Monster: Flame of Recca

There are several heinous characters in Flame of Recca.
  • Kouran Mori is a hideous millionaire who believes he can do whatever he likes thanks to his wealth and desires invincibility and immortality to enjoy his wealth forever. To that end, Kouran abuses his adopted son, Kurei, having killed Kurei's lover Kurenai, and blackmails him into service with a bomb inside Kouran’s own wife-Kurei's loving adoptive mother. Kouran runs brutal underground fighting rings that routinely result in horrible deaths, and manipulates fighters into Training from Hell where their loved ones die while he employs multiple psychotic murderers and uses them to kill innocents. After Kurei loses the tournament, Kouran reveals he created an Opposite-Sex Clone named Renge and attempts to detonate the bomb in his own wife, gleefully declaring he will destroy whatever Kurei loves. After achieving immortality, Kouran becomes a Humanoid Abomination whose desires for food and sex have “merged,“ which he satisfies by raping and eating innocent women. He sexually abuses Renge and ends up devouring her to steal her soul and power as she begs for his mercy. In the end, Kouran is a wholly irredeemable beast of a man who lives for nothing save his own whims and pleasure.
  • Mokuren Nagai is a serial killer who loves to target women with nothing less than a Slasher Smile and cheerful glee. With his power over plants, Mokuren invents new ways to kill his victims, such as impalement with branches, creating carnivorous plants to devour them or horrible torture. Mokuren convinces his former kid sidekick to let down his guard before trying to devour him with a plant as well. Gradually gaining a seething hatred for Recca after Recca defeats him, Mokuren sinks further into depravity and evil. He develops a relationship with fellow evil teammate Mikoto, only to betray and murder her the moment she's inconvenient to him, coldly saying he never loved her and defeating Recca is all he cares about. Even after his death, the narrator discusses what a monster without honor, morality or humanity he was.
  • Kaima made the Tendou Jigoku. He's like Mori's spiritual ancestor, but he's not possessed by Greed; he just wants to kill and murder for all time. If there's an evil Madogu around, he made it-using children. He's depraved, incredibly evil, and, like Mori and Mokuren, has no redeeming traits. When Recca rejected his power, he took the chance to gloat that he'd never give his power to anyone with a redeeming quality like Recca, so he chose someone who's VERY similar with him, Mori, and both turned into constructs that look like they're from The Thing (1982). It gets so bad, they turn into a satanic being obsessed with creating a dystopia based on devouring humans till a few are left to start the process all over again.