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Monster: F Ilm
They say they wanted to pick an actor for Scorpio who "had the face of a choir boy."

"I don't give a good fuck what you know, or don't know, but I'm gonna torture you anyway, regardless. Not to get information. It's amusing, to me, to torture a cop. You can say anything you want, but I've heard it all before. All you can do is pray for a quick death... which you ain't gonna get."
Mr. Blonde, Reservoir Dogs

Movie villains are quite the varied lot as any browsing of the Villains page will tell you. This page covers the very worst of them, whose utter cruelty and horrible deeds are more than enough to earn these villains a special place in Hell.

This page is for characters from live-action films. It is preferred that you keep mention of characters from animated films on the Western Animation page, or, if the characters in question are from a Disney film, the Disney page.

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  • Michael Bay:
    • The first Bad Boys movie gives us French drug dealing gangster Fouchet, who never had pity for anyone and orchestrated several murders pretty unnecessary. He masterminds the theft of millions of dollars worth of heroin from a police station evidence lock up. To that end, he has one of his men dress up as a police officer, and then kills him in order to create a distraction. He makes off with the drugs, which he plans to sell in four days. When Eddie, who helped him set the heist up, decides to party with some hookers and a tiny portion of the stash, Fouchet kills Eddie and Max (one of the hookers), then tries to kill Julie (Max's roommate). He sends one of his men to hack Max's madame to death with an axe, kidnaps Julie for use as leverage, tries to kill Mike and Marcus (our cops) several times over, kills his chemistry team for "fucking with my schedule", and murders his buyer when the police interrupt the deal. His last act is to try and force Mike to kill him, and when that fails, to pull out a hidden pistol and try to kill Mike.
    • The Rock features Captains Frye and Darrow attempting to extort money by threatening San Francisco with Deadly Gas. While their superior Anti-Villain General Hummel wants to distribute the money to families of soldiers whose deaths went unrecognized and without compensation, they only want it for themselves. When it becomes apparent Hummel is bluffing, they act swift to remove Hummel from command and eventually kill him while proceeding with the attack. Even when it becomes apparent they've lost, Frye and Darrow try to send a rocket at the city armed with poison gas to kill every civilian they possibly can and attempt to kill the 81 tourists they have locked in Alcatraz to ensure a lack of witnesses. Their whole motivation for this is as Darrow sums up himself: "I want my fucking money!"
    • Dr. Merrick of The Island is at first charming and helpful. He has the clones under his care dissected alive when he views the need as arising, and lies by telling them they'll be sent to the mysterious "Island", while lying to the clones' original source by claiming the clones are brain dead and are not living, sentient beings. When one clone's original donor is already dead, Merrick spitefully plans to have her harvested anyways, and tries to kill any clone that resists him. Drunk on his own genius and power, Merrick seems to view himself as some sort of twisted messiah.
    • The human villain Dylan Gould from Transformers: Dark Of The Moon has spent his adult life aiding the Decepticons in their plans on Earth (saying they're "clients" he "inherited" from his father) and assisting them in their takeover of Chicago, which sees thousands of people gunned down in the streets, all to ensure that he'll be spared. This could just be written off as him being a Dirty Coward, but the moment that has him cross the line further is when several Autobots have been captured and Gould humbly suggests to Soundwave that they shouldn't be taking prisoners at all. When the pillars have been shut off, meaning the Decepticons' plan has been foiled and he has the option to defect to the good guys and possibly be spared, if jailed, he chooses to reactivate the pillars for no real reason. This is most sensibly interpreted as being done out of sheer spite, even at his own expense, considering the Decepticons have all their human minions killed once they cease to be useful and will likely do the same to him.
  • Neill Blomkamp:
    • District 9:
      • Piet Smit, Wikus's father in law, is a Corrupt Corporate Executive who helps keep the prawns oppressed in the alien ghetto. Initially a cold man, when Wikus is infected and finds himself turning into a prawn himself, Smit has Wikus taken in and plans to have him vivisected in order to study him further, calmly watching his own son in law beg for his life without even a trace of emotion. He later lies to his own daughter about Wikus being a criminal.
      • Koobus Venter is a sadistic member of a special ops team who gets his jollies off murder, and relishes being able to kill without repercussion. Koobus guns down a prawn after it's been subdued and later leads a violent hunt for Wikus, with full willingness to kill whoever gets in the way. Koobus psychologically tortures the Prawn Christopher Johnson while beating him and threatens to kill him regardless of getting Wikus, gleefully saying he can't believe he's getting paid to do hat he loves: he just loves watching the Prawns die.
      • Obesandjo, The Evil Cripple wheelchair bound leader of the Nigerian gangsters, sets up his racket in District 9 and distributes cat food to the aliens, which is like a drug that keeps them hooked. He also offers "interspecies prostitution," offering them human women. The worst, however, is when he has innocent aliens butchered, so he can eat their flesh and gain their power. When he captures Wikus, he fully plans to cut off his Prawn parts and eat them himself.
    • Elysium brings us the truly psychotic Agent Kruger who is first introduced shooting down refugee ships full of men, women and children. We are informed after of Kruger's history of human rights violations, a reputation that he proceeds to live up. He butchers hero Max de Costa's allies and then when he suspects that Max has gone to see his old friend Frey and her daughter, he threatens and beats Frey in front of the girl, mocking the girl to close her eyes as he claims he hates to commit violence in front of kids, before trying to molest Frey. After Frey scorns him, he declares he'll make sure her daughter is never healed. When his superior Delacourt chastises him for his failures, Kruger just kills her and then declares he'll take over Elysium itself to give it the ruler it deserves.
  • Coen Brothers:
    • Gaear Grimsrud of Fargo is a simply heartless monster who will kill anyone for little reason. Brought in for a simple kidnap and ransom job, Grimsrud demonstrates his cruelty by killing a cop because the man took too long to bribe, and then chases down and kills a couple who witnessed the murder, all without any expression. Grimsrud later loses patience with the kidnapping victim and kills her simply because her crying is getting on his nerves. When he has a dispute with a fellow conspirator over a car, Grimsrud just kills him with an axe and feeds his body into a woodchipper. When he's finally caught by the police, the heroine Marge Gunderson is left stunned how a human being could do the things Grimsrud has done for just "a little bit of money."
    • Anton Chigurh of No Country for Old Men strangles a cop to death with cuffs; shoots both his employers in cold blood because he wanted the money they were chasing after; shoots a crying, surrendering man hiding in a shower; and has absolutely no qualms about killing innocent people, including a random old man for his car and a motorist that did nothing except pick up the main character. In his most senselessly cruel act, he murders the dead protagonist's wife only to fulfill a pointless promise to him. Some consider Carla Jean's refusal to accept his offer as a Moment Of Awesome, calling out his bullshit of giving his victims a 50-50 chance. Even knowing Anton Chigurh puts you in mortal danger. Like one line by Carson Wells points out: "Even if you gave him the money, he would still kill you just for...inconveniencing him." The worst thing about him is how he subjects his victims to a bizarre form of Mind Rape and actually convinces them to accept their death. It's easy to see why his partner-in-crime Carson Wells compares him to the Bubonic Plague. He faces no repercussions, which goes chillingly well along with the nature of his character: an unstoppable force of nature personified in human flesh. He does not enjoy these acts; he is just an evil psychopath with utterly no regard for the lives of anyone.
  • Wes Craven:
    • The Last House on the Left gives us Krug, the leader of a group of murderous rapists. After he and his gang escape prison for their previous crimes, they kidnap, rape, torture, and kill two teenage girls. The parents of one of the girls find out when the criminals incidentally stop at their house, leading to a bloodbath between Krug's group and the parents. Aside from leading a group of horrible rapist scum, Krug also brainwashed his own son and kept him hooked on drugs as a kid as a means to control him. Near the end of the film, he convinces said son to kill himself.
    • Freddy Krueger, known as the "Bastard-Son-Of-A-Hundred-Maniacs", is the dream-invading, Serial Killer antagonist of the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise who was a child killer before he became a ghost. He kept a scrapbook of the "Have you seen this..." pictures of his child victims and licked them. After his death he makes a deal with demonic forces to become, in his own words, "the stuff nightmares are made of." He uses his newfound powers to find increasingly creative ways to torture and murder his dozens of victims for his own amusement by using their primal fears against them, all the while cracking sick jokes. Then he harvests the teenagers' souls and keeps them in a perpetual And I Must Scream state inside his body to drain them for energy. Even in the utterly Narm-filled Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, he had his moments, like when he taunts Tracy by appearing as her sexually abusive father ("Give daddy some one has to know..."). Freddy is one of the few Slasher Movie killers with a distinct and talkative personality, and has always simply been a sadistic monster that extends his victims' suffering for its own sake.
    • Mommy and Daddy from The People Under the Stairs are a pair of incestuous siblings known as cutthroat landlords in a poor neighborhood, evicting tenants ruthlessly. In private, they're worse. Mommy and Daddy abduct children from poor families and abuse them hideously, cutting out 'the bad parts' from them and imprisoning them under the stairs while killing any intruders and feeding them to the imprisoned and starving kids. When the hero, Fool, is lost in their house, they spare no effort to try to find and kill him while abusing their abducted child Alice. When Alice discovers the truth and rejects Mommy as her mother, Mommy tries to kill her, screaming at her to burn in hell.
    • Scream:
      • Roman Bridger, Ghostface in the third film is revealed as the instigator of the entire series. He's actually Sidney's half-brother, born of Maureen Prescott being raped during her Hollywood career. He decries his birth mother as a whore and stalks her extramarital liaisons in Woodboro. He uses the evidence to mastermind Billy and Stu's original killing spree in the first movie, killing Maureen and their own friends, and lets them take the fall. He grows jealous of Sidney's fame as a survivor and sets out to frame her for his own kills. He disguises himself as a low-budget movie director and kills off the Stab 3 movie's crew while tormenting Sidney with mind games of her traumatic past. He tries to pass himself off as tragic victim who is lashing out at the world, but Sidney points out that he's self-deluding himself and simply enjoys killing people, prompting him to fly into a rage. His sole attempt to connect with Sidney during his death is subverted when seconds later he gets up to try to kill them all again.
      • Sidney's cousin Jill Roberts, Ghostface in the fourth film, is a deranged copycat killer who wipes out her own friends in a twisted attempt to become Sidney and hijack her fame and is easily the most Ax-Crazy of the Ghostfaces so far. She manipulates her lovestruck friend Charlie into helping her, and then kills him when he's no longer of use to her so she can be the sole survivor and the center of attention. She even has her own mother killed simply to better emulate Sidney's life with a dead mother. She kills her boyfriend Trevor to take the blame for the massacre, and then tries to kill Sidney to complete her status as the new "valiant Ghostface survivor". When she realizes that Sidney survived after they've both been taken to the hospital, she goes on a final murder spree in a last attempt to secure her fame.
    • Jackson Rippner from Red Eye is an unscrupulous contractor hiring himself out to terrorist networks to assist in toppling governments and high-profile assassinations. He uses his skills of manipulation instead of weapons because he's much better at it. His latest target is a renowned US official, whom he plans to blow up along with his wife and children because his bosses wanted to send a message. He needs Lisa, a Miami hotel manager, to change the official's room on her authority to make the kills possible. He stalks Lisa for weeks to learn everything about her, and then arranges to be on the same red eye flight with her and gain her confidence initially. He threatens to have his associate kill her retired father if she doesn't make the call, torturing her mentally and assaulting her. When she foils his plan, he goes to kill her father anyway instead of escape to make good on his threat, and tries to murder Lisa. On top of that, he's also a misogynist, and casually notes he killed his own parents when asked about the subject.
  • Brian De Palma:
    • Burke from Blow Out is a professional assassin who shoots out the tires on a Presidential candidate's car to send it into the water. While he succeeds in killing his intended target, a woman in the car with him survives. Deciding he needs to eliminate her as well, Burke devises a truly cruel plan to cover his tracks. So there won't be inconvenient questions, Burke becomes a Serial Killer by targeting women who look similar to his target, strangling them to death with a garrote. He finally attempts to kill the girl, Sally during a parade so her death will be passed off as the act of a random maniac. Burke is indicated to be nothing more than a sociopath using his job to hurt others.
    • Scarface's Alejandro Sosa (also in the game) demonstrates his monstrosity by ordering the killing of a man along with his wife and children, just so he wouldn't implicate him and his friends on national TV. Tony Montana, for all the drugs and killings he's involved in, absolutely refuses to hurt innocents and blows the brains out of Sosa's assassin for trying to blow them up. Unfortunately for Tony, Sosa is not happy and Tony is killed in a firefight with Sosa's men during the movie's climax.
  • David Fincher
    • John Doe from Se7en is possibly the most twisted and disturbing Serial Killer in film. A Knight Templar who believed himself to be The Scourge of God, Doe targeted people whom he deemed to embody one of the Seven Deadly Sins then horribly murdered them in a way that reflected their vice. He forced Gluttony at gunpoint to eat until he passed out then kicked him to make his stomach rupture; bound Sloth to a bed and kept him alive and immobile for a year, rendering him a mindless, emaciated husk; forced Greed to decide which body part is most expendable then had the victim cut it off himself; forced a man at gunpoint to rape Lust to death with a bladed codpiece; and mutilated Pride's face, giving her the choice between calling the hospital and saving herself or committing suicide to avoid living her life disfigured, knowing that she'd chose the latter. However, it's with his final murder that Doe proves just how completely hypocritical he really is when he murders a woman completely innocent of any sin, Detective Mills's wife. Feeling envious of Mills's "normal" life, Doe decapitated his wife then arranged for her head to be delivered to Mills outside of the city. Goading Mills with his crime and revealing that she was pregnant, Doe succeeded in getting Mills to murder him in revenge, making Mills the embodiment of Wrath and leading to Mills's arrest and the ruination of his life. Disgusted by all of humanity and its excesses, Doe tortured and murdered to show everyone just how awful the world they live in truly is.
    • Raoul from Panic Room is one of three robbers who invade the new home of a mother and her daughter, from the start he proves himself far more cruel and murderous than both his comrades. He has no reservations about killing people or even children to get the bearer bonds stored in the safe room. He turns up the gas so Meg and Sarah almost suffocate and doesn't give a crap that his associate Junior almost burned to death as a result. When Junior tries to cut his losses and leave Raoul shoots him in the head, then shoots the corpse again just out of spite. He threatens to kill Burnham too if he doesn't go through with the job. He beats Meg's ex-husband Stephen almost to death to get them to leave the safe room, and then intends to kill her daughter if she tells the police. After they beat Raoul up it gets personal, as he prefers to murder the whole family rather than escape with the money.
  • Mel Gibson:
    • Colonel William Tavington of The Patriot is introduced having wounded soldiers gunned down and having freed slaves press-ganged into the British army. He proceeds to take one messenger, The Hero Benjamin Martin's eldest son Gabriel, to be hanged, Gabriel's brother intervenes, for which Tavington callously guns him down and sneers "stupid boy" at his shell-shocked father. Tavington's savagery earns him furious rebukes from General Cornwallis, until Tavington convinces the general to allow him free reign, bargaining himself to be a new landowner as his methods will render him persona non grata back in Britain. Tavington corrals a town full of innocent people in a church when none of them will talk about the location of Martin's forces. When he gets his answer, Tavington has the town locked in the church and then has it set afire, adding the forgiveness of the people is between them and God. Tavington later kills Gabriel in combat and when facing Benjamin in a Duel to the Death mocks him for being a lesser man.
    • In Apocalypto, all of the Mayan warriors are a particularly nasty lot, but none stand out so much as the vicious Dragon to the lead hunter Zero Wolf Middle-Eye. One of their best hunters and fighters, Middle-Eye is also the only rapist, who takes one of the women of a conquered village into a hut to violate her, and kills her after, as her husband Blunt struggles futilely to save her. When The Hero Jaguar Paw nearly kills Middle-Eye in a fight, Middle-Eye vengefully slits his father's throat in front of him and names Jaguar Paw 'Almost' in response. When the new captives are being marched back to the capital city, Middle-Eye at one point decides to lighten the load by throwing an exhausted slave to his death. Middle-eye stands above his fellow slave hunters in depravity and the others consider him sick.
  • Alfred Hitchcock:
    • Uncle Charlie of Shadow of a Doubt is a remorseless Serial Killer who targets rich widows to kill them for their money, viewing them as cows who deserve to be slaughtered for living pointless lives. When his niece, named after him as Charlie learns his secret, Uncle Charlie tries to kill her in increasingly desperate ways, from pushing her down the stairs, to trapping her in the garage with a running car engine and finally yanking her on the train with him, intending to push her to her death when it goes fast enough.
    • Bob Rusk from Frenzy is one of the most deranged villains in an Alfred Hitchcock film. Known as the "Necktie Murderer," Rusk is implied to rape his victims, before graphically strangling them to death with his tie. Rusk displays his violent compulsions multiple times, but even frames one of the only supposed friends he has for the murders with a dead woman's item, perfectly willing to let innocents take the fall for him.
  • Sergio Leone:
    • Ramon Rojo (portrayed by Gian Maria Valonte) from A Fistful of Dollars just seems to enjoy being evil. In his first appearance, he and his gang brutally massacre a Mexican army unit to steal their gold. He kidnaps a woman and forces her to live with him, claiming that her husband was cheating him at cards. He slaughters the rival Baxter family as they try to surrender to him, tortures Joe for helping the woman he kidnapped escape, and, towards the end, has Silvanito tortured when he thinks he might be hiding Joe and is about to hang him when Joe interrupts. That's in addition to being an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy regarding his skill with the rifle, an extreme Jerkass in his interactions with everybody, and the brains of a gang of illegal rum-runners who keeps a stranglehold on the life of a small town.
    • El Indio (also Gian Maria Valonte) from For a Few Dollars More is the classic Mexican Bandito, turned Up to Eleven. He obtains a secret from his cellmate, and then kills his cellmate so that he can keep the information for himself. He forces a former member of his gang to listen to his wife and infant child being slaughtered, then forces him into a duel, which he rigs in his own favour. When he discovers that Colonel Mortimer and Monco are bounty hunters, he has them tortured, then sets them free, killing one of his own men and framing them for it; his plan is to have his gang and the bounty hunters kill each other, leaving all the loot for him. When Nino, the one gang member he'd planned to keep around is killed in front of him, El Indio displays absolutely no reaction, and he's ultimately revealed to have killed Mortimer's brother-in-law and raped his sister, driving her to suicide. An Axe Crazy drug-addict who parasites off those around him, El Indio shocked audiences at the time, and continues to do so now.
    • Angel Eyes/Sentenza ("The Bad") (Lee Van Cleef) from the original cut of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is a sociopathic mercenary whose only concern is making as much money as possible. In the opening scenes of the film, he tracks down and murders a man at another's behest. When his victim offers him money if he will spare his life, Angel Eyes replies, "Once I'm been paid, I always see my job through to the end." He kills the man and his son, takes the money, and reports to his employer...whom he promptly kills, since he wants to keep the gold he's found out about for himself. He proceeds to beat the information about the location of the gold out of a hooker. Later on, he has Tuco tortured and watches with absolutely no emotion on his face. While this is going on, he has his men force the POWs to sing in order to cover up the sounds of their friends being tortured. He's less a character than he is Greed in a trench coat and cowboy hat. He's so bad that the other two main characters — no saints themselvesboth agree to shoot him in the three-way Mexican Standoff that ends the film, despite their extreme distaste for one another. Cold-blooded and without remorse, Angel Eyes will cross any lines, and commit any crime as long as he can make a profit doing it.
    • Frank (Henry Fonda) from Once Upon a Time in the West is a former bandit turned enforcer for the railroad company. During the film's opening sequence, he and his men gun down the McBain family, with Frank shooting down the last survivor, a small boy, himself, before nailing a duster to the door so that local bandito chief Cheyenne will be blamed for the crime. When he reports to his boss, Mr. Morton, Morton says that he only wanted the McBains scared. Frank's response? "People scare better when they're dying." When Morton tries to cut a deal with McBain's newly arrived widow (ex-Hooker with a Heart of Gold Jill), Frank sabotages the plan, takes Jill hostage, has his way with her, and forces her to sell her land at an auction, positioning his own men there to intimidate the bidders. The arrival of Harmonica, the film's protagonist, ruins this plan, and sets the stage for The Reveal of Frank's worst crime. When Harmonica was a boy, Frank made his older brother stand on his shoulders, and put a noose around the brother's neck. When Harmonica collapsed from exhaustion, his brother was hanged. To add an appropriately sadistic touch, Frank placed a harmonica between the younger brother's lips and instructed him to "play your ever lovin' brother a tune." No reason is ever given for his actions, and Frank has ultimately gone down in film history as one of the most vicious villains of his era.
    • Colonel Günther "Gutierez" Reza (Antoine Saint-John) in A Fistful of Dynamite is a silent villain who, throughout the movie, doesn't express a single emotion beyond self-satisfaction. He tortures Dr. Villega into identifying various members of a crowd as revolutionaries, then has them shot in front of him, smiling a little wider with each body that hits the ground. He's also the man responsible for the deaths of Juan's children and father, singlehandedly causes the film to shift from Black Comedy to serious drama, leads an army that seems intent on killing or imprisoning everyone they meet, and in the climax, guns down Mallory from behind. This, coupled with his Implacable Man status makes him utterly terrifying.
  • Park Chan Wook:
    • Mr. Baek from Sympathy for Lady Vengeance is the old partner of the main character Ms. Geum-Ja. He makes her take the fall for a young boy Baek himself killed, sending Geum-Ja to prison for years. Upon her release, Geum-Ja plans revenge. Baek hideously mistreats his wife physically and sexually and is found out to have become a Serial Killer of children while Geum-Ja was in jail. Baek would abduct children, send out ransom notices...and then murder the children anyways before he even got the money. He did this all because he just didn't like children, and he wanted to buy a yacht.
    • In Stoker, we are introduced to Uncle Charlie Stoker after the death of heroine India's father. Initially charming and charismatic, Charlie kills the house's caretaker, and then his own aunt after he believes she'll expose him for what he is: a murderer who buried his younger brother alive when he was younger. He even killed his own brother, India's father, and staged his "car accident." He later tries to seduce India and tries to kill her mother.
  • Guy Ritchie:
    • Snatch has Brick Top, whose Establishing Character Moment shows him ordering the execution of a mook who had betrayed him, as well as a mook who had reported the betrayal. He has them tasered and suffocated with plastic bags, after which they are to be dismembered and fed to pigs. He shows even more of his ruthlessness as he shows absolutely no compunction about having a clan of Irish Travellers murdered if one of their number doesn't fight for him in a rigged boxing match and orders the fighter's mother burned alive in her trailer for demonstration. There are two kinds of characters in that movie: those who have never heard of Brick Top and those who are terrified of him.
    • Professor Moriarty of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, a criminal mastermind completely devoid of empathy, created an elaborate scheme of an even grander scale than Blackwood's—and he has a personal grudge against Holmes himself. He has no qualms about threatening two completely innocent people, Watson and his new wife Mary, over Holmes's interference in their plans, and destroyed a train in an attempt to kill them. He poisoned and killed Irene Adler when she tried to quit being his personal gopher, massacred a large number of Simza's gypsy tribe as they tried to escape an ill-fated raid on his compound, drove a prideful French revolutionary to suicide, and tortured Holmes (with the full intent to kill him) with a meat hook while humming Schubert. Though his plans to jump-start WW 1 are never fully enacted (due to a botched assassination attempt and his own death at the hands of Holmes), his sadism and complete sociopathy is more than enough to make him the most monstrous criminal Holmes has ever encountered.
  • Ridley Scott
    • The power-hungry, violent, incestuous Emperor Commodus from Gladiator is the heir to the wise Emperor Marcus Aurelius, but when he learns that his father wants to make Rome a republic again and appoint the noble General Maximus as regent instead of him, he kills Aurelius, frames Maximus, and orders the death of Maximus (who escapes) as well as Maximus's wife and son (who don't). He casts himself as an unworthy son to a father with high demands, but his Patricide and subsequent megalomania show that his grievances with his father only reflect on his desire to become ultimate ruler, not to make his father proud. He becomes Emperor, and marginalizes the Senate's authority while keeping the populace in line with food and games. When Maximus reappears in Rome and the possibility of revolution looms he goes completely off the rails. He tries to have Maximus killed in the arena, but this fails. He then lures his enemy into a trap and unfolds the insurrection, killing most of Maximus's sympathizers and planning to execute the rest after publicly killing Maximus himself in a spectacular showdown, which he shifts in his favor by secretly wounding Maximus before the fight. His "love" for his sister Lucilla is later revealed to simply be lust, and when he learns that she is working with Maximus, the "merciful" Commodus demands that the horrified Lucilla provide him with an heir so his "blood pure" progeny can reign as tyrants for a thousand years to come. He threatens to kill his own nephew (Lucilla's son) if Lucilla doesn't consent to becoming his personal sex slave, or takes her life to defy him. Even the Praetorian Guard (his personal bodyguard, who are paid to protect him at all cost) are so disgusted by him by the end that they refuse to aid him when he loses his sword in the final fight.
    • Raynald de Chatillion of Kingdom of Heaven is a truly nasty and vicious knight. Raynald leads attacks on innocent Muslim villages in orgies of rape and murder in order to provoke Saladin into battle. He has multiple captives beheaded in order to enrage the Muslim leader. When this fails, he personally kills Saladin's own sister. Raynald represents every dark stereotype about the Crusaders, and is so terrible that Saladin personally kills him once Raynald is taken hostage, as Saladin had vowed to kill him if Raynald ever fell into his hands.
    • Godfrey from Robin Hood is a sadistic and cruel knight. Originally the closest friend of Prince John, Godfrey betrays him, and his country for personal gain, selling them out to the King of France to re-conquer as long as he himself profits. Godfrey leads an assault to burn a village and kill anyone there, innocent or no. His crowning moment of villainy is challenging the old, blind Sir Walter to a fight, enjoying tormenting the old man and making a spectacle of it, until Walter lands a small blow, which leads to Godfrey brutally killing him in a fury.
  • Quentin Tarantino:
    • The psychopathic Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs is hinted to be unequivocally callous throughout the first half of the movie, even though he seems calmer and more clear-headed than his partners-in-crime, who seem wary of him. Before the first scene, he has turned a simple robbery into a massacre and it's told in a flashback he had a history of raping "punks" in prison. Right before Mr. Blonde's infamous torture of the cop, we feel positively uneasy when the hardened criminal Mr. White dreads leaving the cop alone with him, which is completely justified, as the top page quote proves.
    • Boss Matsumoto from Kill Bill Volume I is a brutal Yakuza boss and a pedophile. When O-Ren Ishii was around 9 years old, Matsumoto and his henchmen confronted her father (apparently, a Chinese-American soldier stationed in Okinawa), and despite him putting quite the fight, he is ultimately murdered by the mooks, while Matsumoto laughs on a couch. Then Matsumoto gets up, grabs the man's Japanese wife, tosses her on a nearby bed...and uses his own katana to stab her to death, narrowly missing child!O-Ren, who was hiding under said bed. Then, they set the place on fire and leave, laughing about it. An 11-year-old O-Ren poses as a child prostitute in order to kill him.
    • Stuntman Mike of Death Proof, Quentin Tarantino's half of Grindhouse, is a former stuntman and expert driver who becomes a Serial Killer of women by using his car as a murder weapon. He modifies the car to make it "100% Death Proof" to immunize himself from harm. Then he can use it for vehicular homicide by crashing into cars full of people and killing them in the process, or drive so dangerously that any passengers will die from the blunt force trauma caused by being thrown around in his car and hitting hard surfaces repeatedly. He extensively stalks his victims beforehand, and seems to derive sexual pleasure from his kills. He also toys with his prey, as he pursues a group of women attempting a stunt where one of them is on the hood of their car at high speed. He chases them down the road in a lengthy pursuit to see them terrified for their lives, getting kicks off the whole thing.
  • John Woo:
    • Wong Hoi/Johnny Weng from The Killer especially counts towards the final act of the movie, where he delivers a savage No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Jeffery/Ah Jong's close friend Fung Sei/Sydney Fung (who had come on Ah Jong's behalf to get the money he needs to have Jenny's eyes fixed), kills the priest of Ah Jong's church so that he can take Jenny hostage, kills his own syndicate hitman after he is used to try to break the Put Down Your Gun and Step Away situation with poor Jenny, and, worst of all, brutally murders Ah Jong, blinding him so that his eyes cannot be used to have Jenny's fixed, leaving her blind forever. There isn't even any victory in his final death at the hands of Inspector Li Ying because it happens right in front of the cops that he had just surrendered to, resulting in Li's arrest at the very end of the movie.
    • Johnny Wong of Hard Boiled tops John Woo's other villains in terms of sheer nastiness. He has absolutely no qualms in blowing away innocent bystanders who are unfortunate enough to get in his way, as shown during the very first shootout of the movie. He only gets worse from there, culminating in the hospital sequence where he kills patients for trying to escape the hospital, takes a room hostage, and fires on the SWAT team even as they try to evacuate the babies of the hospital's maternity ward. Johnny's most despicable act is firing his Uzi into a crowd of patients standing between him and Alan, and then killing his Dragon Mad Dog when he blasts the gun out of his hands. The following quote by Johnny during the hospital sequence says it all.
    Johnny Wong: There is no room for failure now. The innocent must die!
    • Hard Target gives us Emil Fouchon, a libertarian madman who runs a hunting ring that aims to break what he describes as the government's monopoly on murder. Using a man named Randal Po to recruit homeless veterans, Fouchon and his Dragon, Pik Van Cleaf, offer them thousands of dollars if they can survive being hunted by Fouchon's clients—an offer Fouchon has no intention of fulfilling. During the film's opening scenes, Fouchon, Van Cleaf and their client (with help from a team of bikers and huntsmen) run down and murder Douglas Binder. When Douglas' daughter, Natasha, comes looking for him, in alliance with veteran Chance Boudreaux, Fouchon has Randal beaten and mutilated for selecting a man with a family, then chooses Chance's friend Elijah Roper as the target of the next hunt. When the client proves unwilling to finish Elijah, Fouchon kills the client, then has Van Cleaf gun down Elijah in the street. Deciding to move to the next town, Fouchon has Van Cleaf kill Randal, and the coroner they were paying to fake causes of death. When Chance and Natasha get involved, Fouchon decides that they have to die as well, and brings in a number of clients who owe him favours. When Chance uses a rattlesnake to poison one of these men, Fouchon stomps him to death while ranting about how he should "die quieter." When Chance's uncle sets another of his men on fire, Fouchon kills the man himself. As the film approaches its climax, Fouchon, with all of his men dead, stabs Chance's uncle with an arrow, takes Natasha hostage, and finally tries to beat Chance to death with a burning two-by-four.

    # 0 - 9 
  • From the film Eight MM, we have The Sociopath and Sadist Malevolent Masked Man Machine. Machine takes part in snuff films to feed his depraved appetites and he is the one who rapes and murders an innocent woman on camera. When the tape is investigated, Machine is willing to kill more people, and commit more rapes on camera. When he tries to kill the hero, he even gleefully whispers while strangling him how hard he's getting from the violence. Machine has no Freudian Excuse or reasoning for his action and he serves to show how a monster can come in the most innocuous of guises, particularly when you see under the mask Machine is a bald, chubby, harmless looking man named George who asks "were you expecting a monster?"
  • Edwin Epps of 12 Years a Slave is a chilling, living example of the utter horrors of slavery and all that it entails. Epps runs his plantation with an iron fist and any slave who picks less than 200 pounds of cotton a day get the lash. Succeeding is no guarantee of safety, as Epps is liable to fly into violent furies when he's drunk, or just because he wants to hurt someone. Epps forces the slaves out of needed sleep to force them to dance for his amusement in a parody of a Gentleman's Ball and focuses especially on a beautiful slave named Patsey who he calls his Queen Of The Field for her talent with cotton-picking. Epps repeatedly rapes her, saying he can do what he wants with his property. He also flies into jealous furies over Patsey and later in the film forces The Hero Solomon to whip her by holding a gun to Solomon's head. Losing patience, Epps simply takes the whip from Solomon and lashes into Patsey until her back is cut to bloody shreds. When Solomon is revealed a free man, he can only think of the monetary loss this means to him.
  • Lord Naritsugu of 13 Assassins is The Caligula to an insane degree. His very first scene has him raping the daughter-in-law of a lord who's hosting him for the night, and then killing her husband for good measure. This isn't an isolated incident, either. Naritsugu has been doing this for so long, he threatens the very stability of the nation, and nobody can touch him, as he's the Shogun's brother. Later, we see him tie up a family for target practice (including a little girl) and hear how he massacred a peasant revolt, taking the leader's daughter, after cutting out her tongue and chopping off her limbs, for his use as a sex slave. His only reaction to seeing the titular assassins mow down his loyal soldiers who die in defense of him is to contemplate how amazing the era of war must have been while deciding to return to such days.

    A - C 
  • Dr. Mason Wren from Alien: Resurrection is the head scientist of the covert military operation on the starship the USS Auriga, performing illegal experiments to bring back the Xenomorphs. He clones the deceased Ellen Ripley multiple times to extract the Queen hibernating in her. Most of the clones are born mutated and they die agonizing deaths, and he stores them for further study. He keeps the second-to-last one alive in constant pain and agony. He persuades General Perez to hire a bunch of space pirates to kidnap deep space travelers while they are still sleeping inside their stasis pods, and then implants them with facehuggers while looking on with smug satisfaction. He is ready to execute all of the pirates on the mere suspicion that one of them might be an infiltrator. When the Xenomorphs escape and they all try to get off the ship, he betrays the others and murders Call as soon as he gets a weapon and leaves everyone else to be killed by the Xenomorphs so he can pilot the ship back to Earth himself. He later takes a hostage whom he threatens to kill in a last attempt to win.
  • Dr. Berrisford of the film Bad Dreams is a mild, unassuming man who runs a hospital for those with mental trauma. In reality, he is a sadist with a god-complex and wishes to test his theories on suicide on his patients. Berrisford manipulates his mentally fragile patients emotionally to make them snap, resulting in them killing themselves and others. He has one leap out her window to the street, and has another throw her head into a turbine. One patient he leads to the roof to manipulate her into jumping off before the hero of the movie rescues her. Berrisford simply tries to push them off himself, after having mentally tortured said patient the entire film by planting the idea in her head that the ghost of a cult leader who'd tried to kill her was haunting her.
  • Rhoda, the perfect little girl in The Bad Seed, murders a classmate to get a medal he'd won, had earlier killed an old woman by "accidentally" bumping into her on the ice, sets a suspicious caretaker on fire and plots to kill a friendly neighbor to get her pet lovebirds.
  • Taha from Banlieue 13 (District 13) is a brutal Parisian drug lord who kills anyone he doesn't like, especially his own minions. He controls the largest gang-run ghetto, which the government walled off from the rest of the city to stop the further spread of crime. He's largely responsible for the deterioration in the district, but unlike the government he takes an active hand in making things worse by terrorizing the population to submit to his rule and dumping his drugs there. When a group of his minions fails to recover a large stash kept by Leito, he shoots them in quick succession until one of them comes up with an idea. When Leito and his sister Lola almost have him arrested, he uses his power to makes a deal with the cops to imprison Leito instead. He takes Lola so he can keep her as a beaten, drug-addicted sex slave on a leash in his personal quarters. When a nuclear bomb goes missing and is found by his gang, he considers selling it to arms dealers before blackmailing the police and the government with the lives of 2 million people by aiming it at the city centre with a missile launcher. He chains up Lola to the missile for good measure so the launch will incinerate her.
  • Batman's nemesis The Joker qualifies for this trope in both live action incarnations:
    • Though The Joker/Jack Napier from Batman may not have been quite as gritty in his approach, the sheer scope of his reign of terror puts him on more or less the same level as his counterpart in The Dark Knight. Even before his transformation, Jack Napier was outright horrible: he was the one who murdered Bruce Wayne's parents, and if his accomplice hadn't yelled at him to get out of there, the psycho would have killed young Bruce as well. In the present day, for starters, he intends to poison all the Gothamites with Smylex Gas for no other reason than his own amusement. He has three mob bosses killed (with him even joking about their deaths, at least one of which qualified under Nightmare Fuel, where he electrocutes him with enough voltage to turn him into a charred skeleton after claiming that shaking his hand will be the end of it if he refuses to agree with the Joker). He also horrifically disfigures his girlfriend Alicia Hunt and was implied to have thrown her off a building later on in the film under the guise of suicide to free himself for Vicki Vale ("You can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs."). Gasses an art gallery full of people to death just to have some "alone time" with Vicki Vale and puts the components of Smylex into different cosmetics to cause random city-wide deaths just to make the people panic. He even cold-bloodedly guns down his best and only friend, Bob the Goon, just to vent his anger over Batman ruining the above attempt to gas everyone at the parade.
    • The Joker from The Dark Knight manages to be both a Complete Monster AND a Magnificent Bastard. At the start of the film, he has several of his minions commit what seems to be your standard bank robbery - except he also has his minions kill each other off to keep most of the money for themselves after their accomplices did their job, also disguising himself as one of their comrades. Right after that, he kills the bus driver, who apparently wasn't even in on that part of the plan, leaving himself with all the money. Even the bank manager implied to be part of the Mob is quite horrified at the complete decadence of this criminal behavior, remarking that most criminals before them at least had honor and respect for their comrades. The Joker proceeds to exploit the Mob’s desire to be rid of Batman, casually murdering henchmen, politicians and police to force Batman to unmask himself. He explicitly states that this is just an excuse. Despite implying at first that he wants payment for his services from the mob, he doesn't care one bit for money, even going so far as to burn his half of the Mob's money that he earned by retrieving it, causing even the Chechen mafioso to be frightened at the implications of this, thus giving a strong impression that the Joker most likely instigated the backstab-chain earlier solely for the amusement of watching his thugs kill each other for money. Even the Mob finds this a tad overkill. All the while, the Joker states how he’s just out to give Gotham a “better class of criminal”. This being the Joker, he doesn’t stop there; he also makes the accountant attempting to unmask Batman a target, blows up a hospital and attempts a Prisoner’s Dilemma Scenario to get a boatload of civilians and prisoners to blow each other up, also being the driving force behind Harvey Dent’s transformation into Two-Face. The Joker's goal is really to show that anyone and everyone can and will become a Complete Monster if pushed far enough (or even if just given the chance). He's proven wrong. Even so, he doesn't care; no Villainous BSOD, just an annoyed shrug and an attempt to blow the two boats sky high with his own detonator.
  • Kazuo Kiriyama from The Film of the Book for Battle Royale stands in contrast to his emotionless counterpart from the book and manga versions. Kiriyama in the film is a ruthless and psychopathic Blood Knight who voluntarily signed up for 'The Program' to be able to hunt down teenagers for fun. Throughout the film, Kiriyama wracks up the highest kill count, not caring if his victims are helpless or not, and after gunning down one girl, he uses a megaphone so everyone around can hear her pain and his execution of her. While he never speaks a word, his Slasher Smile throughout the film speaks volumes for how much he is relishing his murder of everyone around him.
  • Vince Stone from the Fritz Lang film The Big Heat is The Dragon to gangster Mike Lagana. Stone is also far crueler and more vicious than his business-minded boss is. When a cop ends up dead and the cop's girlfriend looks like she may talk, Stone kidnaps her and tortures her to death. When The Hero, Homicide investigator Bannion, first meets Stone at a nightclub, Stone is punishing a dancer by burning her with a cigarette. When Stone thinks his girlfriend, Debby Marsh, has been meeting with Bannion, he disfigures her with hot coffee and throws her out on the streets. He later attempts to kidnap Bannion's young daughter and carries out the murder of another member of the organization. When Marsh confronts him later and repays the favor by throwing boiling coffee at him, Stone mortally wounds her with a gunshot, giving Bannion a murder to finally pin on him.
  • From The Black Cat, we have Hjalmar Poelzig, who plumbed depths barely considered in films in 1934. Peolzig is a Satanist and ruler of a vicious cult who conspires and tries to sacrifice an innocent traveler to Satan. It's revealed that Poelzig, in World War I betrayed his 'friend,' Dr. Werdegast and had him sent to a prison camp so Poelzig could marry his wife. He later killed her and kept her embalmed corpse as a trophy...before marrying her and Werdegast's young daughter...and later murdering her as well.
  • Although briefly seen, the first film's incarnation of Dracula in the Blacula series manages to be even worse than most other depictions. Not only is he a blood-sucking monster, he's also involved in the slave trade. When the African prince and his wife come seeking his help, he reveals his racism and love for the slave trade, turns the prince into a vampire, renames him "Blacula", imprisons him in a coffin to starve for all eternity (and because he was now an immortal vampire, his suffering would never stop), and starves his wife to death. Unlike Blacula himself, who is a tragic character and spends most of the second film searching for a cure for his vampirism, Dracula relishes in being a vampire, showing no remorse for anything he does.
  • Langiva, the supposed witch in a small commune in the film Black Death, conducts supposed miracles to keep control of the town, satiating her ego. When the traveling knights come across the town, she has them captured and puts them to death in horrific ways: one crucified, another disemboweled. She demands they renounce Christianity and she will spare them, but when one does, she has him hanged. Langiva also drugs the young monk Osmund's lover to make her appear dead, and that Langiva revived her from the dead to make Osmund renounce God, but taunts Osmund later that he had killed his lover for nothing. Her final act of monstrosity is to have the leader of the knights torn apart by horses when he refuses her offer. All her actions are to satiate her ego and keep an iron-fisted control of the town.
  • The vampire leader Deacon Frost, the Big Bad from the first Blade movie, is the worst villain in a setting filled with sadistic predators who kill humans as much for fun as for sustenance. Unlike the older vampire hierarchy who prefer to remain in the shadows and rule humanity behind the scenes to protect their interests, he wants to openly reduce all humans to cattle despite originally having been one himself instead of a vampire pureblood. He murders a vampire elder in an exceptionally painful way by removing his teeth and letting him burn up in the sunrise, and kills all the other council members to complete a ritual sacrifice so he can rule supreme as a Physical God. He murders his human minions whenever he likes, attacks Blade's mentor Whistler and then leaves him to die slowly, tries to feed a woman to a ghoul-type zombie, and tries to kill a little girl in front of Blade by first threatening to slit her throat and then throwing her in front of city traffic to make his escape. His worst crime isn't revealed until the end of the film, when Blade discovers that Frost was the vampire who attacked his pregnant human mother and turned Blade into a Dhampyr to begin with. Frost fully intended the unborn child to die and since then has kept Blade's mother as his private consort and facilitated her corruption into a remorseless monster.
  • The Blind Menace, starring Shintaro Katsu (or Shiranui Kengyo in Japan) before his role in the Zatoichi series, has as its Villain Protagonist the blind would-be Corrupt Politician Suginoichi. A manipulative snake of a man, Suginoichi spends the film committing a series of atrocities, from extortion, blackmail, murder and rape, while framing others for his crimes. In such instance, a noblewoman comes to Suginoichi for a loan of 50 ryo to save her brother from debt. Suginoichi gives her the money, but rapes her as well. The next day, in front of her husband, Suginoichi asks Lady Namie to return the money he's given her 'for safekeeping.' He later informs her he'll return it to her in exchange for sex- 5 ryo at a time. Suginoichi engineers his master's fall and death to take his place and when another of his rape victims kills herself out of shame, he simply laughs. He manipulates Yakuza into murdering his master and takes his place, securing a high-class wife in the process. When he realizes her infidelity, he decides she'll never fully belong to him and murders her as well. At the end, when his fortunes collapse, Suginoichi spends his downfall ranting at all around him, issuing impotent threats while unable to believe his defeat.
  • Dr. Meddows in the 1988 remake of The Blob is a military scientist specializing in bioweapons. He's inadvertently responsible for developing the Blob by sending the satellite and the proto-Blob sample in space, where it mutated before it fell back down on Earth. He didn't expect it to develop into a ravenous, all-consuming monster, but he is more than pleased at this development and the military potential. He cardons off the town where the Blob has started its spread so he can test its killing potential on all the inhabitants and to perform further experiments on the survivors. He's even willing to sacrifice his own men to further his goal, as he orders the sewers blocked off when two of the heroes and one of his men try to escape from the pursuing Blob.
  • Frank Booth from The David Lynch film Blue Velvet, a sadistic sociopath with a penchant for random acts of rape and violence, is introduced by savagely beating and raping an abused nightclub singer and then taunting her about her mutilated husband (by him no less). It later turns out that Booth kidnapped the poor woman's husband and son (killing the husband in the process) only in order to make the woman his sadomasochistic sex slave, even cutting off her dead husband's ear and presenting it to her, just to torment her. When he figured out that Jeffrey Beaumont warned the police, he, in act of reprisal, beats Dorothy nearly to death, strips her naked, and leaves her in front of Beaumont's house. During the ending, we also discovered he has also brutally lobotomized one of his henchmen after having killed Dorothy's husband. Not to speak of raping the protagonist.
  • Jean-Francois de Morangias of Brotherhood of the Wolf appears to be a foppish, crippled aristocrat, but is in reality a deadly enforcer for an evil cult. After returning from Africa, Jean-Francois brought with him a lion that he controls and keeps in a state of constant agony, using it to slaughter people while the poor creature is in so much pain it can't control itself. He also reveals a rather perverse lust towards his sister Marianne and later rapes her. While Jean-Francois is merely The Dragon to the Cult's leader, he comes off as the far more evil, cruel, and deadly of the two and his mastery of the Beast indicates he might be the one really in charge.
  • Strucker from Bulletproof Monk is a staunch Nazi who seems to extend his racial prejudices to everyone who isn't a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant later in the film. He is ruthless in his goal for world domination, perhaps epitomized early in the film where he slaughters a temple-full of Tibetan monks, who refuse to defend themselves. He also has the informant who'd been helping him brutally executed and threatens his own granddaughter when she continues to fail him. He has no redeeming qualities and no goals beyond orchestrating a Holocaust Times Ten. This all might just be in order to make the thief protagonist look a bit more amiable.
  • Nacho from the Spanish film Bullying is a great example of how severe bullying can be. This is demonstrated by him forcing Jordi to wet himself on camera, forcing him to drink alcohol and smoke who-knows-what, subsequently pointing a gun at his head, fracturing his dog's leg and manipulating him into dropping from the basketball team to do his bidding with the threat of more violence and humiliation, a continuous chain of abuse. He goes on to try to rape and kill Jordi. This culminates in Jordi committing suicide.
  • From the unconventional vampire tale Byzantium about an immortal mother and daughter pair, we have Captain Ruthven from their past. During the Napoleonic wars, Ruthven preys on young women by kidnapping them and forcing them into prostitution with a bit of rape as his own personal compensation. This fate befalls future vampire Clara. Ruthven considers her his 'favorite' prostitute, having her gang-raped by his upper class associates and regularly violating and beating her himself. After she gives birth to her daughter Eleanor, Clara later cheats Ruthven out of immortality by becoming a vampire in his stead. In retribution, Ruthven rapes the teenage Eleanor to spite Clara. Making this worse was Ruthven slowly rotting of an STD. After raping Eleanor, he coldly welcomes her to his world: a slow death. Even in a world of vampires, Ruthven stands apart as the worst the film has to offer.
  • Alan Yates of Cannibal Holocaust is a filmmaker who decides that realism requires a filming on location. After he and his crew visit the Yacumo tribe in South America, Yates grows steadily more warped in his attempt to make a film. Yates has the tribe of the Yacumo forced into a hut and sets it afire. Yates also later leads the gang rape of a girl of the Yanomamo tribe. The tribe finally has enough and sets out to kill the filmmakers. When a spear hits a member of the group, Yates shoots him to cripple him so he can film how the tribe mutilate and kill him.
  • Max Cady from both versions of Cape Fear qualifies. Robert Mitchum's version is a smug, slimy sociopath who went to jail for rape and returns later to destroy a man who testified against him named Sam Bowden. He murders the family dog, relentlessly stalks the family and destroys those around them, planning to rape Bowden's wife and daughter before he kills them. In the remake, Robert De Niro's Cady is a mad dog that brutally rapes and maims a friend of the target of his anger, kills those around Bowden, and tries to drive him insane before planning to rape his wife and daughter here as well.
  • Johann Schmidt, aka the Red Skull, from Captain America: The First Avenger is a profound Narcissist who believes himself a god that is no longer bound by humanity's rules. The head of HYDRA, a Nazi military organization, Schmidt has turned the group into his own personal cult. He's first introduced killing the guardian of the Tesseract and ordering the entire village where it was hidden wiped out for seemingly no reason. He goes on to betray Hitler and the Nazi party to pursue his own goals and murders the three men sent to check on the status of his research. Schmidt uses the Tesseract to make fantastic new weapons for HYDRA, and has POWs torturously experimented on in order to replicate Dr. Erskine's Super Soldier Super Serum. Despite their fanatical devotion to Schmidt, he continually shows no concern for the welfare of his men, having them chomp cyanide pills when captured to avoid giving out information on him, executing one merely for surviving an attack on a HYDRA base, and activating the self-destruct sequence at another HYDRA base when the Allied forces overrun it, not caring that hundreds of his troops will be killed in the blast. Schmidt's ultimate plan is to use his new weapons to wipe out half the planet, bombing nearly every major city including his own capital, just so he can rule over what's left.
  • In Chaos, a 2005 pseudo-remake of The Last House on the Left, Eddie "Chaos" Cooper seems to be an attempt to outdo even Krug for monstrosity. As the leader of a brutal pack of miscreants, Chaos commits multiple murders, and rapes a girl with his knife when she tries to escape him. Another girl is tortured, killed and has her corpse violated by him. He later kills several more people in the film's final fight.
  • In The Chaser, we have the Serial Killer Young-min. Young-min at first gives the Hooker with a Heart of Gold Mi-jin he hires the creeps, before she discovers a bloody scalp in his home...and then the garden full of corpses. Young-min ties her up and attempts to murder her by driving a chisel through her head after asking her why he should spare her. When she pleads that she has a little daughter, Young-min sneers nobody will even notice she's dead. Mi-Jin manages to escape with luck, but not before Young-min butchers an elderly couple and hunts her down, killing the shopkeeper of the store Mi-jin was hiding in before beating her skull in with a hammer.
  • Charles Lee Ray, later known as the killer doll Chucky from the Childs Play series, was a notorious Serial Killer when alive, and in death has used Hollywood Voodoo to possess a doll to escape his fate. Chucky proceeds to murder his owner's babysitter because she annoys him, and hunts down, tortures and murders his old voodoo teacher to get information on how to become human again before trying to tear out his ten year old owner's soul and possess him. Throughout the films, Chucky commits many more murders for his own amusement and replaces blanks with real ammo at a military camp war games training solely to enjoy the chaos. Even when the films briefly turned comedic, Chucky remained heartless as ever, murdering his own wife when she tried to leave him, with no remorse. When Curse of Chucky brought the series back to horror, Chucky sends himself to unsuspecting families to destroy them and was revealed, as Charles Lee Ray, to have even stabbed a pregnant woman to cripple her unborn daughter after she rejected his advances. Despite his sense of humor, Chucky has always remained a sadistic, murderous monster and has only grown worse over time.
  • Noah Cross from Chinatown is a 1930's Corrupt Corporate Executive who doesn't even know his own net worth, outside of the fact that it's a great deal over ten million, only caring about accumulating as much money and power as possible. In the midst of a drought in Los Angeles, Cross dumps away thousands of gallons of water in order to build up support for his new reservoir project. Drying up the northwest San Fernando Valley by depriving it of water, Cross also poisons the wells and blows up the water tanks of the valley's landowners to coerce them into selling their land dirt cheap. Once the valley is his, Cross plans to use his new proposed reservoir to irrigate the land and increase its worth by millions. However, his business partner, and son-in-law, Hollis Mulwray, hinders his plan. Previously Cross had convinced Mulwray to build a dam in an area known to be geologically unstable. The result was that the dam burst and 500 people died. Even though Cross knows that the new reservoir would suffer from the exact same geologic instability as the previous one, he still demands Mulwray build it. After Mulwray discovers Cross's crimes and conspiracy, Cross kills him by drowning him in a tide pool. However, the most disgusting crime Cross committed was what he did to his daughter Evelyn. When she was just 15 years old, Cross raped her, traumatizing her for life and fathering another daughter with her. Cross's secondary goal in the movie is to take possession of his "grandchild" with the intention of subjecting her to the same abuse he subjected Evelyn to. Despite all of this, Cross says he doesn't blame himself for his actions because he believes, under the right circumstances, men are capable of anything, ignorant of the fact that this is only true for men like him.
  • Drug kingpin Lil' Zé Pequeno from City of God goes on a shooting spree (while a kid) within the first ten minutes of the film, calmly walking into a whorehouse and smiling as he kills both whores and customers. He goes on to kill countless people as he grows up. In an infamous scene, Zé recruits a local child into his gang by forcing him to execute one of his friends. When a girl at a party refuses him a dance, he forces her boyfriend to strip naked at gunpoint. On the way home, he ambushes them and brutally rapes the girl in front of her boyfriend. It's still not enough for him - his gang later surround the boyfriend's house and open fire, killing his little brother and uncle, which triggers a huge gang war.
  • Jang Pil-Ho from the Korean film The City of Violence is a former childhood friend of the heroes turned ruthless mob boss. With designs on buying up and developing property, he kills his own brother-in-law when he objects to Jang's plans. He shows a willingness to capture, blackmail and torture landowners until they give him what he wants, and when his other old friends find out, Jang has one of them savagely beaten by his men before saying he's too far below Jang to be considered killing. When one man decides to inform on Jang, Jang has him burnt alive in a holding cell.
  • Peter Stegman from Class Of 1984 is a young gang leader who owns the school. Even the teachers are terrified of him, with good reason as he's a brutal little sociopath who runs drug and prostitution rings and has kids stabbed for ratting out his criminal activities. When new teacher Mr. Norris refuses to let Stegman play piano in his band due to Stegman's attitude problems, Stegman makes it his mission to torture him. He attacks his friends, has a lab full of animals skinned alive just to hurt Norris and his fellow teacher friend, and eventually leads a gang rape of Norris's wife before kidnapping her to lure Norris in with the intention of killing them both.
  • The Interrogator from Closet Land, an Amnesty International funded film about the evils of Cold-Blooded Torture, proves this point by being the biggest monster he can. He subjects the protagonist to all sorts of horrific tortures, steadily increasing how painful they are while playing psychological mind games with her to crack. Finally, he reveals to her that he is the man who molested her as a child in flashbacks, with it left unclear if this is the truth, or if he is merely psychologically torturing her further.
  • Bill Smoke from the Lusia Rey story in Cloud Atlas shows zero regret or empathy as he ruthlessly and methodically kills a good amount of the cast in that segment ranging from "suicides" to even blowing up a plane with innocent people on board just to get his target. He also shows himself to be a nasty bigot as well, outright calling an innocent Mexican woman a "fucking wetback" and shooting her dog right in front of her.
  • The Night Slasher in Cobra is a psychotic murderer responsible for terrorizing the streets of Los Angeles at night. He starts a nihilistic murder cult of psychopaths so he can indiscriminately kill dozens of victims of whatever background, including children. He prefers to carve up his victims and perform the kills himself to satiate his sadistic nature. He pursues a woman for witnessing one of his murders, and orders his army to lay siege to an upstate town for the sole purpose of killing her. He sees himself as killing off the weak and his movement as heralding the start of a new order where violent killers such as him rule through terror.
  • The title character from The Collector is a Serial Killer and Torture Technician who breaks into innocent families' homes, turning the homes into death traps and torturing the family members before "collecting" one he likes best. His inventive traps kill multiple people in horrible ways, and at the end of the film, he kidnaps the main character of the film. In the sequel (The Collection), the Collector is revealed to turn his captives into drugged up cannon fodder, and kills a group of intruders by having them crushed to death in an elevator. All the Collector can do when he sees the atrocities he unleashes is to give a small, satisfied smile.
  • Big Bad Thulsa Doom from Conan the Barbarian (1982) starts by slaughtering Conan's village, decapitating Conan's mom while he stands next to her and selling the children as slaves just so that he can obtain weapons of fine steel from the barbarians. Later in the film, he orders a young woman to jump to her death to illustrate how much control he has over his followers before ordering Conan to be crucified. Shortly after that, we find out that he and his followers practice cannibalism. He proceeds to kill Valeria, probably Conan's greatest love in the movie-verse, with a snake arrow. After Rexor and his army's defeat in the Battle of the Mounds, Thulsa coldly tries to do the same thing to the Princess after deeming her no longer useful to him
  • The Serial Killer known only as J from the Korean film Confession to Murder begins by killing an innocent woman and then slashing the face of The Hero Detective Choi before making his escape and ending his killing spree of nearly a dozen women for 15 years. When another man claims credit for J's murders after the statute of limitations expires, J's ego is unable to bear it, so he releases a video showing a murder of Choi's fiancee where he taunted her by having her listening to Choi's voice over the phone before he killed her. J reveals she was pregnant at the time of her death from his raping her and thought it'd spare her, only for J to reveal he hated children more than anything. When he is exposed, J tries to beg forgiveness only to reveal he is mimicking Choi's fiancee's last words before trying to make his escape and kill who gets in his way.
  • Bathsheba of The Conjuring is a truly vile ghost. While most ghosts are benevolent, or simply sad beings, Bathsheba is a sadistic Satanist who shows her devotion to Satan by, having failed to sacrifice her own newborn son before her suicide, possesses mothers to murder their own children before forcing their own suicides. Bathsheba torments the most recent family to inhabit her lands until the Paranormal Investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren arrive. When Bathsheba's attempts to drive them off fail, she heads to their house and frees a demon trapped in a doll so the two can murder the Warren's young daughter. When she succeeds in distracting them, Bathsheba possesses the original family's mother to try to murder her own children, and tries to drag the mother to death with her while being exorcised.
  • Albert Spica from The Cook, the Thief, his Wife, and her Lover multiplies sociopathy and general nastiness by a thousand. He is blatantly racist, misogynistic, has nothing but contempt for any intellectualism, kills a man by forcing his books down his throat, stabs a man's wife in the face because the man disagreed with him and the poor woman was just standing there and enjoys humiliating/beating his wife in public. By the end, all his goons have deserted him.
  • Chase Collins in The Covenant is a young warlock descended from the bloodline of a wizard banished from a 17th-century magic covenant for using his powers for evil. When he discovered his abilities, he enjoyed the power rush, and used his father's pain to convince him to kill himself and grant him more. He killed his foster parents in a car accident when they learned too much. He wants to cannibalize the other descendants for their magic to counteract the aging effects of magic use, even when told that it won't work. He puts death spells on their loved ones to get them to grant it, for which he needs verbal consent. He kills other students for kicks. His only motives for his crimes are power and fun.
  • The Crow:
    • Top Dollar from the first film is a Detroit crime boss who established himself as the supreme ruler of all criminal activity in the city. He's a chaotic arsonist who enjoys destruction and murder purely for its own sake, with his philosophy summed up best by his "Are we having fun or what?!" line to his fellow crime bosses. He organizes Devil's Night, in which buildings are burned down all throughout the city. He orders people terrorized out of their homes, and one such couple includes Eric Draven and his fiance Shelley, who are both violently murdered and Shelley raped by his goons. He didn't specifically give the order for the murders, but he expresses no regret when he learns about it and admits responsibility. He eventually becomes tired of the profit reaped from the arson and other activities, and announces his plans at a criminal convention to burn down everything purely For the Evulz. His depravity extends to an incestuous relationship with his half-sister, whom he seems to enjoy purely as a sexual consort and for her supernatural knowledge, expressing no noticeable sorrow after her death. Even at the end, he indicates he's enjoyed the thrill of it all, and hopes he'll find someone else as capable an opponent as Eric.
    • Judah Earl from The Crow: City of Angels is an occultist drug lord ruling over Los Angeles. A self-declared sadist who claims he visited Hell and liked what he saw, he turns his 'kingdom' into a nightmarish dystopia where people live in squalor, surrounded by depravity, and constantly in fear of being murdered by his gang. He floods the city with drugs so dangerous that they kill the users half the time. He executes one of his goons when the guy protests that there aren't enough return customers by dumping some of the drugs, as Judah would prefer to kill more people than make a profit. He orders the death of Ashe and his son because the boy happened to witness his operation, as well as any other innocents who do. When Ashe is resurrected and comes for him, Judah captures his crow and ritualistically impales it to steal its power. He proceeds to hang the now mortal Ashe from a lamppost in the middle of the street and tries to lash him to death in front of everyone, and kills Sarah when she intervenes. The enormous numbers of crows connected to his victims' souls who come for him indicate he's killed many dozens of people during his reign.
  • Victor Frankenstein of The Curse of Frankenstein, in contrast with every other interpretation of the character, is a heinous individual who gradually loses every redeeming quality he had as the films go on. A Mad Scientist obsessed with life beyond death, he plunders graves to get the parts to make his monster, and has no compunction committing murder to cover his tracks. Defined by his utter separation from human morality after a point, Frankenstein begins to gain the parts by simply murdering people and harvesting them for resources. His worst moment is when in a later film in the series, he rapes a woman for nothing more than his own satisfaction, proving his only devotion is to his own desires above even science.
  • Douglas "Dawg" Brown of Cutthroat Island is the Black Sheep of the Adams pirate brothers and the captain of the ship Reaper. Each of the four brothers has a piece of a map to a fabulous treasure and Dawg wants it all to himself. The first thing we learn about him is he murdered one brother and has another hostage to murder after he gets his piece of the map. When his brother gives his map to his daughter Morgan, Dawg stops at nothing to kill his niece. He attacks his last brother Mordecai and threatens to run him through if Mordecai doesn't give up the map. When a luckless mook accidentally falls into Mordecai and impales him on Dawg's knife, Dawg kills the man growling that he killed Dawg's brother, though he's only angry Mordecai died before Dawg got the map. He tries to torture Morgan by trying to let an eel eat her face, guns down a crewman when the man complains they're running out of food and stops at no crime short of trying to steal the treasure from Cutthroat Island.
  • Fender Tremolo of the film Cyborg makes the most of a world After the End where he can do what he wants. The leader of a group of vicious marauders called The Pirates, Fender seems to want nothing so much as to wipe out every survivor he can. Fender murdered the girlfriend of The Hero Gibson and her son, kidnapping her daughter as a pet and servant. He kills nearly everyone he comes across and takes special delight in tormenting Gibson himself. When he finally captures Gibson, he crucifies him on a mast. While he wants to cure himself of the plague that's infected so many, Fender has no compunction slaughtering everyone else and scenes set before show he was just as evil before the widespread plague hit: he just needed something to set him loose.

    D - F 
  • Daredevil has Bullseye, a swaggering Psycho for Hire who prides himself on his unerring aim and his total lack of regard for human life. Retained by Wilson "The Kingpin" Fisk as a troubleshooter, Bullseye is a mess of barely contained violence, who regularly murders in his off time. Over the course of the film he kills a man for insulting him in a bar, chokes an elderly woman to death for talking too much on a plane, murders another man in order to steal his motorcycle, and stabs one of Fisk's guards to death with pencils after deciding he'd rather not go through security. That's in addition to killing Nikolas and Elektra Natchios (and two of their bodyguards) on Fisk's orders, and trying to hunt down an already wounded Daredevil for the heinous crime of making him miss. An arrogant braggart who loves showing off against weaker opponents, and who is reduced to a sniveling wreck when beaten, Bullseye is completely void of redeeming qualities.
  • Durant from Darkman is a crime boss turned Psycho for Hire who is introduced having a potential obstacle's entire outfit executed before he tortures the boss by chopping off all his fingers with a cigar cutter. Durant later attacks Dr. Peyton Westlake, setting him on fire and ruining his life by turning him into the titular Anti-Hero Darkman. Durant thinks nothing of betraying and killing allies and when he returns in the second film, he shows himself as even nastier than before, even having a reporter killed for insulting him in a story.
  • Mary Shaw from Dead Silence was a ventriloquist in life who ended up murdering a little boy who had heckled her performance to turn his corpse into a "perfect doll." After being on the receiving end of vigilante justice, Shaw became a ghost that haunted those who had killed her, dedicating her un-death to killing them. She begins the movie by killing the hero's pregnant wife, as "she had the last" of his family line inside her. Using her dolls as mediums, Shaw revels in killing those in her way and whoever she encounters throughout the film, displaying nothing but cruelty and a desire to make her perfect doll.
  • The smug, ruthless female prison warden Hennessey in the 2008 version of Death Race is introduced casually strolling through the yard unguarded to show how much even the worst inmates fear her. She rebuilt the Terminal Island prison to include a car race track where the prisoners perform death races with the promise of being released after winning five times, broadcasting the event to make a hefty profit. The racers and their female navigators die in the most brutal and graphic ways in the races, getting run over, blown up, or gutted by each other or Hennessey's armored trucks. She arranges to kill anyone close to making the quotum as she did with the original Frankenstein, a mask-wearing crowd favorite. She orders the innocent Jensen's wife killed and frames him for it, then once he's in her prison blackmails him with his daughter's well being to force him to take up Frankenstein's mantle. While the movie takes place in a Crapsack World, Hennessey simply uses her power to be as brutal as she can be to prove her superiority and butchers people for profit.
  • Manny Fraker from the third Death Wish film trumps all others in psychotic evil. Introduced in prison when he informs the hero Paul Kersey he's going to "kill a little old lady, just for you later," Fraker is soon out of prison and on to ruling the streets with an iron fist. Anyone who so much as looks at his gang wrong end up dead, and he orders several horrible murders, and one event has a woman brutally raped, later dying from her injuries. Fraker kills Kersey's love interest by pushing her into traffic before blowing her up as well.
  • Ramon Cota, the Big Bad of the Chuck Norris film Delta Force 2 The Colombian Connection, is a powerful drug dealer who pushes cocaine into the US. We see he uses slave labor on his estate where he has a woman who tends to her baby beaten. When her husband tries to help her, Cota guts him personally and orders the baby killed and the woman sent to his bed. When he's caught and extradited to the US, Cota makes his escape but not before he murders the wife and 13 year old brother of the agent responsible for his capture. When the man goes for Cota himself in revenge, Cota tortures him to death and later captures another agent who comes calling. He tries to execute him by placing him in a homemade gas chamber. When Cota's estate is under siege by the rest of Delta Force, he kills the woman he abused at the beginning of the film when she comes for revenge. Then he lets himself be taken alive before bragging he'll increase the flow of cocaine and murder the hero's family, and that there's nothing he can't buy thanks to cocaine...just before his rope tethering him to the helicopter snaps.
  • Simon Phoenix from Demolition Man starts by taking 20 people hostage, who die because of a misjudging of the cop John Spartan - which is later revealed to be Phoenix's calculation to trick Spartan into taking a part of the responsibility. They were all dead before Spartan arrived. The body count of those hostages was actually 30 as Phoenix planned it for his perverse amusement. In 2032, he indulges in his freedom to be a maniac and spread chaos again, setting free a dozen of the worst criminals of the 20th century, one of them Jeffrey Dahmer.
  • Some film incarnations of The Devil have qualified due to their sheer monstrousness and lack of sympathy in their portrayal:
    • John Milton in The Devils Advocate runs an Occult Law Firm staffed by his demons and humans he corrupted, using the legal system to get violent criminals off the hook and spread corruption everywhere in the world, hoping that the Earth will become such a perversion that it will hurt Heaven and spite God. Having to work around the free will of humans, he subtly manipulates them to give in to evil instead. He rapes multiple women over the years so he can find offspring good enough to mate with each other and further produce The Antichrist. He drives Kevin's wife Mary Ann to madness and suicide, and rapes her for half a day, leaving her with scratch and bite marks all over her body. He later taunts his son Kevin with this crime in an especially vile Post Rape Taunt. He brutally kills everyone within his company who tries to expose his crimes. When Kevin destroys his plan by killing himself, he kills his daughter to vent his anger by turning her into a withered husk.
    • Satan from End of Days is released from Hell every 1000 years at the end of the millennium to impregnate a chosen women against her will so he can sire The Antichrist. This will cause The End of the World as We Know It by turning it into a nightmarish hellscape for eternity. Throughout the film he commits countless atrocities for his personal amusement or no reason at all. He possesses a New York businessman to accomplish this and later leaves the damaged host to die when he finds that repairing it again will take too long. In his introductory scene he makes out with a woman in front of her husband in a crowded restaurant, then leaves and blows up the whole place as he walks away. He uses his powers to make himself sexually irresistible and take advantage of several women, but when it's no longer convenient for him he tries to rape the heroine kicking and screaming. He plagues his chosen concubine Christine York with vivid nightmares that he'll take her one day. He murders his own Satanist minions for the most minor failure or inconvenience. He burns someone alive for refusing to kill his best friend and vacating his side, kills a room full of priests trying to stop the world-ending union and earlier crucifies one to a ceiling for the awful crime of almost damaging his Badass Longcoat, and forces the hero Jericho Caine to relive his dead wife and child's murder after he refuses to help him in his plans. He's pure evil, plain and simple.
  • Jacinto from The Devil's Backbone at first seems to be just a nasty jerk that cheats on his girlfriend with his teacher, but the truth is different. Jacinto, in his greed and lust for gold, is revealed as the murderer of the ghost boy Santi. He later blows up the orphanage and kills his own girlfriend without a twinge of remorse before trying to kill the other boys as they lure him to Santi's vengeful spirit.
  • The Scorpio Killer from Dirty Harry (pictured above), with his nerve-screeching laugh, smug, cowardly demeanor (I have the right to a lawyer!) and sick sense of fun serves as a contrast for the loose cannon cop Harry Callahan, who still deep down cares for justice bureaucratic systems often fail to deliver while failing to give criminals apt punishments. The film starts with Scorpio sniping a swimming woman to death. His actual defining moment of sinking low is when he kidnaps a 14-year-old girl, hides her in a well with a limited oxygen supply and sends the police a message that the girl will die if the ransom money doesn't drop in time. When Callahan delivers the money, Scorpio hits him from behind and proceeds to tell him that he changed his mind and is going to let the girl die anyway. When the girl is found, she's dead (and it's strongly implied Scorpio repeatedly raped her). Later, Scorpio captures a school bus full of children, planning to kill them all.
  • Christini from Dobermann is a psychotic Dirty Cop who views his badge as a way to exercise power and cruelty. He's introduced intimidating a family of the criminals he's chasing, and makes his point by flinging a baby into the air. He violently attacks the families of those connected to his targets and murders one of their wives out of anger. When he gets his hands on his targets, he also wastes no time in giving them brutal deaths.
  • From Dragonheart we have King Einon. At the film's start, Einon seems a youth in need of guidance by his wise mentor, but it is revealed that any honor Einon has is just a front to learn swordsmanship from Sir Bowen. After Einon finds his dying father, he just tries to wrench the crown out of the man's hands, showing what he will become. When mortally wounded, Einon is saved only when a dragon shares his heart with him, linking their lives. As King, Einon taxes and woks the people without mercy and orders a man's eyes put out with hot pokers for no real reason. Einon tries to rape the man's daughter later and when his mother tries to kill the dragon to stop Einon, Einon kills her with no remorse. While Bowen initially blames the dragon for Einon's change, it turns out Einon was always a monster and the dragon shared his heart to try to change his nature.
  • Dredd brings us Madeline "Ma-Ma" Madrigal, de facto ruler of the Peach Trees apartment complex, who is first introduced by having several people skinned alive, then thrown out a very long drop while given drugs to slow their perception of time. Ma-Ma has the Peach Trees complex shut down to trap Dredd and his trainee inside and has no compunction opening fire into a crowd of civilians with Gatling guns to kill the two.
  • Jonah King from Drive Angry is a satanic cult leader obsessed with his own power and leading a group of psychos slavishly devoted to him. He lured the criminal Anti-Hero John Milton's daughter into his cult. After Milton's sudden death, King kills her husband, takes her baby girl (Milton's granddaughter) to use in a sacrifice and forces Milton's daughter to give him a blowjob at gunpoint. She bites his dick off, after which he personally cuts off her head and keeps her femur as part of a cane he uses. When the resurrected Milton reveals his status as a eunuch, King immediately shoots the only cultist who could confirm it. He also briefly kidnaps Piper, Milton's female companion on the ride, but when she proves too much trouble to convert, he decides to kill her and defile her corpse afterwards. It's later revealed by the Accountant that King isn't actually serving Satan. The Devil is really a Punch Clock Villain who hates that evil acts are committed in his name, so the baby's sacrifice is actually meaningless and is only meant to fuel King's ego. Ultimately King is just a power-tripping cultist, rapist, and baby-killer whose outward image as a messiah is a sham.
  • Semyon, the leader of The Mafiya in the David Cronenberg film Eastern Promises, at first seems a nice old man, but it's later revealed he is a domineering, abusive and violent man who has little but contempt for his unstable, Ambiguously Gay son Kirill and also runs a sex-slave ring in addition to his usual criminal activities. He is also the rapist of a 14-year-old girl, having raped her out of disgust when Kirill couldn't do the deed. The girl, Tatiana, later dies in childbirth, and to cover his tracks Semyon tries to have the people looking into Tatiana's case killed and sends Kirill to drown the baby girl—Kirill's own sister.
  • Major Rocha of The Elite Squad sequel The Enemy Within begins his reign of terror in Rio's slums by forming a militia and slaughtering anyone who won't give his men a cut of the profits. Any who resist the militia are executed, along with any witnesses. When Mathias, one of the Cowboy Cop heroes is getting info from a drug dealer, Rocha murders the dealer- and then shoots Mathias in the back. When two journalists get too close to the truth, Rocha tortures them, kills one, then has the other raped and killed before burning the bodies. When the main Anti-Hero gets too close, Rocha tries to kill him as well. A brutal thug of a human being, Rocha eclipses anyone else in the films for his violence and corruption.
  • Pazuzu, the foul-mouthed demon in The Exorcist, was the evil spirit that possessed Regan MacNeil in the film. He used her to commit his evil deeds such as lashing out at others and shouting obscenities such as the (in)famous Your Mom quote. When faced with the Catholic priests Merrin and Karras, he mockingly encouraged them to try to remove his influence from Regan. When Merrin was left in the room with the possessed girl, he has a heart attack, which was believed to have been caused by Pazuzu himself. This left Karras alone to fight the demon. When he successfully removed Pazuzu from Regan, Pazuzu immediately went into him and tried to force Karras to kill Regan since she was of no further use to him. Pazuzu is called the most frightening creature in a horror film for a reason.
  • The Expendables has rogue CIA agent James Munroe, the Big Bad of the first film. A drug smuggler and mercenary, Munroe is responsible for his partner, General Garza, transforming the island of Vilena into a Police State, using the people as labor in their drug operation. During his first scene, Munroe kills one prisoner, then derides Garza for his lack of spine, forcing the General to murder a second prisoner in order to save face. When the Expendables raid Vilena, Munroe captures Garza's daughter, Sandra, who opposes her father's government, and has her waterboarded over Garza's objections. He contracts former Expendable, Gunnar, to kill the rest of the team, and when Garza turns on him following the Expendables' assault on Vilena, he shoots the General Inthe Back, kills the rest of his security detail, and tries to make good his escape, though not before instructing Paine and The Brit to torture Barney Ross, and taking Sandra hostage to use as a Human Shield. Caring only for his profits, Munroe is willing to wreck a country in order to increase them.
  • Azazel from Fallen is a sinister demon that likes nothing so much as destroying the lives and names of good men. When Detective Hobbes crosses him, Azazel sets about targeting him by possessing Hobbes's mentally handicapped brother and making him commit suicide. Azazel possesses others, kills others in their bodies, getting them convicted of murder and jumps out just before the execution; leaving the victim to face death for crimes that they have no memory committing. Azazel destroys Hobbes's life and reputation and possesses people to continuously drive him mad from near paranoia. What's worse is Azazel has been walking the earth for thousands of years and his MO has never changed.
  • Patrick Channing of The First Power is a satanic Serial Killer who makes a pact with the devil for supernatural power. With a huge string of corpses behind him, Channing offered the deaths to Satan by carving a pentagram into every villain, earning him the name "The Pentagram Killer." After being caught and executed, Channing revives and continues killing with the added twist that he now aims for revenge against the cop who caught him. His aim after that is simply to keep killing as many people as he can forever, with the added twist he can possess others as well.
  • From Flowers in the Attic we have Corrinne and Olivia Foxworth. Olivia, Corrinne's mother, is a fanatic who tortures and abuses her family for what she perceives as "sinful." Corrinne, having lost her parents' favor by running away and marrying her own uncle, wants to inherit the family fortune, but cannot if she and her husband had children. She and Olivia lock Corrinne's children in the attic where they leave them for over a year and conspire to slowly poison them in order to do away with the children with none the wiser. The youngest child Cory dies from this.
  • The Fly
    • Dr. Anton Bartok from The Fly II is a corrupt technology business magnate who will do absolutely anything for money and power. Veronica, Seth Brundle's lover from the previous film, has been implanted with Seth's mutated offspring. Bartok lies to her and Stathis about the incredible danger, and she dies during the birth. He keeps the seemingly normal infant, now named Martin, as a test subject until his mutations will reappear. He presents himself as a fatherly figure to Martin while manipulating him for his own ends. He uses a lab dog that Martin grew attached to for the telepod experiments, and when the experiment fails, he keeps the mutated creature alive in agony for years for further study. When Martin grows up at an accelerated rate he gives Martin a private home for himself and allows him to make some human contacts, but installs secret surveillance to continue observing him. He wants to use Martin's unique physiology to control the morpology of all life on Earth and make his company truly hegemonic
    • Alan Hines aka Ronald Holmes is an industrial spy and the Big Bad of Return of the Fly. He betrays Phillipe to steal the teleporter's plans for himself and murders a British agent who tries to stop him. Then he discovers the teleporter can mix and match living things. His Moral Event Horizon is when he knocks out Phillipe in a fight, he places the unconscious Phillipe in the teleporter and adds a fly, knowing Phillipe will come out a monster. This backfires on Ronald when the mutated Phillipe tracks him down and kills him.
  • Frankenstein's Army: Dr. Viktor Frankenstein, the grandson of the more famous Frankenstein, is a true Mad Doctor working to make an army of nightmarish cyborg zombies, ostensibly for the Nazis but in reality to purge the world (minus himself) of free will. To create his minions he massacres soldiers and civilians alike (even slaughtering an entire convent of nuns in order to convert their church into a zombie factory) and uses both dead and living subjects (including children), though he feels fresh meat is more effective, and for no reason other than his own depravity extracts parts from his subjects while they're fully conscious. While he claims efficiency as a goal most if not all of his creations are just twisted amalgamations of flesh and machine parts with no apparent purpose beyond inducing terror and slaughtering all in their way.
  • Jerry Dandridge from Fright Night (2011) stands in stark contrast to the original film's charming and likable monster. The film opens with Jerry having slaughtered a family, including the teenage son, out of suspicion the boy was spying on him. Jerry reveals himself as a savage predator who kidnaps and feeds on people, keeping them locked up in his private larder. When Charlie Brewster tries to rescue a woman Jerry held hostage, Jerry had been toying with them both and had already turned her, letting her die in the sunlight solely to mess with Charlie. He's more than happy to tear the throats out of innocent bystanders and turns Charlie's girlfriend into a vampire in front of a helpless Charlie, and later mocks him as he makes out with her. While Dandridge in the original held a certain elegance, the remake's version is nothing more than a savage, sadistic predator.

    G - J 
  • The galactic warlord Sarris from Galaxy Quest launches a campaign of genocide against the naďve and child-like Thermian race in order to get a powerful and mysterious device the Thermians have, the Omega 13, not knowing that the Omega 13, as well as the entire Thermian culture, is based on an old television show called "Galaxy Quest," and that the Thermians have recruited the actors from the show to save them. In order to get the Omega 13, Sarris tortured the former Thermian commander for days, only killing him when he "grew tired of the noises" the old commander made. In his pursuit of the device, Sarris wiped out the entire Thermian race save for a crew of hundreds, tortured Thermian leader Mathesar in front of lead actor, Jason Nesmith, and prepares to torture Nesmith's Love Interest, Gwen, when Jason can't answer what the device does. Finding out the truth, Sarris forces Nesmith to tell Mathesar about the show in order to crush Mathesar completely, tries to have the actors thrown out the airlock, and tries to murder the last remnant of the Thermian race by slowly suffocating them to death precisely. Sarris also shows no empathy for the lives of those under his command, he decapitated his lieutenant for failing to get the ship's shields up in time and carried his head around on a spike, and doesn't care that his men on the Thermian ship will be killed in the upcoming core implosion so long as they kill the actors for him. His ship destroyed, Sarris disguises himself as a crewmember and teleports onto their ship, where he personally kills actor and Thermian alike, only failing due to the Omega 13 allowing for time travel. Throughout the movie, Sarris manages to be an utterly horrifying villain despite being in an otherwise funny movie.
  • Gamer:
    • Ken Castle is a billionaire technology designer in a dystopian future. He develops an artificial environment called "Society" where users can remote control other people (all of whom have no control over their own body while inside and only volunteer because they need the money and feel disgusted by it) to do any depraved thing they want with their avatars short of plain murder. Then he indulges people in even that desire as well when he offers the government a solution to the prison overcrowding by creating a second game called "Slayers", in which prisoners have to fight to the death in an enclosed war zone under the control of more remote players. Any prisoner who can survive 30 rounds will supposedly be freed, but Castle reneges on this arrangement when the hero Kable is close to winning, and sets him up to be killed. His ultimate goal, revealed late in the film, is his secret extension of the mind control nanotech they use on the "characters" in the games to the general population so he will be in personal control of 100 million people in short time, and eventually make everyone in the world his slave, robbing them of anything even resembling free will. He uses this power to control Kable's body and tries to force him to slit his little girl's throat. He is utterly bereft of empathy, to the point he sees people only as things and laughs off every one of his minions who die for him.
    • Hackman is an enormous inmate in Kable's prison who went on a massive killing spree just to be locked up and personally enjoy the carnage in Slayers. He arranges with Castle to remove the mind control on himself so he has an advantage over the other prisoners and can kill Kable himself. He kills another prisoner for no reason than to show Kable the resulting blood on his hands, and threatens to pay a visit to the two "whores" Kable has on the outside, namely his wife and daughter. Through the rest of the film he just keeps murdering people (especially innocents) left and right, clearly deriving sadistic joy from all the crimes he commits with his own hands.
  • Mickey Cohen from the film Gangster Squad is an utterly psychotic mobster whose brutality terrifies even other hardened mobsters. Cohen opens by having a friendly emissary from the Chicago mob executed by being torn apart between two trucks, before throwing a group who are late in their protection money in their building, locking them inside and burning them with the building. A building he'd had women brought to in order to be hooked on drugs and turned out as prostitutes. He furiously executes an underling with a power drill due to the man failing him and when his girlfriend opts to leave him, Cohen sends one of his men to throw acid in her face.
  • Karl Hochman of the film The Ghost In The Machine is known as The Address-Book Killer for his predilection of obtaining victims from stolen address books. While driving to kill a victim, Karl is injured in a car accident and a freak electrical surge when he is hooked up to machinery results in his soul becoming digitized. Now free to continue his spree, he uses his powers to scan address books digitally and murder everyone on the lists. Now able to manipulate any electrical, Karl initiates electrical fires, causes explosions and uses electrical shocks to claim new victims with seemingly no way to escape him.
  • In the extended cut of Ghost Rider, Blackheart is a prince of Hell and the son of Mephistopheles. Jealous of his father's power and angered by the fact that Mephistopheles gave the power of Hellfire to a lowly human instead of him, Blackheart plans to obtain the contract of San Venganza. This contract would grant him the power of a thousand evil souls who made a Deal with the Devil. Through out the movie, Blackheart murders almost every human he comes into contact with, only sparing those who can serve his plans later. Blackheart ultimately plans to use the power of the contract to create Hell on Earth and devour as many souls and then overthrow his father.
  • Ferriman, aka the literal "Ferryman" from Ghost Ship is an infernal accountant working for Hell to collect souls. He was a bastard even before he became a demon, as he only got the job because he lived a gravely immoral life. He impersonates a human to trick people into committing mortal sins and kill themselves so he can steal their souls. He goads the crew on the Italian cruise liner the Graza to butcher everyone on board to get a crate of gold bars that he brought with him from a ship they salvaged. It turns into a complete massacre, with people being attacked all over the ship and cut open, poisoned, and machine gunned to death, including a child being hanged in her room. The instigators turn on each other after killing the passengers, and he kills the last one with a meat hook. He traps the souls on the ship in fear and torment until he can send them all to Hell. He lures multiple salvage crews to the derelict cruise liner to fix the ship, tricks them into staying to get the gold, and then kills them all one by one. Not even his job explains his excessive sadism in killing people to steal their souls, as there's no hint that there are others like him or that it's standard procedure. Worse yet, the end of the film implies he's about to do it all over again.
  • The majority of Godzilla's enemies are simply big, dumb, and/or mind controlled. A few, however, definitely belong on this list.
    • King Ghidorah is the standout. One of the big guy's most powerful adversaries, Ghidorah is one of the few monsters to actively enjoy causing destruction, as evidenced by his cackling, Joker-esque laugh. An Omnicidal Maniac of the first order, Ghidorah has made a career out of destroying planets and all the life on them and seems to get a thrill out of taunting the human military when it fails to destroy him. Its Expy, Desigidorah, took this up another step, by slowly draining the Earth of all life. There's also its evolved form, Kaiser Ghidorah/Monster X. Originally mind-controlled by the alien Xillians in its Monster X form, Ghidorah battles Godzilla to a standstill, during which time the aliens are defeated. Freed of their control, Ghidorah evolves into Kaiser Ghidorah and proceeds to use its Vampiric Draining on Godzilla, slowly torturing him to death for no real reason beyond hatred (since it's no longer receiving orders from the Xillians). This isn't a first for Ghidorah—in Destroy All Monsters, after the Kilaaks control tower was destroyed, freeing all the creatures under its control, King Ghidorah kept right on attacking Godzilla and co. That's without getting into the Rebirth of Mothra films, where Grand King Ghidorah drained the souls of children. It's about as malevolent as a film monster can get.
    • Gigan is of a similar mind to Ghidorah. Essentially a forty-story Psycho for Hire, Gigan is utterly Ax-Crazy and enjoys slowly dismembering other monsters with his buzz saw and scythes. He regularly attacks Earth while in the employ/thrall of one alien race after another, and typically takes his time in slowly cutting his opposition to pieces—even when he could just shoot them. He also has elements of Dirty Coward in his nature, frequently abandoning allies when the going gets tough, and enjoys ganging up on single opponents alongside the likes of Megalon and fellow sociopath Ghidorah. Amongst the fandom, he is generally regarded as Godzilla's most brutal adversary.
    • The alien enemy X from Godzilla Final Wars is a Large Ham who has a Villainous Breakdown after each of his monsters die, but that doesn't hide just how evil he is. The Controller wanted to take Earth peacefully and was simply a Well-Intentioned Extremist trying to save his people. X offs him the moment he gets the chance and takes over, instantly letting loose his army of monsters and begins the destruction of human civilization. While many alien invaders in Godzilla movies have done just that, it's the sadistic glee present in X as he watches the horror he's unleashed that makes it clear that, unlike his more peaceful predecessor, he's a sadist who enjoys what he's doing! When he captures the Gotengo at the climax of the film, he orders his men to slaughter the crew except the ones he wanted personally. Where his predecessor took prisoners even when he could've simply let the victim die, X has absolutely no regard for life at all. During the Final Battle of the film, he takes his time to enjoy the Curbstomp Battle he's inflicting on his opponent.
  • Henry Evans, from The Good Son, is the ultimate example of an Enfant Terrible in film. Having a disturbing attraction towards death and the idea of murder, Henry built a philosophy around himself that stated that if people were to rid themselves of their morals, then they are free to do any evil acts that they wanted to do without such concepts holding them back. Prior to the main plot, Henry murdered his own younger brother in the bathtub just because he had happened to be playing with a toy that belonged to him. He then goes on to convince his cousin, Mark, into helping him throw a dummy dubbed "Mr. Highway" off of a bridge, resulting in massive car accidents. He also shot and killed an innocent dog with a nail gun from a distance and he also attempted to drown his sister in a frozen lake when they were skating together. When Henry's mother was beginning to realize that her son was a remorseless sociopath, she decided to send him to a mental institution so that he could get the help that he needed. Unwilling to lose his freedom to do bad, Henry decided that his family needed to die so that he could be free to do whatever he wanted.
  • Loco of The Great Silence is a psychopathic Bounty Hunter who spends the film hunting down a group of Mormons, with every intention of murdering them. When he practically takes a town hostage, Loco murders the sheriff to prevent his interference and when faced against the hero, Silence, Loco has an ambush set to cripple Silence before gunning him down and then shooting his love interest dead. He and his men proceed to murder every one of the Mormons, with Loco smugly adding they'll collect the bounties nice and legally. His actions, in the end narration, are noted to have absolutely horrified society and precipitated the end of Bounty Hunting.
  • Michael Myers in the original Halloween films is a cold-blooded Serial Killer with a hatred of teenage sexuality and a fondness for carving knives. After killing his sister at the age of six, Michael breaks out of prison as an adult and goes on a killing spree through his hometown of Haddonfield, on his way to kill his surviving sister, murdering three of her friends before targeting her. He's stopped, but the horror doesn't end there. Michael returns repeatedly, making numerous attempts on Laurie, her daughter Jaime, and anybody else who gets in his way. Incapable of feeling empathy, and driven by a loathing of seemingly everybody he encounters, the unstoppable and perpetually silent Michael helped to define the Slasher Movie as we know it, and remains one of the most bone-chillingly evil.
  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch has Conal Cochran, the CEO of Silver Shamrock Novelties, a company known for its Halloween masks, which it shipped all over the United States. Cochran, had built these masks with a computer chip made from a fragment of Stonehenge. When Silver Shamrock's commercial would air on Halloween night, the chip was to unleash a lethal swarm of insects and snakes, killing the wearer and anyone in the immediate vicinity. Cochran is shown demonstrating how these masks work on an innocent family, laughing all the while as they are poisoned and eaten. His plan is to kill thousands of children all over the country, partially to bring back the darker aspects of the Celtic festival Samhain, which he connects to witchcraft, but also just because he considers this mass murder to be a fun joke, the best ever in fact, because it's a joke on the children.
  • Marissa Wiegler in Hanna is even more ruthless than her henchmen, even Issacs. Marissa terminated the Super Soldier program, killing 19 out of 20 children along with their parents. She follows this by ambushing and killing Hanna's mother as Hanna and Erik escaped to the forests. After systematically hiding her nefarious program details from her colleagues and murdering Hanna's grandmother, she captures, interrogates and presumably kills Sophie and her family, who have been traveling with Hanna for a while - and enjoys every second of it.
  • Hugh Crain of The Haunting (1999) is a child-killer extraordinaire, though Nell does say at one point after she's connected to the house and its ghosts that Crain "just wanted children, but it all went wrong", implying he wasn't always so. Wanting a family, he abducted children from his mills, and when they tried to leave his house he murdered them, mutilated their bodies, and burned them in a fireplace (then covered this up in his records by merely claiming they'd died of illness or factory injuries). He also drove his first wife to suicide and (it's strongly implied) murdered his second for discovering his secret. After his death, he comes back as an all-powerful ghost who keeps the spirits of the children trapped in the house and kills any newcomers.
  • Waingro from Heat is an Ax-Crazy Psycho for Hire hired by criminal Neil McCauley to help in the robbery of an armored truck. When one of the guards "looks at him funny," Waingro murders him, necessitating the deaths of the other two guards to eliminate witnesses, turning a bloodless robbery into a triple homicide. His accomplices, disgusted at Waingro's actions, try to kill him in retribution but Waingro manages to escape. To get revenge on his accomplices for the attempted murder, Waingro approaches money launderer Roger Van Zant, whose buyer bonds the group stole from the truck, and offers to work for him. Waingro tracks down McCauley crew member, Trejo, holds Trejo's wife hostage, forces Trejo to sellout information on his crew's bank heist, and then leaks that information to the cops. This leads to the shootout with the cops which claims several lives. Waingro then murders Trejo's wife and beats Trejo half to death, but refuses to kill Trejo himself because it's more painful for Trejo to leave him live. Instead, McCauley kills Trejo at the latter's request. Waingro is also a Serial Killer of underage prostitutes, whom he solicits then kills by bashing their skulls in. Neil and his crew may be criminals and killers, but they still have honor and standards. Waingro is just a psychopathic maniac motivated by profit and enjoyment.
  • Hellraiser:
    • Frank Cotton was a cruel hedonist before he was taken by the Cenobites. After his escape, he shows no remorse in murdering innocent people to drain them of their vital fluids to repair himself. When his niece Kristy Cotton, finds him, he tries to rape her. He also murders his own brother and wears his skin as a disguise. When Kristy uncovers the truth, Frank also murders his accomplice and lover Julia with no remorse, taking her life as well. When he's taken by the Cenobites again, Frank languishes in a private hell and sends Kristy letters begging for help...pretending to be her father so she'll come to save him, solely so he can keep her as a sex slave.
    • Julia Cotton in the second film, after she's revived, gleefully drains people at a mental hospital of their life while relishing in their pain and suffering to restore herself. She feeds her rescuer Dr. Channard to her master to turn him into a Cenobite and tries to kill her stepdaughter and an innocent, mentally handicapped girl as well. When she encounters Frank again, she shows no hesitation in brutally murdering him, showing she's cast off any human attachment
    • Dr. Channard from the second film, after reviving Julia, he happily feeds her his patients. His obsession with the Lament Configuration is so deep that he tries to have patients solve it, so he can observe the Cenobites taking them to eternal torture. After becoming a Cenboite, he becomes Drunk on the Dark Side and sadistically slaughters any living thing he sees: even other Cenobites when they remember their humanity and take a stand against him.
  • The title character Henry from Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer is a man who finds feeling only in murder. Henry kills several people randomly and explains his strategy for getting away with it in that he always mixes up his MO. When Henry befriends a twisted man named Otis, Henry has the two kill a whole family, snapping the young son's neck on camera. He murders Otis after catching Otis raping Otis's sister Becky who confesses she loves Henry. The next day, Henry is seen leaving alone, dropping a heavy, bloodstained suitcase in a ditch that contains Becky's remains.
  • Highlander:
    • The Kurgan from Highlander is a terrifying Black Knight with Rape, Pillage, and Burn as his way of life. Introduced as a brutal warrior who kills The Hero Connor Macleod in battle. When he hunts down the now immortal Connor, the Kurgan takes the head of Connor's mentor Ramirez and believing Connor's wife Heather is Ramirez's lover, rapes her to cement his victory over Ramirez. Centuries later, the Kurgan is as brutal as ever who has no compunction killing innocents in his drive to be the last Immortal standing in The Game and mocks Connor about the possibility that Heather enjoyed the rape when he learns she was Connor's wife.
    • Kane from Highlander III: The Sorcerer is a truly vicious Asian warrior who kills and rapes for fun. He's introduced butchering a village with his two immortal companions after the villagers don't give him the information he wants fast enough. He kills Connor Macleod's latest mentor, the wise Japanese sorcerer Nakano, to steal his magical powers. Upon his release in the present after being buried in a cave for centuries, he promptly kills one of his associates without incident after sending the other one off to do his dirty work for him. He continues his rampage by raping a prostitute, promises Connor that he will rape his love interest after he's taken his head, and kidnaps and threatens his son to get Connor to come to him.
  • John Ryder, the mysterious vagabond Serial Killer from The Hitcher, gains a twisted obsession with the young hero Jim Halsey and begins hunting him down in an attempt to hurt and corrupt him. After terrifying him once, Ryder is given a ride by a family of four and murders them all gruesomely, including the little children. Ryder sets up Jim as the murderer as he continues racking up a body count. Ryder's most infamous act is to tie Jim's love interest, a waitress named Nash, between two trucks and tear her in half. Twisted and monstrous, Ryder is obsessed only interested in turning Jim into as much a monster as he is and killing as many people as possible.
  • Major Taussig in the World War II film Hornets' Nest is a cold, cruel man who is firmly distinct from the other reasonable German Soldiers. A member of the SS who has no compunction in committing war crimes, Taussig spends the film trying to murder or torture any "Partisans" he comes across in the Italian countryside. At the film's opening, Taussig shows off his methods by gathering every man, woman and child in the village, lining them up and having them all gunned down without batting an eye before taking the village as a base for his men.
  • George Rutaganda of Hotel Rwanda is at first a man of the Hutu tribe pushing for extreme measures against the Tutsi tribe, openly calling for extreme measures and genocide. When the genocide against the Tutsi kicks off, Rutaganda does more than just talk. Allying himself with the Hutu forces, Rutaganda participates in the genocide and is seen running a prison camp where the Tutsi innocents will be exterminated, even keeping several women as sex slaves. When told he cannot possibly exterminate the Tutsi people, Rutaganda merely asks why not, stating, "we are halfway there already."
  • Dr. Josef Heiter from The Human Centipede was a leading authority on separating conjoined twins and decided to do this in reverse. To that effect, he kidnaps those who cross his path and creates the "human centipede," sewing people rectum to mouth in one grotesque chain.
  • Mola Ram from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom kidnaps children from their families and forces them to work like slaves in dangerous mines for the stones and beats them mercilessly...and brainwashing them to the Cult of Kali. If Indy hadn't arrived on time, it could be possible that the cult would have killed the children anyway. Then there's the way he sacrifices people to Kali Mah...
  • Fortis of In Time is the leader of the Minutemen. In a world where peoples' lives are measured by their remaining time, Fortis leads his group of thugs to terrorize innocent people, and steals their time for himself, despite being rich enough to live quite comfortably on his own. When one of his victims saves up enough time to buy a gun, Fortis shoots him in the back out of nothing but spite even though it wastes the man's remaining time. When hunting for the heroes, Fortis lines up random people and drains them of their time to death until he gets useful information. When he finds them, he demands the hero Will Salas fight him fairly.... though even if Will wins, Fortis's men will still kill him. Should he refuse, though, Fortis makes it clear he'll kill him anyways... then rape and kill his girlfriend Sylvia. While the system in the film is corrupt, Fortis is not part of it. He's nothing more than a sadistic bully whose claims of enjoying "fair fights" come off as ultimately hollow.
  • Le Tenia from the French film Irreversible is a twisted and sadistic pimp who assaults the main character Alex in an underpass at night after she tells him to stop beating up his whore, leading to a horrifying, prolonged and uninterrupted rape scene that lasts for nine minutes, after which Le Tenia expresses his satisfaction by kicking Alex in the head repeatedly. As a result, she goes into a coma; made even more gut wrenching upon the reveal she was pregnant. Alex's husband Pierre tracks down a guy he thinks is Le Tenia and beats his head in so hard his skull is crushed - with the real Le Tenia looking on all the while, faintly amused by it all, indicating he gets a kick out of violence. He escapes the film scot-free.
  • Kyung-Chul Jang, the Serial Killer of I Saw the Devil, is first seen beating a woman to kidnap her. When she begs for her life, revealing her pregnancy, he guts her anyways without a change in expression. When attacked by her vengeful fiancee and stalked through the film, Jang randomly assaults a nurse and tries to rape her before being stopped before hiding out at the home of two cannibals where he shows no issue in letting humans be slaughtered as his meal. When he turns the tables on the hero, Jang murders the younger sister of the woman he killed at the film's start and takes special delight in mocking the hero over how his fiancee was pregnant before Jang killed her.
  • The Jackal of the 1997 remake The Jackal is a Professional Killer hired by the Russian mob to carry out a public assassination of the First Lady, as revenge on the United States for playing a part in dealing their organization a blow. Being paid 70 million dollars for completing the mission, he has no problem killing or manipulating anyone to reach his goal, and his lack of emotion at anything including murder showcases his complete Lack of Empathy. He orders a remote-controlled machine gun built which he then tests on the guy he hired to build a mount for it, blowing off his arm before tearing him down completely. With the authorities on his tail, he seduces a gay man to infiltrate the country and casually shoots him when the man sees his face on the news. When he learns that the FBI enlisted the help of an atoning former IRA militant to catch him, he tries to execute the man's old flame to prove that he can't protect those he loves, but ends up killing several agents instead. When his plan is foiled, he tries to escape with a hostage before he's finally killed.
  • In the James Bond films, most villains avoid falling into this trope due to redeeming qualities. Not all of them however:
    • Auric Goldfinger is such a memorable and witty villain that you almost forget that he's a criminally insane maniac. His plan involves poisoning an army barracks and the surrounding town - 60,000 people (he shrugs this off with A Million is a Statistic) - and then detonating a nuclear device in Fort Knox to trigger a major economic crisis for his own profit. He considers such a scheme potentially one of the greatest achievements in human endeavor, up there with scaling Everest and splitting the Atom. He punishes his assistant, who becomes a Bond girl and costs him a rigged card game, by having her murdered with golden paint. He tries to have James Bond ''sawn in half with a laser'', and he gloats to his mob partners even though he always planned to kill them (and does) - he just wanted to let them know how brilliant a criminal mastermind he was. Bond panders to his ego because he sees just how dangerously mad he is.
    • Hugo Drax in Moonraker has the most monstrous plan of any Bond villain to date - the extermination of the human race, intending to repopulate the Earth with his own specially chosen perfect specimens. He has a massive ego to the point where he talks about how "I alone" created his giant space station and has a French chateau imported brick by brick to California to be his house. He is one of the few villains to try to justify Why Don't You Just Shoot Him? by saying he wanted to give Bond an "amusing death", and when the first two fail, he still manages to give his assistant, whom Bond had seduced, a gruesome death - he has her chased down and mauled by his dogs!
    • Max Zorin in A View to a Kill really qualifies big time. Besides his main plan to cause a flood that would kill many innocents by triggering an earthquake, he drops a businessman to his death when he disagrees with his plan, kills the mayor and gets Bond blamed for it, murders the subway workers in a gleeful manner, and while doing this, betrays May Day, his main henchwoman.
    • Franz Sanchez from Licence to Kill can be Affably Evil and charming, but he's also uncommonly brutal and ruthless in dealing with his enemies or those he perceives as disloyal to him - he brutally whips his mistress, Lupe Lamora, with a stingray-tail whip as a punishment for infidelity. It is also implied that under his orders, his top henchman Dario removed the heart of the man she has slept with. He feeds Bond's best friend, Felix Leiter, to a shark (he had his newlywed wife raped and killed right before), and he kills one of his collaborators, locking him in a decompression chamber, believing he stole his money. Towards the climax, he also decides to start "cutting overhead" and shoots his financial advisor.
    • Xenia Onatopp from Goldeneye has the dubious honor of being the most depraved Femme Fatale Bond has ever come across. Initially seen as a charming, elegant woman, Xenia reveals her true nature when in bed with her target, she kills him by crushing him between her thighs to suffocate him, getting clear sexual ecstasy from the murder. She steals his security clearance and murders several innocent sailors before eluding Bond. Later, when Xenia arrives in a Russian facility, she massacres all the techs with machine gun fire, getting very visibly aroused by the killings. Even her partner for the mission looks a bit stunned at it. Xenia has one of the largest body counts for a Dragon in the franchise, and unlike the majority of her male counterparts, Xenia is in it for money and thrills. She has no issue helping to use the Goldeneye satellite to plunge England into the dark ages as long as she gets rich from it. The fact that her job gives her the ability to express her sexualized love for killing is just another perk.
    • Media mogul Elliot Carver of Tomorrow Never Dies. plans to kill a city full of people and quite possibly instigating World War III. In addition, there's what he planned to do to 007 and Wai Lin. Carver orders them tortured, telling them of the techniques Mr. Stamper will use and explaining that these methods (including mutilating the genitals) are designed to inflict the maximum amount of agony while keeping the victim alive as long as possible. To say nothing of Carver ordering the murder of his own wife when she becomes too close to James Bond.
    • General Medrano of Quantum of Solace raped and killed Camille's family in front of her, and burnt down the house. He conspires with Dominic Greene of the organization Quantum, deliberately engineering a nationwide drought in Bolivia to get allow Quantum to get its hands on his nation's water supply and having the gall to frame the government for selling off its rainforests. Medrano is willing to plunge his nation into drought and famine, dooming multiple innocent people, just so he can have an excuse to seize power. When Greene informs Medrano how expendable he truly is to Quantum, Medrano buckles under pressure and acquiesces to Greene's demands before trying to rape his maid out of frustration. When Camille intervenes, Medrano tries to rape and murder her as well, mocking her about her mother and sister.
  • The Master Vampire Jan Valek from John Carpenter's Vampires is a sadistic predator with a merciless taste for blood and mass murder, boasting how much he has enjoyed the carnage and how many people he has fed on for centuries. Anyone who stands in his way is either killed or used to achieve many of his dark schemes. His relentless blood-drenched massacre at the motel of almost all of Jack Crow's team and the prostitutes they hired for the night is brutal and shocking to see. He and his followers slaughter and butcher a whole group of harmless monks - Valek personally beheads one even after he tells him the whereabouts of the Berzier Cross. His goal in becoming truly immortal is simply to extend his reign of terror forever.
  • Takeo from Ju-on, even before he became part of the curse (but only after his Freak Out). He murders his wife (by not only snapping her neck, but leaving her still alive, paralyzed and in sheer agony for a period of time before he finally kills her with a knife), his child, and his child's cat in a fit of extreme jealousy - mostly looking extremely calm (if detached) while he does so. Then he brutally kills Manami, Kobayashi's wife, in her own home, cuts out her unborn child, sticks it in a plastic sack, phones Kobayashi to inform him of what he's just done, and then proceeds to bash the fetus against railings in the street. After his death, his other assorted atrocities have included him driving Kyoko completely insane by forcing her to watch what he did to Manami, possessing Tatsuya, and killing Rika (in the novel, he tortures and rapes her instead).

    K - N 
  • Eric is the psychopathic leader of the bank robbers in Killing Zoe. He simply does whatever he wants because he finds it exciting, including machine-gunning people to death. He also implies that he's a terrorist who has blown up government buildings for fun. He invites his American friend Zed over to Paris to execute a bank heist with his gang, but with almost no planning and while they're all high on heroin. During the heist, he repeatedly kills hostages to the shock of his gang, at first in an attempt to get the bank manager to open the safe but later out of minor annoyances. He throws a bomb into the vault to kill an unexpected guard holed up in there even though it destroys most of the money, but it turns out there were gold bars in there as well which he decides to take instead. He leaves his own gang to their deaths when the cops burst in to stop his killing spree. When he notices that Zoe (the film's Hooker with a Heart of Gold) works in the bank he decides to kill her. When Zed saves her from the gang Eric reveals that their "friendship" means nothing to him. He slashes Zed's face with a knife and tries to kill both him and Zoe, threatening to rape her and give her the aids he got from a bad drug needle he used.
  • Richard Widmark's sadistic, giggling Tommy Udo from Kiss of Death was one of the earliest examples of a complete monster in a Hollywood film. Udo shows his sadism by finding the elderly, wheelchair bound mother of a man he believes betrayed him and shoves her down the stairs in the wheelchair, killing her. Udo is a sadistic murderer and a loose cannon who fully intends to murder the hero's children and the hero himself simply out of paranoia the hero might know something about Udo's business due to sharing a cell with him years prior.
  • Jean-Pierre Richard, the corrupt police inspector of Kiss of the Dragon, orchestrates the murder of his target, before promptly killing the prostitute who did the deed and attempting to frame The Hero, Chinese intelligence agent Liu, for the crime. It is soon revealed Richard is the head of a prostitution ring, where he forces women into prostitution. One such woman is Jessica, the heroine who only works for Richard because he is using her daughter as a ransom. When Liu aids Jessica and begins dismantling Richard's operation, Richard decides he'll be pimping out the little girl, just to make up his losses.
  • Captain Dudley Smith of L.A. Confidential is a corrupt police officer that tries to get control of all criminal activity in Los Angeles after the fall of gangster Mickey Cohen leaves a power vacuum behind. He chases away or kills off all criminal opposition in the city. When officer Dick Stensland and private bodyguard Buzz Meeks try to get more out of a major heroin deal they made with him he kills both of them, one in a diner massacre that leaves a dozen innocent people dead. He frames a trio of black criminals for the massacre, and orders them killed during the arrest by his associates to make sure they won't talk. Other cops arriving on the scene undermine his plan, but he manipulates the men of the department into killing the fall guys later on anyway. He arranges to execute any cop who discovers his corruption, and kills off all his business partners to tie up any loose ends. Even after a major shootout with the last two good cops that leaves all his minions dead he just carries on as usual, intending to use his position to get away with his crimes and restart his organization anew.
  • Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland is a brutal dictator that takes what he wants by force. While he first comes off as a charismatic and modernizing leader to the main character, a Scottish doctor named Nicholas Garrigan, Amin brutally represses the population of Uganda throughout the film. Although he claims to be doing it to establish peace, his orders to deport people solely based on their ancestry (people from southern Asia) and murders based purely on suspicion show that he's fueled purely by his paranoia. He deliberately cuts off one of his wives and disowns the son that she bore him simply because the child was epileptic. Amin later tortures Garrigan brutally with meat hooks after discovering Garrigan's affair with the previously mentioned wife and fully intends to torture Garrigan to death.
  • Clarence Darby from Law Abiding Citizen rapes Clyde Shelton's wife, murders her, savagely beats Clyde with a baseball bat, and then murders Clyde's young daughter. They don't even show the audience that scene; it's so horrible. He just takes her into the next room. The line "Don't like me." could hint that he raped the girl too. He also attempts to murder Clyde. He proceeds to lie, saying that his partner did it (when, in fact, the partner had tried to talk him out of it), and subsequently laughed his head off when he hears about his partner's agonizing death.
  • Charlie Rakes from Lawless is an utterly corrupt Special Deputy of the commonwealth who demands a cut of the profits of the bootlegger heroes, The Bondurant Brothers Forrest and Jack. Rakes initiates brutal beatings and torture to get his way, and sends two mobsters to cut the eldest brother's throat and rape his girlfriend, who he later taunts by saying he never "drinks from a greasy cup." After another conflict with the Bondurants, Rakes captures their friend Cricket and snaps his neck, simply because he's angry they called him a "nance."
  • The Takashi Miike film Lesson of the Evil gives us Seiji Hasumi. Seemingly a mild-mannered teacher, Hasumi is a dangerous Serial Killer who loves sadistic murders and killing. Teaming up with a killer in America, Hasumi killed many people there before murdering his partner as well. At his school in Japan, Hasumi starts killing students and 'overbearing' parents before deciding to just massacre everyone at school one night with a shotgun. Even when caught, he decides to fake insanity to escape responsibility in court as a new game.
  • From the film adaptation of The Lincoln Lawyer, we have Louis Roulet, the rich, spoiled sadist who believes he can do whatever he wants. Roulet enjoys beating on women, particularly prostitutes, as he knows they'll never be believed over him in court and he has the best representation money can buy. Roulet is soon revealed as the real murderer in a case the Amoral Attorney protagonist, Mickey Haller, had defended years ago, and Roulet is positively gleeful over an innocent man rotting in jail for his crime. Roulet keeps Haller as his defense by threatening him, as well as his ex-wife and young daughter, knowing Haller is obliged to do the best for his client. Haller puts an informant on the stand to acquit Roulet of the assault, but the testimony puts Roulet under suspicion for his previous murder. In a rage, Roulet later makes his way to Haller's ex-wife, intending on murdering her and her daughter.
  • In the Polish movie Lincz, the main villain Zaranek has no qualms about trying to extort money from an old lady, beating and stabbing her after she refuses, threatening people trying to stop him with the slaughter of their children (and really attempting to do that in some cases), and breaking the glass into young women's faces..
  • Ax-Crazy prisoner Hydell from Lockout who just enjoys the killing and mayhem and undermines his brother Alex's more pragmatic plans even when it's clear he's actually hindering his own chances to escape. He also makes no distinction between hostages and guards and his fellow prisoners, killing anyone who annoys him. He tries to rape Emilie as soon as the riot starts. When Hydell's brother can't find Snow and Emilie after their escape fast enough for his liking, Hydell reaches her through the space station's intercom and starts shooting a hostage every three seconds until she reveals her location, then kills them all anyway after she does. He kills Alex near the end when he again won't allow Hydell to rape Emilie.
  • Timothy from The Long Kiss Goodnight is a sociopathic psychological operations agent who's the former lover, and target, of the amnesiac heroine. Early on, we see Timothy torturing a man who, knowing his reputation, just begs for a quick death. Timothy doesn't grant it. When pursuing his ex, Charlie, she uncovers his plan with his Knight Templar boss: to stage a terrorist attack and kill over four thousand Americans to "blame the Muslims" and get funding. While Leland is doing what he sees as right for the country in the end, Timothy is in for the money and the fun. When he has Charlie hostage with her 8-year-old daughter, he plans to throw them in a meat locker to freeze to death. Charlie informs him the girl, Caitlin, is Timothy's child. He confirms this by seeing she has his eyes—and then angrily locks her in the meat locker to die anyways.
  • Nix, known as The Puritan from Lord Of Illusions, is the leader of a fanatic cult and begins the movie by kidnapping a little girl to sacrifice for power, displaying a sadistic streak by letting his pet Mandrill baboon attack her. His former apprentice, Philip Swann, thankfully stops him and kills him. A monster while alive, Nix becomes far worse after his cultists resurrect him. Nix immediately kills his cultists out of disgust for their slavish devotion to him, sneering that while they've waited like lambs for him, "I'm not your shepherd." When he tries to lure Swann back to his side, Nix is so disgusted Swann feels love for beings who are "just flesh," that he brutalizes and fatally wounds Swann. Nix reveals his true intent is to murder the world and show it the terror of the grave.
  • Machete has Mexican drug lord Rogelio Torrez. Of all the villains, Torrez is the only one who doesn't get any redeeming qualities, motives, or hints of remorse, and does what he does only to line his own pockets and to satisfy his sadism. He rockets past the Moral Event Horizon in the first five minutes, kidnapping a girl who has info on his drug ring, brainwashing her so she'll turn on Machete when he tries to rescue her, and then blows her brains out for her loyalty. He brings in Machete's wife and chops her head off, and casually notes he also killed his school-age daughter on the way there. He doesn't want to give Machete an honourable death by cutting of his head, so instead he sets the building on fire and leaves him for dead to be burned alive. Later in the film he just chuckles at seeing Booth strangle one of his minions to death in front of a computer screen, and is revealed as the mastermind behind the Evil Plan to expel all the Mexican immigrants from the US, so he can get a monopoly on the drug trade by controlling the border. Even his death scene just manages to make him more disgusting rather than admirable; when Machete impales him he doesn't want to admit he lost and go out in a blaze of glory, so he just drives it in further so it can be said only he himself was able to kill him in the end. Even his female bodyguard walks off in disgust at that point. He used to be Machete's partner in the Federales, so he actually was a good guy at one point before he decided to go dark side of his own will.
  • From The Man From Nowhere we have Jong-Seok, younger brother of drug-dealer Man-Seok, and junior partner in their Big Bad Duumvirate. While his icy older brother might care about his well-being, Jong-Seok cares about nothing but having as good a time as possible. He's physically abusive of the women he sleeps with, tortures So-Mi's mother by burning her with a blow-dryer (then kidnaps So-Mi for their organ harvesting operation), tortures her mother's boyfriend by beating him and threatening to burn off his testicles, and sends Ramrowan to sadistically murder their former boss, Mr. Oh. When a little girl involved in their drug operation passes out, Jong-Seok has her dragged off so her organs can be harvested and sold. A Psychopathic Manchild at its worst, Jong-Seok uses his last moments alive to brag to Tae-Sik about how he has failed So-Mi as badly as the Seok brothers have.
  • Man Of Tai Chi has Donaka Mark, a corrupt businessman and violence aficionado who runs an underground fight ring, and sells his audience, not on the fights themselves, but on the chance to watch a good person cross the Moral Event Horizon by killing. When Chi-Tak, one of his fighters, refuses to kill his defeated opponent, Donaka enters the ring and personally breaks the neck of the loser. He then stabs Chi-Tak to death in the locker room, as his refusal to murder makes him a rat in Donaka's eyes. Discovering Tai Chi specialist Tiger Chen, Donaka convinces the government to sell off his master's temple, to make Tiger desperate for money; he then offers him a job in his fight ring. Placing cameras throughout Tiger's home, Donaka gives his audience the opportunity to watch Tiger's mental disintegration as the fights take their toll on his psyche. When Tiger, driven to the brink, still refuses to kill mercenary Uri Romanoff, Donaka executes Uri. He sends Tiger into another fight, with an Indonesian fighter; when Tiger tries to back out, Donaka gives the Indonesian the kill order. He also sends assassins after Detective Sung Jinshi, when she closes in on his ring. Ultimately found out by the police, Donaka flees and leaves his men in the lurch, only to reappear at Tiger's temple and force him into a Duel to the Death, declaring, "You owe me a life!" When Tiger is forced to kill him, Donaka displays only a sense of satisfaction at having made Tiger a murderer.
  • Dr. Christian Szell from Marathon Man is a psychotic Nazi dentist who loves his torture methods, as it is shown in the infamous "Is it safe?" sequence where he tortures Babe Levy with his dental instruments, digging into one of his cavities. He also has the particular skill to kill his victims with a retractable blade, making them die slowly and painfully.
  • Captain Harrison Love, the Psycho for Hire Dragon in The Mask of Zorro. Keeps the dismembered body parts of Alejandro's brother pickled in alcohol, which he drinks "based on an Incan custom". When he learns Zorro has the means to expose Don Rafael's plan (buying California with stolen gold), he calmly suggests destroying the mine to hide evidence of the theft...with the slaves who did the mining still inside, "to destroy all the evidence".
  • Boris the Animal from Men In Black 3 is by far the most murderous and sadistic villain to appear in the movies. He is introduced being freed from prison by his girlfriend, whom he leaves to die when she is blown out into space, as well as another prisoner whom he promised to take with him. He travels back in time to eliminate K as personal revenge for destroying his arm when he was captured, causing a present day invasion by his race of Planet Looting Boglodites to consume everyone on Earth. He kills a number of targets in the past, only refrains from killing his past self because he would be erased from time, and at the end murders J's father out of spite for being thwarted by K.
  • The Serial Killer in Mindhunters plays cat and mouse games with his victims by infiltrating a group of FBI profilers during a field mission to a deserted island with a makeshift town used as a training ground by the bureau, where they must solve a case involving a fictional serial killer called "the Puppeteer" organized by their supervisor. He sets the island up with an array of booby traps and puzzles to kill them while watching from within the group to turn them against each other and give himself good sport. His more cruel murders include a victim being slowly killed with liquid nitrogen from the feet up, and another one burned to death from inside through acid-laced cigarettes. He kidnaps the supervisor (who had been monitoring the group in secret) to an abandoned warehouse on the other side of the island where he proceeds to torture him for days before preparing his corpse and hanging it up for the trainees as a sort of perverse puppet. It's only after his identity as Sarah's best friend Lucas is revealed that the true level of his manipulation becomes apparent, and he frankly admits he started his string of murders by killing his parents as a child and now simply enjoys a good hunt for new and more intelligent victims.
  • The actions of Owen Davian in the third Mission: Impossible (selling weapons to terrorists, killing agents by bombs implanted in their heads, brutally beating up the defenseless hero in front of his equally defenseless wife) are bad enough, but what really sets him apart are his complete lack of any redeeming qualities and incapability of showing any other emotion than annoyance, anger, and a creepy combination of Dull Surprise and sadistic glee . Hearing him count to ten while holding Ethan's wife hostage execution-style is pants-shitting scary.
    "What I did to your friend It was fun."
  • Duxton Chevalier from Mr. Accident is a surprisingly serious and evil villain for a comedy film. He forces his brother to hand over his egg company by threatening to chop the leg off of his beloved dog and gets more sinister as the film goes on. It's revealed that he murdered his own brother after already getting the company, stuffing his body in a refrigerator and sending it through a recycling machine. At least viewers can assume the brother is already dead. He then spikes the chicken feed with nicotine in order to produce nicotine-spiked eggs to get people addicted to the eggs so he can bring in the cash. He does love his girlfriend, Sunday - in the way of the homicidal Stalker with a Crush -kind. As a result, when he discovers Roger is her new boyfriend, he stuffs him and his best friend in another refrigerator and tries to repeat what he did with his brother with them still alive. He then moves on to try to murder Sunday with an ax (which, frighteningly, he has on him at all times) after her rebuking his affections one last time. After Roger confronts him on his plan, asking if baby food is next, Duxton reacts by saying: "We're working on it." In the end, Duxton gets his comeuppance when Roger sends him falling to a messy Disney Villain Death.
  • In Clive Barker's Nightbreed, the human Dr. Philip Decker is far more evil than any of the actual monsters in the film are. He masquerades as a renowned psychologist, but is actually a masked, bayonet-wielding serial killer who butchers families along with their children, women he comes across, and anyone else he can get his hands on. He sees himself as a Grim Reaper and gives himself the mission to stop 'breeders' from spreading their "filth" generation after generation. Captain Eigerman's comments towards Aaron Boone suggest that Decker is a cannibal as well. After his psychiatric patient, Aaron, tells Decker his dreams of the Nightbreed civilization he frames Aaron for his crimes and gets Aaron killed by the police. When he learns of Aaron's resurrection and the existence of the Tribes of the Moon, he tries to exterminate the civilization of Dark Is Not Evil magical creatures as the ultimate extension of his mission to cleanse the world. A depraved and hypocritical Knight Templar with an utter contempt for humans and Nightbreed alike, he earns the fear and disgust of everyone who's unlucky enough to see his true face.
  • Heymar Reinhardt, alias "Wulfgar," from Nighthawks is a terrorist who manipulates everyone around him and kills the people who help him. Even his employers don't like him, as evidenced by one of them refusing to pay him because several children were killed by his last attack at the beginning of the movie. He doesn't care who his actions injure or kill, even if the victims are children. He takes a frail old woman hostage at a subway, and before that, he killed the flight attendant he was staying with after she looked in his briefcase, calmly telling her that everything was okay, before killing her offscreen. Later on, he takes more hostages, including an eight-month-old infant. The only reason that he lets the infant live is because he knows that doing so would make him seem more employable to future or potential terrorist organizations, provided he can escape his current predicament alive.
  • In The Night of the Hunter Harry Powell, a serial killer and self-appointed preacher, gets out of prison and marries a bank robber's widow, believing her children know where the stolen money is hidden. When she overhears him asking the children about the money, he slits her throat as she lies in bed. Then, to finally get the children to tell him where the money is, he threatens to cut off the son's fingers, one by one, in front of the very young daughter.
  • Nosferatu has Count Orlok, the eponymous "Nosferatu," one of the earliest examples of vampires in cinema in the film and one of the most terrifying. When Thomas Hutter arrives in the Transylvanian Carpathian Mountains, the locals speak Orlok's name in hushed whispers and don't dare to venture out at dark. Upon meeting Orlok, Hutter is attacked and the count tries to feed from him fatally before being repulsed. Hutter witnesses Orlok loading up several coffins to be transported across the sea, and Orlok later kills the crew of the schooner transporting him. The other coffins are revealed to also contain plague-bearing rats, and Orlok's arrival spreads a deathly plague all over Europe. He uses the plague as cover to feed on the people of Hutter's home village of Wisborg without suspicion before Hutter's innocent wife Ellen catches his eye. Orlok attacks Ellen, draining her to death in her Heroic Sacrifice to keep him distracted before the sun rises to destroy him. Orlok had spawned a legion of imitators and while later vampires were portrayed as sophisticated, urbane and charming, Orlok is nothing more than a cunning, evil and ravenous beast that can barely pass as a human being.
  • Attila of Novecento is a sadistic fascist who lords over the workers on his estate, killing and imprisoning them as he wishes. Atilla massacres peasants to confiscate their lands, murders a wealthy widow to steal her estate and in his most vile action, rapes and then murders a little boy who was the son of one of his most fervent supporters.

    O - Q 
  • The horror series, The Omen, has The Antichrist himself, Damien Thorn. What's interesting about him is that at first, he was horrified when he discovered that he was the Antichrist, but as he grew older, he came to terms with his destiny, and he set out to do his father's wishes. In the second film, Damien revealed to his cousin Mark that he was the son of the Devil, and asked him to join him in his attempt at world conquest. When Mark refused his offer, Damien murders him by introducing an aneurysm into his brain and later set his aunt and uncle on fire at the end of the film. In the final Omen film, The Final Conflict, we are introduced to a grown up Damien, and we also discover that he became the Ambassador of Great Britain. At this point in his life, he had fully come to terms with his role as the Antichrist, and any redeeming factors that he had in the previous films had vanished at this point in time. When he realized that the Second Coming was on the horizon, he makes a decree that every baby boy that was born on March 24, 1982, be sentenced to death as a means of stopping the Christ child from being reborn. Along the way, he gets romantically involved with a female journalist, whom he then rapes, and he also manipulated her son into following him. He later uses said son as a human shield when Father De Carlo attempted to use the Dagger of Megiddo against him. Damien then tries to strangle the priest to death. Damien also manipulated Barbara into killing her husband with an iron, and she unintentionally helps Damien in his attempt to kill the Christ child by killing her baby.
  • While initially appearing as a caring figure, Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest is anything but. She would remorselessly and cruelly manipulate anyone to keep her control over the virtually harmless mental patients all while maintaining her motherly image to her superiors and the outsiders to the mental institution. She then goes over the line when she convinces Billy that she'll tell his mother all about his "bad behavior," knowing full well what effect that would have on his mental health; he commits suicide. Nurse Ratched was also one of the employees who gave McMurphy, the film's protagonist, a lobotomy; Bromden later put him out of his misery. Ratched was so monstrously evil that Louise Fletcher (the actress who played her) herself was reported as being uncomfortable with watching the film because of her character's presence in it.
  • Harlan Degroat of the 2013 film Out Of the Furnace is a violent backwoods meth boss who begins the film at a drive-in movie with a date. When she thinks him having food poisoning is funny, Degroat chokes her and beats her before pummeling a good Samaritan coming to her aid nearly to death. Later, when Degroat is offered the chance to make money by a man who owes him named Petty via Petty's fighter buddy Rodney taking a dive in a bare-knuckle fight so Degroat can take the winnings, Degroat ambushes them and has them both killed simply out of spite, pride and because Rodney did a bit too well before he took the dive. When Rodney's brother Russ tries to trap Degroat later, Degroat executes the unarmed, helpless bartender in the area before trying to flee.
  • Captain Vidal of Pan's Labyrinth is far more terrifying than the fantastical monsters in the same work. Vidal first shows his nastiness when two poachers, a father and son, are brought to him in the dead of night, his men suspecting them of being rebels against the regime. He beats the younger man's face in with a bottle simply for defending his father against Vidal's accusations before shooting them both with a vague air of boredom and pleasure. When the men are proven not to be rebels, Vidal shows no remorse, only belittling his men to be more careful next time. At one point, Vidal captures a rebel with a horrible stutter and cheerfully shows the man his torture instruments before offering to let him go if he can clearly count to three. He fails. Vidal is married to the young heroine's mother solely so she'll bear him an heir, and shows no concern over the possible death of his wife in childbirth. When the doctor attending her gives the aforementioned stuttering torture victim a mercy kill, Vidal coldly guns him down. At the film's end, Vidal's stepdaughter Ofelia tries to rescue her baby brother, but Vidal catches her and promptly shoots her fatally. It's no accident that Vidal's place at the head of the table in the dinner scene parallels that of the Pale Man; each qualifies as a Humanoid Abomination in his own way, one literal, one figurative.
  • Charles Rane of Passenger 57 is a Terrorist Without A Cause who enjoys causing mayhem For the Evulz. When being transported aboard a plane, Rane murders the agents guarding him to hijack the jet. When the hero, Cutter, tries to stop him, Rane takes a hostage, coaxing the man's name and the fact he has a daughter from him. Rane calmly informs Cutter: "This is Douglas. He has a daughter who loves him. and she until your interference, had a father." before executing the man simply to show his point. Rane later tries to have all of the civilian hostages executed when the government won't comply with his demands.
  • Platoon has two Sociopathic Soldiers:
    • Sgt. Bob Barnes, in one scene, believing that some villagers are aiding Viet Cong soldiers, he shoots a defiant woman (the village chief's wife) in the head. When the murdered woman's daughter cries out, Barnes takes the child at gunpoint, threatening to shoot her next if the villagers do not reveal the whereabouts of the Viet Cong. Worse yet, during a firefight with the enemy, he murders Sgt. Elias, the only one with the balls to do something about his atrocious acts all of the soldiers have witnessed.
    • Bunny is a sadistic little psychopath who beats a crippled Vietnamese boy to death just for fun, and does the same to the victim's elderly mother, before leading the gang-rape of a young girl in the bushes (which is interrupted by Chris).
    Bunny: You know, Junior, some of the things we done, man, I don't feel like we done something wrong.
  • Thief Taker General Chance of Plunkett And Macleane is a sadistic, brutal thug of a law enforcement officer. Chance has a liking for a good Eye Scream and gouges out the eyes of those he captures, just to amuse himself before he causes them more pain. Chance kills a wealthy man to get to the man's daughter and tries to force himself on her before deciding it isn't painful enough for her and resolves to wait until after he has her love interest hanged.
  • The horror mockumentary The Poughkeepsie Tapes brings us The Water Street Butcher, AKA “Ed,” who is one of the most prolific and brutal Serial Killers in the history of film. He is given no backstory, but as far as the police could tell, one day he just started killing people. Taking great pride in his murders, the Butcher had logged each one of them on camera, and by the time the police finally found out where he lived, he had already made 800 tapes showing the killings, with several thousand hours of film chronicling his sadism. Watching the tapes, the police soon learned that nothing appeared to be off-limits for the Butcher; he proves very early in the film that he Would Hurt a Child when he knocks an 8-year-old girl unconscious before abducting and killing her, and is implied to have raped her too. His sadistic streak continues when, posing as a hitchhiker, he kills a man who picks him up, drugs his wife, cuts the man's head off, gives the woman a C-section, puts the man's head inside of her womb, sews her back up, then wakes her up to film her reaction. Possibly the worst thing he does is to a young woman named Cheryl; he kidnaps her and keeps her as his prisoner and slave, physically and mentally tormenting her non-stop for his own amusement, and forcing her to commit some of the murders. When her mother gives a heart-felt plea for him to return Cheryl, he taunts her right to her face. Around this time, he decides to take up necrophilia. At one point, an innocent retired police officer is put to death under strong evidence that he was the Butcher, but it turns out that the real killer fabricated the evidence. He did it not to get away scot-free, but just to get the police to kill one of their own. Eventually, though the killer got away, Cheryl is found, a full 8-years after her original abduction, and is so broken that she can’t interact with the world around her. She is convinced that her “master” will one day come back for her, and kills herself soon after. Then the Butcher digs up her body and runs off with it. While the crimes listed are shown in the most detail, the killer is also shown committing many other murders on the tapes throughout the film. The Butcher appears to only kill for his own amusement and sadistic pleasure, and sees no reason to ever stop.
  • Detective Stansfield of The Professional is an Ax-Crazy DEA Agent who takes advantage of his position to terrorize, extort and kill who he wants. On a drug bust, Stansfield decides to get high on drugs and, while playing classical music, slaughters the whole family, including the couple's baby son. His only emotion over it is how he'll explain the death to his superiors. Stansfield, when confronted by the couple's 12-year-old daughter later, think that she's there to kill him, but when she can't bring herself to and breaks down crying, Stansfield asks her if she enjoys living. When she says she does, Stansfield makes clear his intent to kill her, saying he takes no pleasure in taking the life of someone who doesn't value their own.
  • Pyriel, The Whited Sepulcher of The Prophecy film series' third film, is an Omnicidal Maniac of an angel, having assumed the mantle of the "Angel Of Genocide." While his former leader Gabriel simply balked at having humanity placed above angels and genuinely loved their Father, Pyriel fancies himself and has his followers call him the new God and that his mission is to help the "monkeys" perish, adding " happens now and then." His mercilessness extends to his own angel brethren as he has his fallen brothers captured and tormented in horrible agony. When confronted by the hero, the Nephalim Danyael, Pyriel attempts to kill him by sadistically crushing his skull and shoving his thumbs through his eyes, grinning the entire time.
  • The Proposition has Eden Fletcher, the town's leading citizen, and a Knight Templar par excellence. Enraged by Captain Stanley's decision to turn accused rapist and murderer Charlie Burns loose, Fletcher convinces the townsfolk that Charlie's younger brother Mikey, who is both 14 and severely handicapped, should be punished in place of Charlie, and their older brother Arthur, who actually did the crime. Fletcher manipulates a mob of townsfolk, including Stanley's wife, Martha, into demanding that Mikey get one hundred lashes. By forty lashes, Mikey is dying from blood loss, the rest of the townsfolk are turning away in horror, Martha has fainted, and Fletcher is still demanding that the other sixty lashes be meted out. When Stanley refuses, Fletcher has him fired, knowing that his actions will bring Arthur Burns down on the town. Couple this with his order to Stanley to kill every Aborigine in the region, and we are dealing with a thoroughly detestable man.
  • Cho Kyu-Hwan from the Korean film Public Enemy is a seemingly normal young man with a good job and loving parents, who just so happens to murder anyone who gets on his bad side, or when he feels like it. When he discovers his parents aren't leaving him a fortune in their will, he snaps and murders them. When disposing of their corpses, he encounters the hero Jang and slashes his face in a fight. To deflect suspicion, Cho later kills another man in a similar way to his parents, and when he encounters the hero later, he tries to kill him to keep his secret.
  • Queen Akasha of the loose movie adaptation Queen of the Damned was the first vampire, the progenitor of the race and by far the most evil. She ruled over Ancient Egypt with her husband Enkil as vampiric Evil Overlords, nearly annihilating mankind completely due to her massive bloodlust before turning into a living statue and sleeping for centuries. She cares about nothing but her own gratification and is feared and hated by the other Ancient vampires (her closest relatives) for her indiscriminate slaughter of humans and vampires alike. After she awakens, she drains her husband to death to absorb his powers and because she's interested in having Lestat as her new consort. She kills a club full of vampires by immolating them all after ripping out the heart of one of them and eating it. She later feeds on several hundred people in a single night, causing Lestat to question what she would want with a kingdom of corpses. She confronts the other Ancients who have come to live in peace with humanity to announce her plan to turn the world back into a vampire tyranny and reduce the humans to cattle. She promises to kill them all if they refuse to join her, before ordering Lestat to kill his human love interest Jesse to prove his loyalty to her and tries to kill him too without a second thought after he turns on her.
  • Dr. Royer-Collard, the "alienist" brought in to treat the Marquis de Sade in Quills, makes Sade look positively decent in contrast. During the course of the film, he subjects a number of innocent inmates to torture as part of his quackish "treatment", marries a teenage girl a third of his age and then rapes her, orders a woman flogged for helping the Marquis disseminate his work, drives his asylum's Good Shepherd resident priest to commit atrocities on the Marquis, and not only abandons an innocent woman to be raped and murdered by a lunatic, but ensures that no one else will stumble on the scene in time to save her.

    R - T 
  • In The Raven 1935, the evil Dr. Richard Vollin is an Edgar Allan Poe fanboy who becomes obsessed with a young woman named Jean Thatcher. Vollin tries to destroy her family in vengeance for being spurned. When a Sympathetic Murderer named Bateman begs Vollin to change his face so he can leave a life of crime behind, Vollin instead hideously deforms him so he'll have to assist Vollin in return for having the procedure corrected. Vollin tries to kill Jean's family, putting her father in a trap designed on the bladed pendulum, and forcing Jean and her husband into a room where the walls will close in to crush them, before even Bateman has had enough.
  • Rambo:
    • Colonel Alexei Zaysen from Rambo 3 is a brutal and psychotic Soviet commander who will go to any length to take over Afghanistan. He owns a prison camp and enjoys torturing and/or killing his prisoners using methods such as electrocution, severe beatings, and tying their arms to a rope and yanking it in the air. When he finds Rambo in an Afghan village, he kills off dozens of innocent men, women, and children with mines and bio-weapons.
    • Major Pa Tee Tint from Rambo 4 is an Ax-Crazy military-leader who forces villagers to walk into mine-infested marshes, and he and his men shoot and dismember families (including children and babies) of villages. He also threatened to cut out the tongues of anyone who tried to stop his indoctrinating teenage boys into his army, as well as threatening to feed them their intestines. To add even more monstrosity, he's a depraved pedophile and has hostages in inhumane conditions.
  • Queen Gedren of Red Sonja is an evil tyrant who opens the film by vamping on to Sonja herself. When Sonja resists her advances, Gedren has her family butchered and has Sonja gang raped by Gedren's soldiers. She later massacres a temple of peaceful priestesses to get her hands on an Artifact of Doom that will allow her to Take Over the World and shows no hesitation exterminating any country that resists her. When Sonja herself confronts Gedren later, Gedren says the lives of Sonja's family mean nothing next to a scar Sonja dealt her.
  • RoboCop:
    • RoboCop (1987):
      • Clarence Boddicker has a blood-soaked criminal career. It's more play than work for him and his sadistically joyful gang of friends. The cruel way he and his men shoot up Murphy is only the tip of the iceberg. There are moments where he makes wisecracks like an evil version of Duke Nukem, but these are usually followed by displays of brutality. For example, his most famous line among the RoboCop fandom comes when he breaks into a man's house to find him enjoying the company of several women, to which he comments, "Bitches, leave." He then proceeds to shoot the man in both knees, leave a live HE grenade next to him and calmly walks out.
      • Dick Jones is as bad as Boddicker. Not only is he a Corrupt Corporate Executive, but also it's revealed that Clarence Boddicker is working for him from the very beginning. Jones doesn't care one bit when his ED-209 malfunctions and blows holes in an Innocent Bystander ("Who cares it worked or not?), ordering Boddicker to kill plenty of good-working/innocent cops so that Jones could make money with it. When Bob Morton gets the upper hand with his RoboCop project, he has him killed. While Boddicker is a monster, Jones is fully aware and uses his monstrosity simply for a better bottom line.
    • Cain, the Nuke cult leader from RoboCop 2, goes further. He blows up a drug treatment center just because they try to cure people of their addiction to Nuke, cuts open the stomach of one of his minions after RoboCop has forced him to reveal the location of one of the labs making Nuke, and is willing to use children as soldiers in his gang. He later kills all the members of his own gang. When he finds in his limo an illegal immigrant worker from the drug lab, pleading not to be turned over the police, he coldly shoots her and pulls her out. When he discovers that a corrupt and Nuke-addicted cop gave information to RoboCop, he has him eviscerated whilst still alive, scaring even his two accomplices, Hob and Angie.
      Angie: You said you were just gonna scare him!
      Cain: *with a psycho look on his face* Doesn't he look scared?
    • McDagget from RoboCop 3 killed Lewis without any reason. He convinces the public that the Rehabs give the people of Old Detroit new houses (actually putting them in death camps) and that RoboCop is a criminal. The last straw was, when the Detroit Police refused to work with the Rehabs to clear out Cadillac Heights, he simply hired some Splatterpunk gang members to do the job.
  • Archibald "Archie" Cunningham of Rob Roy is a seemingly harmless, foppish dandy with a penchant for gambling and a desire to make his way in the world; underneath that is a cunning, heartless and sadistic man stopping at nothing to feed his greed and vanity. Archibald demonstrates his nastier side proving his incredible sword talents and toying with his opponent throughout the fight. Archibald solves his money trouble by ambushing and murdering the man the honorable chief Rob Roy of the MacGregor Clan sent to deliver a sizable amount of money to Cunningham's patron, the Marquise of Montrose, stealing the money and framing Rob as a thief. Archibald leads an attack on Rob's home, slaughtering his friends, and brutally raping his wife, later commenting she was "far sweeter forced than most women are willing." Despite being illegitimate himself and knowing the hardships of such a life, when the chambermaid he seduced is pregnant, Archie mocks and abandons her before, leading to her suicide. When he and Rob finally face in a Duel to the Death Archie once again displays his sadism by slowly inflicting wound after wound and trying to make sure Rob knows he has failed in everything.
  • From the live-action version of Rurouni Kenshin:
    • Kanryu Takeda likes to pass himself off as a successful businessman and an example of what the Japanese can accomplish in the new era of the Meiji. However, below that he is a oppressive drug lord who takes glee in finding, then murdering, police informants and putting them in the open so people could find. He also directly murders through Jin-E a department of the police while chasing after Megumi Takani who he had forced to make his brand new opium. To test the new opium as well he kidnapped users off the street, locked them in his secret room in his office, and saw how far they degraded while under his new drug, all with a smile on his face. However his worst act is when he learns Megumi is taking shelter in the Kamiya Dojo and after Kenshin refused to be bought by him: he poisons a district all around the Kamiya Dojo. If it weren't for Megumi, there'd be hundreds, if not thousands of deaths directly on his hands.
    • Jin-E Udo seems like a normal Psycho for Hire, but he doesn't murder and kill for profit. He just likes to kill. When he pulled himself out of the mountain of corpses he accumulated in the Battle of Toba Fushimi, he took up Kenshin's killing sword as his own. For ten years, he's committed murders in Kenshin's name-calling himself Hitokiri Battosai to strike fear into people. When he storms the police department on the trail of Megumi Takani, he could have easily just evaded the officers. He didn't; he went and purposely started a horrific attack on the station and left a gory tapestry of death, even messing with one officer with his 'Shino Ippo' to force him to stand still as Jin-E impaled him slowly to savor it. In the last act of the film, he kidnapped Kaoru while Kenshin was saving Megumi from Kanryu. When Kenshin showed up, he first kicked Kaoru down a stone staircase to make sure she'd hit every step just to piss Kenshin off, and then using the Shino Ippo, he paralyzed her lungs. Again, just to piss Kenshin off. When Kaoru broke through it with her own spirit and after Kenshin had shattered his elbow, Jin-E has the last laugh by stabbing himself just to spite Kenshin and spit on his Thou Shall Not Kill code.
  • Savage Messiah, a Canadian film, portrays Roch "Moses" Thériault as an utter sociopath who nevertheless has a harem of wives and children all begging to him. The Dissonant Serenity when he casually dismembers one of his wives is eerie. Roch abuses all the members of his cult in horrific ways (Abusive Parents doesn't even begin to define it) and yet gets away with it because he is just that manipulative. And he convinces the third-party researchers that come to view his cult that he's innocent.
  • Detective Mark Hoffman of the Saw franchise is Jigsaw's second apprentice and surpasses both his Well-Intentioned Extremist mentor and Ax-Crazy Broken Bird alumnus Amanda in evil how the lines he is willing to cross. Unlike Jigsaw's traps, which tended to give a chance for survival, Hoffman places his victims into traps simply to kill them to satisfy his own sadism and cruelty. He frames Agent Peter Strahm for his crimes and then arranges his horrible death by being crushed by compacting walls. To cover his tracks, Hoffman begins murdering innocent people and then goes on a rampage in the police station, killing every officer he finds before placing his rival and Jigsaw's wife Jill in a trap to kill her horribly.
  • Peter Drak from Scanners II: The New Order is one of the psychic "scanners" who is captured and enlisted by the Dirty Cop Commander Forrester in the opening. He's a psychopath who just wants his drug fix and enjoys killing people. He starts the movie using his mind to blow up an arcade hall, the lack of victims only being due to everyone inside escaping in time. He kills the police chief by compelling him to eat his own gun, kills the hero David's elderly mother just because and makes sure the sheriff's office hears him shooting her over the phone, needlessly kills Forrester's partner Gelson while the guy is mind-controlled by David by blowing Gelson's head up and cackling with glee afterwards, and repeatedly tries to devour the hero's mind not out of any loyalty to his pusher but for pleasure. He doesn't even seem bothered that Forrester would throw him aside when he outlives his usefulness, as he just enjoys the power rush of mutilating and murdering people with his mind more.
  • Amon Goeth from Schindler's List is the Ax-Crazy Nazi Lieutenant in charge of the liquidation of the Krakow Jewish ghetto and is the overseer of the Plaszow concentration camp. Goeth's true nature is first exposed when he encounters a Jewish forewoman protesting that the foundation of the structure in the camp they're building is unsound, and this will lead to the building's eventual collapse. Goeth's response is for her to be killed in front of the other workers. He then orders his men to follow the dead woman's instructions anyway. This is merely the first instance in a long line of pointless and unpredictable violence from Goeth. Some of his most infamous crimes are shooting prisoners with a sniper rifle for sport, personally killing twenty-five men in a rage after one man from their barracks managed to escape from his work detail, and laughing at crying parents as he sends away trainloads of their children to be gassed. Every time a possible flicker of humanity is exposed in Goeth, it is quickly subverted then extinguished. When Oskar Schindler tries to convince Goeth that true power is mercy, Goeth briefly tries out being merciful, even sparing the life of a Jewish boy who was unable to clean the stains in Goeth's bathtub. Then, on a whim, he decides to kill the boy anyway. When he finds himself attracted to his Jewish maid, Helen, he attempts to clumsily come on to her, only to eventually blame her for his own sexual feelings and savagely beat her afterwards. Following the events of the film, the viewer gets an impression that Goeth is a pure sociopath driven only by his erratic whims. Ultimately Goeth's only able to ape the basic mannerisms of a human being and finds himself unable to understand basic compassion and human decency when confronted with it.
  • Scream:
    • Roman Bridger, Ghostface in the third film is revealed as the instigator of the entire series. He's actually Sidney's half-brother, born of Maureen Prescott being raped during her Hollywood career. He decries his birth mother as a whore and stalks her extramarital liaisons in Woodboro. He uses the evidence to mastermind Billy and Stu's original killing spree in the first movie, killing Maureen and their own friends, and lets them take the fall. He grows jealous of Sidney's fame as a survivor and sets out to frame her for his own kills. He disguises himself as a low-budget movie director and kills off the Stab 3 movie's crew while tormenting Sidney with mind games of her traumatic past. He tries to pass himself off as tragic victim who is lashing out at the world, but Sidney points out that he's self-deluding himself and simply enjoys killing people, prompting him to fly into a rage. His sole attempt to connect with Sidney during his death is subverted when seconds later he gets up to try to kill them all again.
    • Sidney's cousin Jill Roberts, Ghostface in the fourth film, is a deranged copycat killer who wipes out her own friends in a twisted attempt to become Sidney and hijack her fame and is easily the most Ax-Crazy of the Ghostfaces so far. She manipulates her lovestruck friend Charlie into helping her, and then kills him when he's no longer of use to her so she can be the sole survivor and the center of attention. She even has her own mother killed simply to better emulate Sidney's life with a dead mother. She kills her boyfriend Trevor to take the blame for the massacre, and then tries to kill Sidney to complete her status as the new "valiant Ghostface survivor". When she realizes that Sidney survived after they've both been taken to the hospital, she goes on a final murder spree in a last attempt to secure her fame.
  • If you were to look up the term "Sexual sadist" in a dictionary, chances are Vukmir from A Serbian Film would be pictured right next to the definition. No atrocity is too low for him in his films (murder, rape, necrophilia, pedophilia). Vukmir forces the hero to rape his wife and son, murders a bunch of people, has people raped, has a child raped and kills other people. Even in his last, twisted moments on Earth at the hands of the protagonist, he revels in the violence surrounding him.
  • The Shawshank Redemption
    • Bogs Diamond is the leader of a prison gang called 'the Sisters' who prey on weaker inmates to rape them repeatedly for as long as they like. Bogs sets his sights on Andy and together with his gang makes repeated attempts to rape and brutalize Andy over the course of several years, succeeding about half the time. When Andy tries to fight off the latest attempt, Bogs threatens to shiv Andy through the skull if he doesn't give Bogs's buddy oral sex. When Andy bluffs him out of it by playing on his ignorance, he beats Andy straight into the infirmary instead.
    • Warden Norton seems like a stern but affable prison bureaucrat before he reveals the true extent of his immorality and corruption. He sets up a scheme to underbid public construction projects with cheap prison labor and pockets the buy-off money from the desperate private contractors he blackmails, using Andy's financial knowledge to launder the illegal money. When a new inmate named Tommy has proof of Andy's innocence, Norton has him shot in the yard by the captain of the guard and the murder passed off as an escape attempt. He throws Andy in isolation for a month, then threatens to destroy everything Andy has built to improve Shawshank over the past 20 years in prison and make sure that he'll be handed over to the rapists again, before giving the half-mad Andy another month in isolation just to think about it.
  • Horace Pinker of Shocker is a psychotic mass murderer in a near-constant violent frenzy who butchers families for fun. He kills the main character Jonathan's mother, brother, and sister after his police detective father gets on Pinker's trail. He kills a handful of cops who try to capture him in his lair. He murders Jonathan's girlfriend in her bathroom. He mutilates two prison guards with his teeth as he's being led to the electric chair, where he reveals that Jonathan is in fact his own son and tried to stop him as Pinker murdered Jonathan's real mother when he was still a little kid. He makes a Deal with the Devil to become an undead being of electricity. He proceeds to possess person after person to continue trying to kill Jonathan, draining their life force completely before discarding his hosts, including a little girl. He possesses people close to Jon so he will be forced to kill his loved ones. All his screen time is spent trying to kill or hurt someone, insulting people, or taunting them with the people he's murdered.
  • Yoshida from Showdown in Little Tokyo is a Yakuza boss who is asserting his undisputed rule over the drug trade in Los Angeles by terrifying all criminal opposition with casual dismemberment and over the Little Tokyo district by threatening the local business owners to accept his "protection". When he was still a lowly assassin in Japan two decades ago, he hacked up the young hero's parents in front of the boy and tried to kill him next before the kid stopped him with his own katana. In the present, he crushes a man inside his car to take over his business and decapitates a girl named Angel in mid-coitus for trying to warn the victim. The coroner later points out that the girl was actually already fed so much drugs by Yoshida that she'd be dead in minutes anyway, cutting off her head as well served no purpose beyond cruelty. He kidnaps and rapes Minako, a singer who works for him, after forcing her to watch the tape he shot of himself beheading her friend Angel. He murders one of his own men for failing to stop the heroes from rescuing her because he found the traditional offer of a finger to be lacking. After he captures the two heroes he first tries to torture them to death by electrocution while forcing the singer to watch, and when that fails mash them to bits in a car grinder. When they come back to finish him off after faking their deaths he tries to burn Minako alive out of spite.
  • Lady Mary van Tassel from Sleepy Hollow is the controller of the Headless Horseman and the one responsible for his murders. Van Tassel sought to use the Horseman ever since she was a little girl, betraying him to his death to later enslave his soul to use as her personal assassin. She helped dispose of the first lady van Tassel to marry the widower. She then sets about consolidating her fortune by eliminating anyone in her path, including a pregnant widow. When she thinks the widow might have informed another woman of the pregnancy, Mary sends the Horseman to murder her and her husband as well as their little boy. She murders her own sister when said sister assists Ichabod Crane in retrieving info on the Horseman and shows no remorse for any of it, simply gloating how she'll have the Horseman murder Ichabod, her stepdaughter Katrina and their friend, securing her power and fortune.
  • Maman, the slum boss from Slumdog Millionaire is charming, friendly and cheerful to orphans he meets, offering the young Jamal and Salim ice cold coca colas and offering them a place to stay. It is revealed Maman takes in orphans to use as a begging ring for him, and the kids are just free labor. Even worse, cripples earn more money, so when children display good singing talent, Maman has them blinded with acid to increase the revenue. When Salim and Jamal escape, Maman captures their friend Latika and several years later gives her the name 'Cherry' while intending to use her as a child prostitute. The only reason he hasn't done so already is as a virgin, she's worth a great deal of money. When he finds the young Salim and Jamal, he immediately plans to kill them, declaring "Maman never forgets."
  • Eddie Kim in Snakes on a Plane, in his very first scene, he beats a guy prosecuting him to death with a baseball bat, taunting him about how his son will grow up without a father. Then, to kill the witness to his crime, he releases the aforementioned snakes on the plane, killing dozens of people without a twinge of remorse for either the passengers killed by a swarm of venomous serpents or any potential collateral damage for a plane crash.
  • Malachi is an Evil Sorcerer who becomes a Sorcerous Overlord in Solomon Kane. Considering himself the Devil's servant, Malachi ingratiated himself to Josiah Kane to bring Josiah's dead son Marcus back to life, but restored him as an undead abomination bound to Malachi's will to serve as his Dragon. Malachi took over the lands and has the innocent kidnapped for slavery, or simply murdered. Others he just turns into flesh eating abominations. Malachi later has the leaders of the resistance against him crucified and when Solomon Kane confronts him, Malachi tries to sacrifice the innocent Meredith to open the gates of hell and send Solomon to eternal torture-as well as the rest of the world.
  • Howard Payne of Speed begins by trapping several office workers inside a skyscraper elevator using small, remotely detonated bombs. He demands $3 million, threatening to detonate the emergency brakes that are preventing the elevator from plunging down the shaft, and then detonates the brakes before the time limit is even up. Payne blows up a commuter bus to make a point and informs The Hero SWAT member Jack Traven that he will detonate another if Jack does not get on and keep the bus from dropping below a certain speed limit. Payne baits the SWAT team with a fake address so he can have them blown up with explosives he'd set before, taunting Jack about his friends' deaths.
  • Stake Land brings us Jebediah Loven, leader of a cult that has overtaken the Southern US amidst the Vampire outbreak. Loven starts by leaving the hero Vampire hunter Mister out for the ravenous infected. Loven and his cult capture live vampires and drop them into civilian populations to run wild, and when Loven is left alone for the vampires, he gives his blood willingly and becomes a thinking monster who stalks and kills members of Mister's party, even capturing, torturing and infecting a pregnant woman out of spite against Mister and his protege Martin.
  • Strange Days has Max Peltier, ex-cop and private detective turned Psycho for Hire. Contracted to silence prostitute Iris when she witnesses the murder of rapper Jeriko One, Max hooks her up to a SQUIDnote , then rapes and murders her, using the SQUID to ensure that she experiences not only her own horror, but his enjoyment of the act. He then sends his memory of the event to Lenny Nero, his supposed best friend, so that Lenny can experience it first hand, leaving him a shaken mess. He attacks Lenny's friend and memory supplier Tick, using a SQUID to overload and melt his brain, then does the same thing to his own employer, Philo Gant, reducing him to a comatose wreck before murdering him. In the climax, Max reveals that he plans to pin the blame for all of the murders on Lenny, and then tries to throw his "friend" out of a window.
  • Joshua Foss of the Jean-Claude Van Damme action film Sudden Death is a corrupt former Secret Service Agent who invades a hockey game's VIP and takes the Vice-President, his family and other people hostage. Foss plans to have money wired into offshore bank accounts and blow up the stadium with everyone in it at the game's conclusion to cover his tracks. Foss orders multiple people killed and when his henchwoman Carla brings a child witness back, Foss simply asks why she didn't kill the girl already before having her put with the other hostages to execute them all at once. Foss begins executing hostages and tries to blow up portions of the stadium to show he's serious. When The Hero Darren McCord saves the hostages, Foss takes Darren's daughter hostage and after the final battle, opts to use his last bullet on the little girl, saying he wants Darren to live a long life always remembering how he failed to save his daughter.
  • Neo-Nazi billionaire Richard Dressler from The Sum of All Fears wants to create a fascist superstate in Europe. His ruminations on history have led him to the conclusion that Hitler was a fool for trying to fight Russia and America- it's much better to have them fight and destroy each other. Dressler obtains a nuclear weapon and places it in a football stadium during the Super Bowl, killing countless innocent people. He blames the attack on Russia so the Americans will bring their military to bear and when Russia stands its ground, the two countries are ready to engage in all out nuclear war on one another thanks to Dressler's framing and stroking of tensions.
  • Judge Turpin of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a corrupt Hanging Judge in Victorian London and the man who begins Sweeney's start of darkness when, lusting after the then-younger barber's wife, Turpin has him imprisoned on a penal colony for decades of hard labor so he can seduce his wife. When she refuses, Turpin has her lured to his home under pretense of offering to free her husband- but rapes her instead, and steals her daughter as his ward. Turpin guards her jealously, having a younger sailor brutally beaten for looking at her and plans to marry her himself. When she refuses and tries to run away he sends her to an asylum where he knows she'll be mistreated. At another point, Turpin sentences a little boy to death by hanging...and then asks his sidekick, the Beadle Bamford, if the boy was even guilty of anything.
  • King Cromwell, the ambitious Big Bad of the film The Sword and the Sorcerer, begins by attempting to conquer a rival king's lands. He achieves this by reviving an ancient sorcerer named Xusia. Cromwell kills his rival King Richard, and betrays Xusia and leaves him for dead before killing Richard's wife as well, but misses Richard's son Prince Talon. As King, Cromwell has enemies subjected to Cold-Blooded Torture and constantly tries to expand his domain with destruction and death. When Prince Mikah of the resistance is captured, Cromwell sends him to the torture chambers and desiring Mikah's sister Alana, he tries to force her into bed by threatening her brother's life. He later invites the heads of other lands to a banquet, planning to murder them and steal their lands. The entertainment there is Talon, whom Cromwell has had crucified with six inch nails.
  • Harry Lime (played by Orson Welles) from The Third Man steals penicillin from hospitals in post-World War II Vienna, waters it down to the point of uselessness in order to make it go farther, and sells it back to the open market. It's saying something when the lucky ones are those who merely die from the now-lethal medicine: many people, including children, go insane and die painfully. All this happens and Lime doesn't even feel any remorse.
  • Cyrus Kriticos of Thir13en Ghosts is a millionaire occultist and ghost hunter who will stop at nothing to become the most powerful man on Earth. He builds a huge mechanical device designed in the 15th century called the Ocularis Infernum (The Eye of Hell) which will give its bearer infinite power and is actually the glass house he supposedly bestows on Arthur and his family. He captures 12 tormented spirits, trapping them in the basement of his mansion with magic sigils to drain their souls and fuel the engine. One of the ghosts includes his nephew Arthur Kriticos's deceased wife Jean, who tragically died in an apartment fire years ago. He lures his relatives to the device because he needs his nephew to sacrifice himself and become the 13th ghost to complete the ritual. He kidnaps his nephew's teenage daughter and younger son and puts them in lethal danger to manipulate his nephew. His lover Kalina had been spying for him as a double agent on a good occult organization who tried to stop him and helps him manipulate Arthur. When she balks at putting the children in such danger, he has her crushed between two compacting walls without a second thought.
  • Monroe Feather of the Blaxploitation classic Three The Hard Way is a ruler of a Neo-Nazi organization who despises anyone who isn't white, Feather harbors a special fury and loathing for African-Americans. He then puts a Mad Scientist to work devising a sinister toxin that will only affect African-Americans wipe out every black person in Washington DC, Detroit and LA when it is placed in the water supply. After this is done, he plans to take the genocide global. Motivated by nothing more than hatred, Feather is one of the most vile and memorable villains in Blaxploitation history.
  • Senator McComb from Timecop is a Corrupt Politician who will murder anyone to become an insanely wealthy despot. When time travel is invented, he quickly volunteers to oversee the technology to abuse it for his own purposes. To fund his campaign for the U.S. Presidency he initially sends time agents back into the past to carry out Compound Interest Time Travel Gambits. The people he directs to travel in the past for him and carry out his schemes are threatened with having their families erased from history — one such guy would rather be willingly executed by the time police than face the alternative. He murders an old associate in the past to take over his tech company and rewrites history so that he completely controls time travel. He wants to use his power to turn the country into a corrupt plutocracy with himself at the top while letting the majority of the people starve or emigrate. He blackmails an Internal Affairs agent to become The Mole for him against the hero Agent Walker by again threatening to erase her family, then kills her himself to tie up all loose ends and frames the hero when he goes back to save her. He tries to murder Walker together with his wife before he even joined the agency by blowing them up in their home (as happened at the start of the movie), but Walker happens to survive in the original loop.
  • Sammi Curr is a Satanic rock star and the Big Bad of the film Trick Or Treat. After his first death, his ghost makes contact with a bullied young man named Eddie, and offers to help deal with Eddie's bullies but the payback begins to involve murder. Sammi wished to have his album played at midnight on Halloween, which will cause his spirit to manifest. When Eddie tries to break off contact with Sammi, Sammi threatens Leslie, who is one of the few students who is civil towards Eddie. Later, Sammi molests and hospitalizes Gennie, the lead bully's girlfriend. When he makes contact with Eddie's friend, Roger, Sammi forces Roger to play his album at the school dance by threatening his life. During the climax, once Sammi gets his physical form, he begins to massacre the crowd simply for fun.

    U - Z 
  • Andrew Scott from the first Universal Soldier movie was a Sergeant in The Vietnam War, where he goes renegade as he starts butchering civilians and kills his own squad when they try to stop him. He cuts off the ears of his victims and wears them in a necklace. He orders Private Luc Deveraux to kill the two remaining 'traitors', two Vietnamese children, doing the job himself when Deveraux refuses. Both are reborn years later as memory-wiped Super Soldiers, and as soon as Scott regains his memories, he kills his controllers and goes on a blood-filled vendetta across the States to punish Deveraux for disobeying his illegal orders back in Vietnam, graphically killing anyone who gets in his way. At the end, he takes Deveraux's elderly parents and his love interest hostage, awarding all of them the death penalty. Despite claims earlier in the film that he thinks he's still fighting the insurgents in Vietnam, Scott later plainly admits that he's fully aware where he is and what he's doing, and his only motive is revenge for Deveraux refusing to partake in his atrocities.* Uncle Bart in Jet Li's Unleashed took in Danny after the death of his mother (whom he killed when she refused him) and spent years turning him into an unthinking, unfeeling killing machine. He made Danny into an animal, programmed to fight when his collar is clicked off, and used him to beat uncooperative debtors into submission.
  • The Untouchables presents Frank Nitti as a Psycho for Hire for Al Capone. Introduced early on as Capone's main enforcer and hitman, Nitti is seen bombing a restaurant with a little girl inside, not caring that she's killed as well. Through the film, Nitti handles Capone's wetwork, ruthlessly murdering anyone in his way with barely disguised relish, slaughtering two policemen on The Untouchables squad and writing "touchable" on the wall in their blood, and later gunning down tough Irish cop Malone. He threatens Elliot Ness's family if he won't drop his case. Nitti later tries to rub his own status as untouchable in Ness's face, even taunting him that Malone "died screaming like a stuck Irish Pig," which finally makes even the composed Ness snap.
  • Ramrod, the sadistic pimp of the 80s film Vice Squad, hunts down any of his girls who go "outlaw" on him, beating them to death with his pimp stick. He begins the film by doing this to a girl named Ginger after psychological manipulating her into giving herself up to him. When Ginger's friend Princess assists the police in apprehending Ramrod, he later escapes and goes hunting for her. He murders her friends and tortures other people for information, even castrating another pimp. When he finds Princess, he wastes no time in torturing her and attempting to beat her to death as well.
  • Harry Roat in Wait Until Dark kills a few people and terrorizes and tries to kill a blind woman played by Audrey Hepburn in order to find a doll filled with heroin. More specifically, he romances and kills a woman, then brings her two exes in and sets them up so they'll be forced to work for him. He then makes said blind woman think that her husband's an adulterer and uses the other two to psychologically torture her and make her afraid to leave her own home. He's such a sick bastard that his unwilling partners try to finish him off and both end up dead. Then he proceeds to torment the blind woman face to face, ironically in the dark, in one of the most chilling climaxes in film history. Even she realizes toward the end that the doll is of secondary importance to Roat...he enjoys doing evil for evil's sake above all. To cap it off in a bit of Fridge Horror: had he found out the little girl who was helping the blind woman, he most certainly would have killed her without a second thought.
  • The title character of Warlock is an Evil Sorcerer who serves Satan, doing whatever heinous acts are necessary to gain more power. His plan is to recreate the disassembled Grand Grimoire, a satanic book that he can use to undo all of Creation and for which the Devil will reward him with untold powers. In the 17th century, he escapes from a witch hunter into the future 20th century to complete his task. After being taken care of by a friendly housekeeper upon his arrival, he chops off the man's fingers and bites out his tongue to kill him. He uses an unwitting medium to channel his master and then carves out her eyes to use as a compass. He further casts a Rapid Aging curse on the heroine to extend her suffering by seeing her own life go by in a matter of days, skins a child and boils it down for the fat so he can use it in a flying spell, and threatens to kill a priest's unborn children to compel him to provide the location of the last pages of the Grimoire.
  • Unlike the other villains from White House Down, Speaker Eli Raphelson was motivated by nothing but Greed. Secretly helping a white supremacist militia collaborating with the White House's treacherous chief of security, Raphelson has them take over the White House and cause the deaths of many innocent people while planning to have the Middle East nuked so he can have a new war started and profit off of it. He also tries to set up the President's death and has the Vice President killed to secure his ascension to Commander-In-Chief. When his plan is threatened, Raphelson tries to have the White House bombed with civilians inside so he can eliminate all evidence.
  • Arliss Loveless of Wild Wild West is a former white slaver and technology expert with no allegiance to anyone but himself. In addition to being an utter bigot, he slaughters General McGrath's men in front of him with a tank prototype as punishment for surrendering to the North and to use the General's men as target practice. He kills the General himself when he demands that Loveless stop the massacre. He plans to destroy the United States unless the President surrenders to his new alliance, and firebombs a random frontier town to prove his point. He sells out the former Confederacy that he fought for when he presents his plan to carve up the whole country amongst himself and a collection of foreign powers. It's revealed that he previously used his tank to wipe out a settlement of free slaves, including Jim West's family, also for target practice.
  • The first Djinn from Wishmaster. We only see three members of his race (only the first two films share continuity, and the Djinn in the third film is killed at the end, so it seems that the last two films feature completely different ones)but comparing them together, the one in the first two films is by far the worst of them all, and especially evil even for his race. He sees people as nothing but vermin and toys for his sick amusement. Most of the wishes he grants result in people dying horrific Body Horror-related deaths. He blows up an airplane and kills everyone on board just to kill one woman. Every soul he reaps he places in a hell-like dimension for eternal torture. In the second film, he sets out to trap one thousand mortals in this plane of eternal suffering. His ultimate goal is to turn the Earth into a place of perpetual death, destruction, pain, and fear by releasing his fellow Djinn.
  • Vincent Price plays Matthew Hopkins of the film Witchfinder General, a cold, cruel man who travels from village to village, torturing confessions out of suspected witches with his Number Two Stearne. When he arrives at one such village, he has the kindly old village priest imprisoned and tortured when the man's niece Sara promises him sexual favors if he stops the torture. Hopkins agrees, but Stearne rapes Sara while Hopkins is away, incensing Hopkins- at Sara before spitefully having her uncle tortured and killed with two other innocent women before leaving the village. When Sara's fiancee Marshall arrives, Hopkins outmaneuvers him when he comes for revenge and captures him and Sara, torturing Sara in front of Marshall to force them both to confess, even though Hopkins knows it would be false.
  • Sir John Talbot of The Wolf Man 2010 is a literal and figurative monster. Cursed with lycanthropy decades before the film, Sir John murdered his wife accidentally and allowed his young son Lawrence to be sent to an asylum to have the memory of the werewolf tortured out of him. When Lawrence's brother was going to leave the Talbot home, John didn't lock himself up on the full moon with the express intent of transforming and tearing his son apart. He allows himself to transform outside his cage shortly after, killing many innocent people and infecting the returned Lawrence. He allows Lawrence to transform and go on a killing rampage so he'll be blamed for the killings and be sent back to the asylum for more torture and insanity. Sir John had given his Indian manservant Singh a gun with silver shells to stop him should he ever lose control, but upon Lawrence's return to the manor to settle things with his father, he finds Singh's butchered corpse and John gleefully informing him he'd removed the powder from the shells years ago. Seeing his curse as power, John Talbot believes that he is the superior species and can do whatever he wants to anyone, even his own sons who he views as nothing more than possessions.
  • The X-men film series has, in X-Men: First Class, Klaus Schmidt, AKA Sebastian Shaw, a Mutant supremacist who believes humans to be inferior to mutants. As a Nazi Mad Scientist, he used his position to try to find 'gifted' mutants, and upon finding a younger Erik Lensherr, he killed his mother after Erik failed to impress him with his powers, solely to motivate him, before subjecting Erik to horrible experiments. After the War, he adopts the Shaw identity and ingratiates himself to high-ranking members of the government with his Hellfire Club, manipulating Russia and America alike. Shaw assaults a CIA facility, murdering every agent within, and when one of the young mutants stands up to him, Shaw, despite his creed of 'not harming his own kind,' murders him without hesitation and barely concealed enjoyment. Shaw's ultimate goal was to push Russia and America into nuclear war, allowing mutantkind to thrive in the aftermath and creating a kingdom of mutants that he himself would rule. Even when thwarted, Shaw planned to absorb all the nuclear radiation in his atomic sub and unleash it upon Cuba to destroy it personally and trigger atomic war.
  • From the Zatoichi film series, we've had plenty of vile men for Ichi to contend with.
    • Zatoichi's Revenge has Intendant Isoda and his partner in crime Boss Tatsugoro. The two participate in a venture where they give out loans to people in need of them, but when the men inevitably cannot pay due to the unfair rates, the duo abduct their wives or daughters and force them into prostitution. In some cases, they even have those indebted to them murdered so they can force the girls into the brothels anyways as that was their true aim all along. If the girls show any disobedience, Isoda and Tatsugoro have them viciously beaten and locked up until they can no longer resist. To top it off, neither is above sexually assaulting the women themselves if they want her.
    • Zatoichi and the Outlaw has Boss Asagoro and the corrupt official Kyushiro Suga. Asagoro wins Ichi's favor by posing as an honorable Yakuza boss so Ichi will wipe out his rival, promising to champion the people who suffer under the corrupt Suga. Instead, Asagoro betrays Ichi's trust and he and Suga viciously oppress the peasants worse than before. Asagoro forces a woman named Oshino to be Suga's concubine, and when she refuses to sleep with him, Suga tortures her and sends her to Asagoro's brothel where Asagoro will have clients forced on her. Oshino opts to kill herself first and when her beloved tries to avenge her, Asagoro simply has his throat cut without a hint of humanity. Suga and Asagoro deal with rivals on trumped up charges of treason while working to torture and brutalize anyone who might dare rebel. When Ichi goes to see Asagoro, Asagoro feigns friendship still...only to try to have Ichi shot as he leaves his home, knowing how deadly Ichi's sword skills are. Even at the end, Asagoro displays no loyalty to his own men and uses one as a Human Shield when Ichi comes for him.
    • Zatoichi in Desperation has Boss Mangoro Kagiya, who also runs his territory with an iron fist. Mangoro has the populace cowed and his Yakuza kill as they will, even beating the village idiot to death for no real reason. He dispossesses the legitimate fishermen of their property and has his bodyguard put them to the sword. When a little boy throws a pebble at him in a tiny display of defiance, Mangoro seizes him and beats his skull in with the sheath of his sword. Working off indebted prostitution as well, Mangoro has a prostitute Ichi knows used as a hostage to get him to surrender by threatening to kill her, and then tortures Ichi by impaling his hands. When Ichi manages to fight back and kills most of Mangoro's men, Mangoro still tries to order his men to kill Ichi by threatening their lives if they refuse and when this fails, rushes from house to house, threatening each peasant to give him shelter from Ichi's wrath.
  • In Paul Verhoeven's Zwartboek ("Black Book"), a movie about the SS and anti-Nazi resistance in WW2, it's hard to pin down a single specific monster, but Dr. Hans Akkermans sent, for a cut of their worldly belongings, hundreds, perhaps thousands of Jews, resistance fighters, anti-Nazis, and just plain unfortunate people to their deaths at the hands of resident SS attache Franken. Through a ruse conducted as an escape to freedom, he and Van Gein secure safe passage for them into neutral or Allied territory, but step off before the boats leave, pledging to bring other refugees safe passage. Shortly after leaving the dock, the boats are machine-gunned by a Nazi patrol, their bodies looted, and the spoils divided between the conspirators. Towards the end of the movie, Akkermans begins to kill off the conspirators, at first appearing to have had a heroic attack of conscience, only to later reveal he just didn't wish to share the wealth. Later on, he tries to kill the female protagonist to silence her knowledge of the goings-on and hold onto his status as a war hero. She escapes, gives the evidence to the sole surviving resistance member, and they kill him before he can escape, but his reputation escapes intact for an indeterminate amount of time afterwards. He seems caring and respectable, but it all was act which got innumerable amounts of people killed solely so he could steal their heirlooms and melt them or sell them.

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