization's cause and [[TheStarscream sought to usurp control within it]] and then TakeOverTheWorld by exploiting the powers of the Pokémon Darkrai, whose Hypnosis technique would enslave the minds of every living being so that they'd all do her bidding. When warned that this could also ravage the planet and cover it in darkness, Io doesn't care [[ItsAllAboutMe so long as she can reign supreme]]. She is also shown to treat Pokémon as little more than weapons that she can hurt and use to hurt, even forcibly enhancing them to make them serve her purposes better. When Darkrai breaks free from the special Poké Ball she tries to catch it in, she tries to force it under her control.
* ''Anime/PokemonArceusAndTheJewelOfLife'' [[ComicBookAdaptation manga retelling]], by Makoto Mizobuchi: [[BigBad Marcus/Markus]] lacks the [[WellIntentionedExtremist good intentions]] of his anime counterpart, resulting in a power-hungry monster. Upon learning of Damos acquiring the [[AmplifierArtifact Jewel of Life]] from [[{{God}} Arceus]], Marcus decides to steal it for himself. He plans to do so by using his Bronzong to hypnotize Damos and lure Arceus into a trap, then have all of his Electric-Type Pokemon--all of whom, most prominently [[BullyingADragon Heatran]], are [[BrainwashedAndCrazy under his control]] due to [[MindControlDevice special armor]], with those who try to rebel subject to beatings--[[ShockAndAwe electrocute it to death]]. The initial plan failed, with Arceus retaliating by obliterating everyone in the temple, Marcus included. When the heroes of the present travel to this era to [[BeenThereShapedHistory prevent the event from taking place]], Marcus decides to [[ManipulativeBastard manipulate them into helping him]] and improve on his trap. He would pour [[CementShoes Silver Water]] onto Arceus, while his Pokemon would carry out their usual commands. When the heroes learn of this, they tried to warn Marcus that his action will [[TimeCrash damage the space-time continuum]], only for him to say he doesn't care, that he's even glad even to see this happen as it would make him [[AGodAmI him feel like a god]], and has his Pokemon and soldiers kill them when they try to stop him. When they manage to foil his plan, he [[DrivenToSuicide kills himself]], [[TakingYouWithMe activating a mechanism]] which [[DeadManSwitch upon his death]] would collapse the temple and kill everyone inside it, meaning his last act would cause the deaths of, at the very lease, possibly hundreds of Pokemon and human alike.
* ''Manga/PokemonDiamondAndPearlAdventure'': [[MadScientist Charon]], while a {{greed}}y {{jerkass}} in ''VideoGame/PokemonPlatinum'', is worse here. [[EstablishingCharacterMoment His method of introducing himself]] is to order his agents to suicide bomb a crowded stadium, the explosion potentially destroying the whole town were it to spread. While this fails, his intent is clear. He holds no regard for the lives of others and plans to control the world with money made from selling legendary Pokémon, as well as to extort more money from the masses by threatening them with the power of Giratina. He also does nasty experiments on Pokémon that shuts off their very hearts and essentially turn them into living weapons, Koya's Growlithe being among his victims, and we see him use a bunch of Skuntank under MindControl as explosive weapons against the opposing trainers. [[BadBoss Charon]] doesn't even treat his colleagues within Team Galactic well, as he captures the organization's previous leader, Cyrus, and tries to kill two of his top officers when they leave to find him. Cyrus goes on to rally the remaining agents against Charon, [[EvenEvilHasStandards despite he himself previously trying to destroy the universe]]. Thinking [[ItsAllAboutMe only of himself the whole way through]], Charon ends the series the sole character to reject ThePowerOfFriendship as a concept and thus ends up thoroughly irredeemable.